Pisces man and virgo woman love relationship

Virgo Woman Pisces Man Love Compatibility

pisces man and virgo woman love relationship

Tags: astrological compatibility, pisces man, virgo woman The Pisces man and Virgo woman are ideal karmic love partners, set to complement the majority of. Virgo Woman Pisces Man Love Match Compatibility in Astrology. Explore our Guide to have Successful Relationship between Zodiac Signs. Want to know the love compatibility factor between Pisces man and Virgo woman ? Read how your relationship goes with your beloved.

While this may seem counterproductive for making friends, his natural charm and friendliness suck in friends from every direction. Due to his selfless, devoted and helpful nature, the fish often has more friends than many extroverted signs.

He imposes no requirements on those he calls friends, welcoming all even if it is ultimately to his detriment. His loyalty to his companions is hard to match, as he is determined to be supportive regardless of the cost to himself. The Virgo woman, while much less introverted, is far more restrictive when it comes to choosing friends.

Gaining her companionship can be a long and difficult process as she guards her heart pretty heavily. Additionally, the virgin tends only to accept those who share her values.

She will make exceptions for those who fulfill her inner need to be loved and appreciated. Her devotion to her friends is on par with the fish, but it is getting to that treasured position that proves most difficult. Intimate relationships are where all the magic happens for Pisces men and Virgo women. The partner of a Pisces man is what keeps him grounded and gives him a reason to focus on the present. For Virgo women, a Pisces partner means learning to see the beauty in life and love, without nitpicking over every tiny detail.

She will guard him against those who seek to manipulate his exploitable kindness, and he will tear down the walls that inhibit her emotional freedom. Sexual intimacy is one of the sweetest things between these two signs as it is pure, real and never self-serving. Neither sign is prone to making love solely for the fun of it, nor are they interested in short, meaningless relationships.

Romance is heavy and heavily desired, with all resulting encounters passionate, sweet and emotionally connected. While both signs have much to learn from each other, how to love is certainly not on the list.

Working Together The Virgo woman truly rules the office, and she feels most at home when at work. Therefor this is proof that it is possible for a Pisces and a Virgo to stay together although both partners must make a effort for it to work. I am not one for believing that the month and day you were born in affects the person you are. I didn't always have trust issues that was formed over time. So please take into consideration that just because one wa s born in January and the other in august doesn't mean that you two cant be in love.

The world is full of possibilities this is just another of them. Good luck to you all. Well im a Virgo woman and im not like the typical virgo, im not like that atall I don't like being organised I love spontaneous and fun and just doing whatever but im with my Pisces and we havent ha sex yet but were guna and when I first met him, we had already been texting for about three months but when I did first meet him, it was weird he made me feel something I had me feel something I hd never felt before and I ended up kissing him a lot and getting veryy touchy, but he has that affect on me, I become this crazy girl whosse up for anything, but he does annoy me so much sometimes and I don't have very good patience and I cant say I love him, even though I do I don't wana say it to him because im scared and im not that type of person anyway to be all touchy feeliing lol I'm a Virgo woman, 19 years old, and I've been in love with a Pisces man for roughly 8 years.

We lost contact 5 years ago, and I never stopped loving him. I thought about him, and wondered how he was, constantly. I missed him, felt empty without him. He was my best friend, after all About 4 months ago, we regained contact and were talking a lot, just like we used to Then I finally plucked up the courage to tell him how I had always felt for him, and discovered that he felt the same way. But we didn't make anything of it, we were just friends.

It killed me, that we both felt this way, with the matter unresolved. I waited for some time, and eventually, we did get together, and I was so happy. I did everything in my power to make that man happy, but it all felt like nothing was ever good enough. But, I let it slide, because he was the one I had been waiting for, for so long. Problems arose when I wanted to talk about things with him, discuss feelings and emotions, but he was so closed and secretive.

At first, so was I, but then he urged me to open up to him, so I did. But low and behold, that still was not enough for him. He didn't ever understand my passions, and how frustrated I'd get with myself over the faults and flaws I could clearly see in myself.

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

It annoyed him, but upset him at the same time. I worked so hard to change my self criticism and self esteem. I changed my appearance, as I used to dress so outragously different to most, I did everything for him. He lives over miles away from me, but I every week, I'd make the effort to travel to him and see him for the whole week.

