Oxpecker and impala relationship counseling

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Thus, for the widespread African antelope, the impala, discussed . date the foraging of oxpeckers on their heads, around their ears, and . to the relationship between the immunological system, the intestinal .. behavior therapy. 2nd edn. INTRODUCTION. SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SPECIES IS BELIEVED to have Red-billed oxpeckers. (B. erythrorhynchus) . Novarino for their constructive discussion and advice. Differential foraging of oxpeckers on impala in. See incredible moment an impala LEAPS out of a crocodile's gaping the reptile's sharp teeth and its yellow-billed oxpecker companions can.

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For all zoology fans, hakaimagazine published a brilliant series of articles on the meiofauna. One handful of marine sediment contains representatives of more animal phyla than an entire tropical rainforest. Here's the first article in the series: Don't forget to fully clear your windows before you set off.

My sister took a Polaroid of the dog in the snow but he blends in too well and pic.

Biologist Explores Bizarre Give-and-Take Between Species

Hand feeding a hummingbird. My neighbour and his kids carved this in the snow on their farm today. Look at its butt! WTTW in Chicago, if anybody there is listening.

One older woman called in, worried about her lack of exercise. Tanzi fielded the question with support by Deepakityurging her get some exercise regularly. Yes, relaxation, good diet, and exercise are good for all, but why do they drag this gene crap in? There has to be a hook, and that hook is attached to your wallet. Why, oh why, does PBS present these quacks as if they knew what they were talking about? But the lure of Mammon was too great, and he sold his soul to Deepakity.

This comment is what you can address! There are, after all, not so many conservative students. Log in to post comments By Shamini Bundell not verified on 25 Jan permalink How do ticks get spread between hosts? I haven't read Weeks' paper, but it occurs to me that birds, possibly including oxpeckers, might act as vectors for tick infection.

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By TheBrummell not verified on 25 Jan permalink Very interesting stuff. I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but I rather liked the white text on black, and having large articles. I think large articles lend themselves to easier compositional organisation, and therefore are an easier read. The previous articles felt like a mini-review paper, rather than a blog containing random facts. Keep up the good work! Log in to post comments By Paul not verified on 25 Jan permalink Which other animals do these birds pester?

Are elephants also in their "list"? By nemo ramjet not verified on 25 Jan permalink Welcome to SB! Glad to have some t-pods to balance the squidy bits at Pharyngula. In reading your post, I was confused by the below in the third major paragraph: The control cattle are still exposed to the birds, which eat the wax, right? No worries if I have mis-read something, as I did not take the time to look at the original paper.

A whole host of new information about parasitic birds has just entered my brain; thank you very much. I confess my curiosity as to just what Triceratops was supposedly a brood parasite to Log in to post comments By Anthony Docimo not verified on 25 Jan permalink What a wonderfully "delicious" post.

By Carl Buell OGeorge not verified on 25 Jan permalink Nothing to do with the birds, I just wanted to say I liked the angle of that first photo of the hippo's head, that neatly shows the way they keep their airway and sense organs above the water while showig as little else as possible. Ear-eye-nostril-nostril-eye-ear, all in a straight line. Log in to post comments By Del C not verified on 28 Jan permalink Do oxpeckers or any other birds clean hippopatamus teeth?

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