Qa and developer relationship advice

Top Best ways to make good relationship among QA and Developers

qa and developer relationship advice

However, failing to understand the relationship between QA and Dev will take your product/team in the opposite direction. There is a delicate. Most of that advice could be applied to just about any relationship, for instance, that of a developer and a tester. This particular relationship hits. Sanjay explores the issue that often arises in testing around the Tester Developer relationship. There doesn't always have to be friction.

Saying the above is obvious. There is a delicate relationship between the two and a certain tension that must be confronted and not overlooked.

Most of you probably felt it in your work place.

qa and developer relationship advice

You hear a QA's question thrown to the air, followed by a smug reply that is basically telling him that he will never understand since he didn't write the code. There is a whole cosmos waiting for you Domain knowledge is mostly in the QA hands In this situation the developer works in a vacuum.

qa and developer relationship advice

He understands enough to accomplish his tasks, but not enough so that his code will be reusable. He can not foresee new advances in the field of interest. He is like an ox plowing in long corridor blind folded. Lack of respect You all know it is there and from both sides. It just shows me how little he understands Over Testing There seems to be a tendency to retest the entire product after each change which should be prevented by proper sanity automated tests, and not by manual checks.

Checks are too strict. This leads to slowness in the product improvement and frustration for developers.

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Under Testing Features are written under pressure, and as such are tested under pressure. Not all extremity cases are simulated. This may cause frustration in QA side, since they are the one that signed off the feature.

Most acceptance testing or feature testing involves exploratory testing as well, but including specific test steps also help QA engineers focus on the most relevant changes. People often have a negativity biasso being mindful of the type of feedback you give — or are perceived to give — is especially important.

qa and developer relationship advice

When developers and QA engineers create a pattern of positive communication, it sets a foundation for how they interact with each other and enhances your working relationships. Understand your QA team QA engineers often end up with a very hybrid role, which means they get a variety of experiences with different teams or companies.

6 ways QA can work better with developers

For instance, some people excel at detailed exploratory testing, while others may be skilled at setting up and troubleshooting continuous delivery pipelines. Do they come from a programming background? Do they have experience with performance testing or security? Do they enjoy process creation and focusing on improving developer experience?

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Along the same lines, most developers I know have a specialty or preferred area of the stack that they focus on — front-end gurus who can work magic with SASS and styling; a back-end focus with a knack for building intuitive APIs; security-minded devs who have a knack for OWASP considerations.

It also gave us more context into who our colleagues were as people, which created a more empathetic mindset when we interacted with each other. Break out of this pattern by including your QA engineers early in the process.

Bring them into project discoveries, where they can make recommendations for test plans and architecting for easier testing down the line.

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