I appreciated the fact that he was busy, so the fact that he never visited me wasn't an issue. In fact,the distance itself was never and issue. When we were good, we were happy, his friends had never seen him so happy before, and nobody had ever seen my so happy before.

But when things were amiss, I was painfully depressed, whereas it seemed that he wasn't bothered in the slightest. This, of course, hurt even more, like salt on the wound, if you will. So, one day, I was painting him a picture, a really romantic one, where you could see the love in each brush stroke. I told him I was 'just painting a picture', and told him that I was unhappy with it, I felt it wasn't good enough.

I started crying, because, I wanted it to be good enough, and it seemed that the damage was irrepairable. He then told me that I was being 'stroppy and childish', that I shouldn't get so worked up over nothing. But to me, it wasn't 'nothing'. It's my lifelong passion, the thing I live for. It upset me that he didn't understand this Needless to say, two days later, he broke up with me. Said I was far too emotional for him, and he thrives off of loneliness. I believe that we could have lasted forever.

We could have made it work. I suppose it was just a matter of time, patience and dedication. He lacked patience with me, as well as dedication. And I lacked the ability to trust and believe.

He and I are both calm and normally are eager for the same things and avoid similar situations. We both love our "down time" and have fantastic chemistry. We don't have the most compelling conversations, but when we do talk, we hold good conversation.

We don't have the best sexual compatibility but I think that is his inexperience more than anything else he was a virgin when he and I started dating.

We have an excellent friendship as well and I don't think I could ever hate him. He makes me feel completely comfortable he is far larger than I am and we haven't had any serious arguments. Less than a handful of "tiffs". I am convinced that if he and I get married, friendship would "replace love" and we could make it through anything. He is one of my best friends. I love him to pieces. I have known this Pisces since high school. We reconnected almost a year ago. And set out to be friends again.

Eventually we became lovers and decided to try our hand at a relationship. We encouraged each other, we made each other laugh, the sexually chemistry was wonderful. Things were going well until we got een closer it seemed to have gotten to real for him. He lost his job and then he changed.

He called me and broke up with me over the phone. There were may excuses he gave. He was finished with me is all. There was no more mystery left for him to dream about. Regardless of how good I was Pisces never see things in this world, only their own.

This is what allows them to tell themselves what their doing is okay. They take counsel from their other self. It's there alter ego who determines what and who they will be from one day to the next. Pisces will always be no more or no less than what they desire at the moment.

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They are a collector of souls that they carryout into the sea and store up for days when they have no idea who they are. The intelligence they project, the talent they exude, the charm they give, the compassion that appears to of quality etc They are true actors.

The beauty and love they possess is like a ritual dance before the kill. They live by the old saying when it comes to their prey Which ever works best in any given situation. But the soul they snatch is one that's dead anyway. It's a soul full of doubt, low self esteem, fear, anxiety, neglect, hurt and pain.

Once the Pisces has snatched these souls So this is the rule they BOTH live by in order to stay together. You will never really know anyone, especially Pisces because he will never know himself.

He doesn't know if his thoughts are his or yours, he doesn't know if his fears are his or yours, he doesn't know if his goals are his or theirs because of the souls that haunt him. Therefore he walk a thin short line in life tormented by his decisions, often needing rest from long exascerbated journeys.

Tired from life, tired from cheating, tired from his thoughts. Yet like a parasite he feeds of of souls daily. Pisces don't get many chances to change? Those of us who encounter this creature should know HE is merely a puppet being led by the one who rules him down under.

Thank him for cleansing your soul of all that is dark, so that now you may live in the light of day. Reaching your goals and following your dreams. He will never know such beauty or peace. He will only live life through a glass window watching others with envy because the cord that binds him to the underworld is short. So pitty him, for his eternal life is doom. I secretly love order but am a chaotic, insecure 44 yr old Virgo. I've fallen in love with a well ordered, organised, arrogant 53 yr old Pisces who most definitely lives in his own reality.

He has never even lived with a woman or had a relationship longer than 4 years. He has sapped the calm from my life because he hasn't connected with me and yet knows I am loyal and generous and will hang around. I feel sure he is seeing other women, looking for some impossible dream girl. I wish I hadn't become so attached because once I begin loving it is irretrievable.

