Power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5

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power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5

Power Rangers Time Force is an American television series and the ninth season of the Power Alex's fiancé Jen, as well as Time Force members Lucas, Katie, and Trip, of mutants as the Time Force Power Rangers, though Wes and Jen, upset over Alex then briefly leads the team, but his relationship with the Rangers. This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers Time Force. from this relationship is unknown, because Jen and her team were waylaid while transporting. May include some crossovers, but only stories with Time Force as the principal fandom. Over a month later, Jen is still reeling from Alex's death, and Wes wants to Power Rangers - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: - Reviews: 5 . A brief exploration on the kind of relationship Eric and Taylor might have set.

Soon, this ally arrives in and reveals himself to be Alex, stating that he is alive because something the Rangers have done in the present has altered the future, and that he has returned to fix it.

Alex reveals to Wes what was meant to happen in the original timeline and encourages him to take action to set it right. Wes reluctantly agrees, and relinquishes control of his morpher to Alex so he can take care of his father's business while his father lays ill.

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Alex then briefly leads the team, but his relationship with the Rangers becomes strained when they realize Alex has changed. Alex eventually realizes that Wes is the true Red Ranger and, having nearly destroyed his relationship with Jen, returns the morpher. When Ransik makes his final assault on Earth, with a powerful army in large amounts Alex orders the Rangers to return to the future, for fear that if they hesitate, they may not be able to return at all.

Wes, however, would have to remain behind. The Rangers refuse, and fight Ransik alongside Wes, who, knowing his friends can't stay, forces them into returning to the yearleaving only himself and Eric to stop Ransik, or die trying.

When the Rangers return to the future, they learn that Silver Hills was saved, but Wes died in the process. The Rangers are ordered to have their minds erased of their memories fromand encouraged to resume their lives.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5

During the final battle, Ransik accidentally injures his daughter Nadira and, traumatized over nearly killing her, surrenders to the Rangers. Right before the Rangers return Ransik and Nadira to the future, Wes and Jen, having soothed over their initially rocky relationship, profess their love for one another. Allies Edward Laurence Albert as Mr. Collins, admitting that Wes changed his views.

Alex is revealed to still deeply care for Jen because as soon as he hears that she's in trouble he sends Wes the Strata Cycle saying that since he's not there himself he trusts Wes to take care of Jen for him.

This causes Wes to start to back off because he thinks Jen and Alex are still perfect for each other after what Alex did he can understand what Jen saw in him not realizing that Jen was starting to fall for him more.

Wes makes sure to inform Jen of Alex's actions at a moment when she was seemingly about to admit her feelings for him.

The romance between Jen and Wes would not last long after that, as a rift in time started to form over Silver Hills as Ransik prepared his final assault. In response, Wes traps Jen and the other Rangers in their own time ship, set to travel back to Upon arrival, Jen learns from Alex that Wes was killed in the eventual fight. Furthermore, Jen and the other Rangers had to, by Time Force policy, have their memories of the past wiped clean.

While hurt, Alex allowed them to go and instructs Jen to use the Time Force Megazord to get to the past as it has the best chance of surviving the trip. The Rangers return to the past in time to save Wes and help defeat Doomtron and Ransik's Cyclobot army. Jen and the other Rangers then faced Ransik himself, but were quickly defeated.

Jen lured Ransik into a nearby warehouse where he blasted at what he believed to be Jen, but was actually a repentant Nadira who was protecting a human baby. As Jen watched in shock, Ransik realized the error of his ways and surrendered to the Rangers.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5

A stunned Jen handcuffed Ransik, completing their mission. Afterwards, the Rangers were forced to return to their own time.

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Jen then returned to the future with the other Rangers seen off by Mr. CollinsEric, and the Silver Guardians. Her travels took her back in time to the year where she saves the Wild Force Rangers and the Silver Guardians from being destroyed by the Mut-Orgs. Joining forces with them and the other Time Force Rangers from the future, they managed to destroy the Mut-Orgs. During her return to the past, she was reunited with Wes who was upset she was in the past for a week and didn't contact him.

Jen apologizes and its clear she and Wes are still deeply in love with each other.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 5

It remains uncertain if she went back to the future or stayed in with Wes and is left for the viewers to decide for themselves, although Jen's claim of how she can choose her own destiny implies the latter. After being attacked by the Alliance a band of rogue Time Force officers she instructs 5 new recruits to go back to the year and chase after the shadowy figure, giving them the Alpha 55 robot to assist them. In the movie, an evil Jen makes a very-short appearance and is seen fighting legendary street fighter Ryu.

However, she is only seen in her morphed form but her voice is heard. Time Force Pink Ranger.

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