Peyton and brooke relationship quiz

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peyton and brooke relationship quiz

One Tree Hill Quiz What Is The Relationship Between Nathan & Lucas Scott? Peyton. Who goes on a date with Brooke as a result of the Boy Toy Auction?. Her childhood best friend and rival is Peyton, who she has a love/hate relationship with. Under her cool exterior Brooke is actually very. Relationships, Character. Nathan, Lucas, Jake, Julian, Pete. Brooke, Mia, Alex, Tara. Cooper, Dan. Bevin, Deb, Lauren. Brooke, Peyton, Anna, Nicki, Lindsey.

Some of the shows main focal points are love, family, music, and basketball. One Tree Hill was on the radar for various awards, mainly the Teen Choice Awards not only over the course of their 9 year run on air, but even afterwards. One Tree Hill was nominated for the same award again in With the dedicated fan base that One Tree Hill has, there is a solid chance that the show will be nominated again next year and for many years in the future.

Question 1 In season 1, who does Lucas say is the "least cheery person he knows"? Peyton Brooke Nathan Season 1 is the season during which many of the main characters of the show are first getting to know each other. Lucas is surprised to see one character in particular so involved with elements of school spirit.

Many of the main characters of the show are either basket ball players or cheer leaders which puts them all in the same place at the same time and in each others friends circles more often than not.

Who is this quote about? Question 2 After the 4 year gap, what career does Haley have? Label owner Stay at home mom Teacher After season 4 with the group graduating high school, the show's creator, Mark Schwan, decided to start season 5 following a 4 year gap. Each member of the core group were going off in very different directions after graduation with some of them going to college, and others going to begin internships, and all following their dreams in one way or another.

Haley, in particular, follows different career paths and ideas on the show due to her various skills and talents. Question 3 During which Tree Hill wedding does Skills act as security? There was the wedding where Jamie was taken, the wedding where the limousine was stolen and ended up off the side of a bridge and at the bottom of a river.

peyton and brooke relationship quiz

There were also multiple weddings where people were left at the alter or became run away brides. Skills, noticing this pattern, decided to take it upon himself to begin acting as security for the weddings in Tree Hill to make sure they run smoothly. Question 4 What is the name of the baby that Brooke fosters? Lacy Becky Angie Brooke is one of the characters with the most character growth over the course of the series. In season 5, Brooke shows a leap in growth when it is revealed that she is the owner of a multi million dollar corporation and has riches and success beyond her wildest dreams.

However, what Brooke really lacks in her life is love and a feeling of closeness. Brooke reveals that she wants children and she begins to look into fostering a child. Question 5 Who is Haley paired up with during season 4's episode "Pictures of You"? Peyton Mouth Lucas Season 4 episode 13 of One tree Hill is titled "Pictures of You" and is the episode during which the group has to do a school project during which the assignment is to take a picture of the other person for the yearbook.

However, this can only be done after asking and answering many soul bearing questions with a random person in the same class. This episode has iconic pairings and showcases the characters light side as well as reveal their secrets.

True False Keith runs a mechanic shop in Tree Hill. Though, at one point he struggles financially and turns to his brother, Dan, for help financially. This backfires, which is not surprising. Keith gives Dan a second chance and accepts a position working for his brother.

Once again, Dan manages to disappoint and hurt Keith. After being hurt so many times, Keith decides that it is time to make a change. However, is teaching the career path that Keith decides to take on? Question 7 In season 1, who submits Peyton's art to Thudd Magazine?

Lucas Brooke Haley Art has always been super important to Peyton, and as Lucas says, her art matters. Her art ended up on many walls and on Brooke's clothing line. However, Peyton's art did manage to reach a wider audience when she got a job submitting comics and artwork to a magazine despite still being in high school. Peyton expresses her interest in applying for the position, but ends up not applying at the last minute due to a sudden lack in confidence. Question 13 I love him He's okay Dan is Lucas' dad, but he really is not there during Karen's pregnancy because he decides to choose his career over his own family.

At one point, Dan actually starts to despise Lucas because Keith raised him, which is pretty sad.

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He actually killed keither one day by shooting him, which is just all around horrible. She eventually fell for Mouth and moved in with him, but her relationship really took a hit when she got into an agument with one of his rude ex-girl friends. After she hooked up with a different guy, her and Mouth struggled to remain a couple from there. Question 15 I love him! He's okay Chase was one of the members of the clean teens that came to Tree Hill during his senior year.

He had a relationship with Brooke, but due to her newfound fame in the clothing sector, it just did not workout for the best. He became a troubled performer and did not have the best luck in relationships either. Question 16 I love him He's okay Chris is a musician from Tree Hill that noticed Haley's talent and helped her start her music career. Chris was not liked by a whole lot of his peers like Nathan and Lucas, because of his arrogance and the way he introferred with their lives.

He is a real troublemaker when it comes to steady relationships too.

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The marriage she had with Dan was pretty stable until Karen and Lucas became involved that is. At one point, she actually wanted Dan out of her and Nathan's lives so badly, that she tried to kill him! How insane is that? Dan and him never really saw eye to eye on much of anything, so they would constantly bicker about things during the games. He eventually goes on to coach college after his high school team does really well. Question 19 I love her She's okay She was originally an antagonist to Brooke as she posed a threat to take her spot as captain of the cheer team.

The two eventually became friends and all was well in Tree Hill.

She even worked at Brooke's clothing company for a little while until she was let go for having a pretty major drug problem. Question 20 I love him He's okay Antwon was a great basketball player and was commonly known as "Skills" by many of the students at Tree Hill High School.

He eventually returned to the school after he graduated to coach the team because he loved it so much. He allegedly played on the team to begin with to get into college, which he did.

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She really rocked the town of Tree Hill when she came because she was confident and shameless when she got there. She had a thing for living on the wild side, and that drew people to her. It also helped that she was drop dead beautiful. He ran away from Tree Hill to ensure that Jenny would stay with him, but he returned and eventually started a relationship with Peyton. He was eventually jailed though, breaking Peyton's heart. After the loss of Keith, it seemed that she would never find it.

The season 5 reveal that she and her daughter Lily were living with her former sweetie, Andy Hargrove, was a welcome one. Despite their age difference, it was always easy to root for Andy and Karen. His exit from the show was rather sudden and likely just a result of the writers wanting to pair Keith and Karen. It was nice to watch their relationship unfold the first time around. Although Andy could never replace Keith, it was kind of the writers to give her a happily ever after.

Brooke and Chase It seems strange that interesting characters like Rachel or Alex were pushed to the sidelines, while far more bland ones, like Quinn or Chase, got increasingly more screen time in later seasons of OTH.

Chase entered the scene as a Clean Teen who Brooke fell for in season 4. Sadly though, that was not the case. Chase is nice and all, but in the end he was just a placeholder, and a boring one at that.

peyton and brooke relationship quiz

Mouth and Millie certainly had their fair share of ups and downs, but most fans were happy that they wound up together in the end.

Much of what disappointed fans was the amount of screen time given to new characters Felix and Anna Taggaro. Much of the season was just boring and this couple was one of very few interesting elements.

Rachel was a great addition to the series, but the writers were not kind to her after graduation. One of the only core characters to not be a success directly after high school, Rachel destroyed her modeling career as her addiction spiraled out of control.