Well I'm with my second Pisces Man. I'm a Virgo woman and I can't help but to be attracted to these fishes. The psychical and mental attraction is so deep. Pisces men have this thing about swimming away I have to get to know this guy. I had the best time with him! I texted him one night to see what his plans were and he turned my invite down. I feel like we could really enjoy each others company but like the first time I have to make the move but feeling shy cuz my second attempt got shut down.

I don't want to scare him off. I would appreaciate any advice sincerely, boston I'm planning to go live with a Pisces male roommate, we are not a couple. I'm a Virgo female! What do you pleople think? My Pisces man drove me crazy.

I was married to him for 17 years. I am a Virgo woman, love this man with all my heart and soul, loved him beyond love. He was so insecure and jealous, he drove me away from him.

He went into some fantasy land. Sex was great, but could not take him to church, or to any outside functions. Things started to turn abusive. I tried but had to let go. He was the greatest love of my life, but GOD love is greater. I wish him well, I pray for him. Our divorce is final. Know this Virgo woman is healing. Unfortunately I lost my job just before I met him and havent found one yet. He told me that if I find a job we can give this relationship a shot. I'm soo attracted to him but so helpless since I never found a job.

He stopped communicating with me but only texts me on special occasions once in blue moon. It really hurts to see him swim away. I want this fish back so badly but my ego dosent let me chase him.

pisces man and virgo woman love relationship

I'm a typical Virgo and like to be chased. I love him so much have let him swim away but deep in my heart wish he'd come back to me one day. Its too painful and a horrible feeling. I'm a 25 year old Virgo woman, dating a Pisces man for a little over three years now. We are still so very very much in love. I am not entirely a typical Virgo. I am passionate, outgoing, caring, loyal, strong-willed, determined, and have an enormous heart.

My man is very compassionate, loving, attentive, caring, sincere, and thoughtful. The sex is incredible with my Pisces is incredible, as we both have a deep passion and bond with one another. I would consider myself so lucky if we were to ever get married, my Pisces well he's definitely a keeper. When a Pisces man says he's truly devoted, you should believe him. I say this because this is an opposite affair here.

I am a Pisces man and I have the love of my life that is a Virgo woman. I start when I was 12 yrs old I knew the Virgo girl through my younger brother,the two were play mates and we lived only 1 block apart. Lets speed to 7th and 8th grade. This is where I seemed to be more attracted to her than ever. Though we were both shy we always found some sort of way to flirt.

We went to seperate schools. She went to a catholic private school and I went to a regular public highschool,mostly for the sports experience and having more chance to go somewhere with it. Fast forward to 10th grade I had found myself in a relationship with a what is actually a better match for a pisces,a scorpio.

Pisces man and Virgo woman

We got along wonderfully and were like best friends,had the same interests and everything. The romance only lasted a few months. I was heartbroken and very upset but I found a way to get o ver it. Now back to my beautiful Virgo woman,we had finally found our way to each other just a few months later. I was so very happy and rehabilitated,I found myself never wanting to be away from her. Unfortunately due to my sexual and secretive nature of being a piscean, we were torn apart.

It was her who had set me free off into the ocean again,I had a broken heart and found myself really just in a situation that could be summerized by a quote,"you don't know what you have until its gone. The fling only lasted 2 weeks,but she was someone who I wouldnt, and still have never forgotten but the reason was my Virgo woman had found herself wanting me back and I didn't quite understand but I was indeed still in love with her and as we know,virgo and Pisces are opposites.

Opposites that are drawn to eachother,with the saying "opposites attract. Yet again,I had found myself being secretive and flirtatious which is in my nature.

I was being pushed away by my Virgo in the sense that this was also her nature,virgos always want to be your number one,your all seeing eye,and your center of attention. I found myself with my 2 week fling.

pisces man and virgo woman love relationship

I will make notice that she was a sagittarius. The two of us had a good run but never really got to know each other on a personal and intimate level. I had found myself always just trying to be happy.

I had hurt Sagittarius with her basically being my rebound or run to girl. My Virgo lover had been hurt and although that happened,the two of us found our way back to eachother.

Things had gone well and we found ourselves together for a year. Unfortunately I had found myself hurting my sweet Virgo woman. The next summer,about to be going on 2 years,I have found now that it was the complications of being in a Virgo piscean relationship Being ashamed and curious to if our rough edges of our Virgo piscean relationship was just karma from the affair with sagittarius. My Virgo had accepted me for my honesty and we moved on past it. I,throughout the relationship with virgo,have always loved and cared about her,and I guess just had a dumb and ignorant way of showing it.

The two of us moved past it and we continued to have our issues. January had come and I was working in a clothing story selling items. The Scorpio woman had walked back into my life. I had gotten her number and we kept some what little contact.

I found the couple problems and issues from our personal lives pulling us farther and farther apart. I ended up finding happiness and serenity in the Scorpio finding my chance to finally ask why the Scorpio had hurt me and released me from the beginning.

I found the reasons understandable and I then saw myself in a postion to prove her initial reasons for leaving me wrong. Wanting to prove myself with her I moved very fast into our relationship. We lasted a great "6 months" and I had finally run into a wall I had let the Scorpio go.

Me and my Virgo struggled to get along both learned things along our heartaching and stressful journey we continued to talk and work on our relationship. In saying that I still had the Scorpio in the picture.

With a love triangle still going and continuing ever since I became envolved with Scorpio for the 2nd time I had always somehow felt pushed towards Virgo and as if I just always wanted happiness with her. Things have continued to be difficult and we are working on our problems,learning to understand even each others basic personalites,I still always love her and I am now mature enough to have figured out my wrongs and rights.

I will continue to grow with her even if we never find our hearts together again. The triangle had pushed her too far over the edge and she now to this day may 11 she seems to me to be somewhat committed to wanted to let me show her and have to work for her instead of the other way around.


I will no longer hurt her or break her heart,I know my wongs and I will only continue from here to do what's right,with her and for her. I will love ashley nicole thomas for the rest of my life and be committed to her if she finally finds a way to be with me.

Although ive moved past the happiness we once shared I found a true best friend in the Scorpio and if I could have my way I would love to have that best friend and continue to love and eventually marry my Virgo woman. I wish to propose one day,settle down and have a family with virgo.

She truly means the world to me and I am so excited to have a future with her if that is possible. Like I mentioned we are now to this day talking and spending time together but not yet a committed couple,and we both hope to have fruitful and happy futures ahead of us with eachother.

I you ever wondered what happened to sagittarius, she is living her still young life with her man,in which I cannot name his astrological sign because I do not know it I know one thing that I would never do anything to hurt my sweet Virgo woman again.

I will always treat her with respect and I will continue to learn new things about her,I truly do learn something new everyday. I will respect her and treat her with love and she is honestly the one woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with and treat her like a queen and I hope we continue to learn and grow with each other and have children. This being irrelevant,I still will say it but I never had a great childhood and wasnt taught much but my mother did what she could.

I will hope to have a family with Virgo and give my family a life I never had and teach them things I was never taught. I have learned so much thoughout the time ive been involved with her from dec 24 I am truly sorry for the hurt ive caused and I have been so ashamed of the things that occured but I will make everything up to her I never thought id find someone that id be so drawn to but if you are drawn to,even your opposite and you fall in love,then you should make it your life priority to make that person feel like no other in your eyes Give them the best life and most importantly The Pisces man, through his charisma, is able to woo her and make her believe in all the fascinating dreams, desires and wishes that she wants to be fulfilled.

She will magically start falling for him and he will try his best to make them come true as he is too emotional as well. There also seems to be a very strong communication between Pisces man and Virgo woman which makes them have a powerful connection, an indestructible bond which draws them closer and share more love and affection.

Virgo & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Level Of Understanding Both Pisces male and Virgo female are very sensitive and emotional, and comprehend well with one another. The male Pisces, is exceptionally kind, calm and composed which makes him deal with things with ease and patience. This makes her realise how wonderful her partner is, apart from being so lovable. He is also overwhelmed of the fact that she is so compassionate, caring, helpful and loyal as well, which makes him feel blessed to have a partner like her, who can apprehend with him so well.

There may be differences in their perception about money, in general. He is quite liberal in terms of spending money and she, on the other hand, is a bit miserly in nature.

This may spark a quarrel where she would criticize him of being so lenient and candid towards spending money, rather than saving some for the future, the way she does.

The zodiac sign Pisces man does not like being too criticized and henpecked now and then, which makes him feel dissapointed about himself, as she thinks of him as someone who is not able to do the right things in life.

He starts feeling lesser of himself.