One piece nami and luffy relationship counseling

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one piece nami and luffy relationship counseling

So I went on a One Piece movie binge spree the other night, pretty much But Oda made sure there was a correlation between him and Luffy, at the .. I just said that she needs therapy before she can be "normal" again. This perfectly describes their relationship.. Wait Discover ideas about One Piece Gif Luffy and Law One Piece Gif, One Piece Anime, Monkey D Luffy, 0ne. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Luffy, Nami - Words: 14, - Reviews: .. So the girls took the mirror's advice and ran for their lives because .. I'm going to take him to One Piece and he's going to be the Pirate King.

She was amazed that he hadn't woke her before with his usual noisiness, but shrugged it off and cooked the fish. What should I tell?

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Luffy looked like he was thinking pretty hard about it. Suddenly his eyes lit up. Nami watched in amusement as Luffy waved his arms around and swayed back and forth very animatedly as he spoke. His brother was cool but picked on him a lot.

His gramps was crazy and did these crazy things. So all these things crazy things happened to the boy and his brother until their gramps had to go out to sea. So the boy and his brother hung out and did crazy stuff together. And then the boy's brother ran away from home," Luffy continued, "and the boy was alone. But he found some people in a village to hang out with so he wasn't lonely. And then he met the coolest person in the world.

Nami made a sour face. I thought you were going to tell me a story with a happy ending. He goes out to find more cool people to go places and hang out with him. And then he found some people that became his nakama and he was so happy. But then, you left. He showed all of them. And they still live happily ever after. She wondered if the others had ever thought about why Luffy sought out his nakama so relentlessly when they left for their various reasons.

He picked up his fishing pole and began catching fish and dropping them onto the deck for Nami to cook. The rest of the day passed with the two of them engaging in sporadic bits of conversation and just enjoying the scenery.

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It was just before dawn when Nami woke Luffy, docking their small ship in a small cave depression of a cliff. The water there wasn't too deep, but Nami still had to carry Luffy's full weight from the cave to the shoreline.

In the light of dawn, they crossed the island from the back as to avoid any unwanted run-ins with Marines. As they crested the last hill before reaching the village Nami stopped.

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There were chairs there, set up in rows and facing the sea. There was a small clearing in front of the chairs with nothing marring the view of the sea except for an old cross with a pinwheel at its base. Luffy watched as Nami walked up to the cross and ran her hand across it. She stood there motionless for awhile before Luffy got bored and came over to move her along.

His hand stopped short of her shoulder when she sniffled. She turned suddenly and looked at him, surprised that he'd gotten so close to her without realizing it. She quickly wiped away a couple of tears and gave him the best smile she could muster.

Wasn't he supposed to say something in the presence of the dead? He shuffled on his feet for a moment. She raised Nojiko and me until she died. He leaned over and bonked his head lightly against hers. He took her hand and tried to pull her to the path that led to the village. He dropped her hand and walked to the edge of the clearing to wait for her.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and stared at his feet as he stood waiting, willing patience not to fail him for once. While watching his feet intently, he noticed a milky white mist creep up from behind him. He had barely realized that it was actually smoke, not mist that enveloped his lower legs when someone spoke. Nami chuckled and passed by Smoker unawares. There were too many Marines in town that she just led Luffy past the village toward the Mikan grove. They could hear Nojiko's shouts emanating from the small cottage well before they reached it.

I can't get dressed with you here hovering over me like a damned vulture. Now I'm ready," she told him as she signed the papers and handed them back with a smirk. Luffy waved and grinned as he was dragged away, making Nami chuckle. When she turned back to her sister, Nojiko had a hand under her chin and was staring at her knowingly. Nami ignored the comment and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Reemerging from the bathroom in a slip she'd brought along, Nami pulled up a chair next to the vanity where Nojiko sat and began applying makeup as well.

The more I got to know him, the better I thought of him. I guess he kinda grew on me. Then, after knowing him for less than a month, agreed to sail the Grand Line with him.

You know why I went with him. Things were quiet for a few moments as Nami finished her makeup and moved on to her hair as well. She walked out the back door and paced around for a few minutes to calm herself down before heading back in.

Nojiko gave her a look as she entered that indicated she wasn't about to back down. Just like I love the rest of my nakama.

Yes, I'd die for him. Just like I'd die for the rest of my nakama. Would I have gone with anyone but him? No, not for anyone but Luffy. But if it were anyone but Luffy who'd come here a year ago to fight Arlong, I don't think we'd be having this conversation, now would we? We were all planning on dying that day anyway. She circled the small cottage, staring at old and new pictures, trying to calm herself down again and get her breathing back in order.

Still looking for a distraction, Nami went to the bathroom and sought out her dress. It was a pale yellow that reminded her of daffodils, strapless and form-fitting. It flared briefly at the knees with the smallest train in back cutting off at mid-calf. All in all, it was a pretty dress. Hers was white, had small shoulder straps and reached the floor in length. The satiny material shimmered when she moved and as Nami zipped it up in the back, she was overcome with a sudden wave of sadness.

Nami shrugged, rather than answer. Put these sandals on. She could hear people before she could see them and they stopped just short of emerging from the foliage. She took them and stood at the edge of the foliage, looking toward the ocean.

An important-looking Marine stared back at her expectantly while a young man with a flower on the lapel of his uniform fidgeted near him.

Vice-Captain Zoro

Her breath caught for a moment at the other figure standing up near the front, just next to the groom. I knew he would be here but as a groomsman…? More than a few shocked whispers emanated from the wedding crowd as they made their way towards the front and Nami couldn't help but smile at it all. Luffy broke away and plopped down in a chair in the front row, letting her walk the last few steps on her own.

As she approached the group of men, she was honored to receive a nod of recognition from Smoker. Looking onto the groom, she stepped up to him and held out her hand. He cracked a large smile and took her hand, bowing. Nojiko had been right. Less than ten words spoken and Nami already liked him. She took her place to the side and glanced down the aisle to see Nojiko standing there waiting, on the arm of Gen-san.

Nami had to look away to avoid tears. She stared at the cross that stood beyond them, watching the pinwheel spin lazily. She cracked a half smile and turned her attention back to the ceremony. The formal-attired Marine, who Nami mentally dubbed the officiator of the ceremony, droned on for a few minutes about love and devotion. From the corner of her eye, she could see Gen-san poking Luffy in the ribs as he tried to doze from boredom.

Nojiko and Lygos each spoke their vows fairly quickly and Nami smiled in amusement as Nojiko blushed profusely as she spoke hers. A few knowing chuckles were heard and the officiator quickly announced them husband wife. Nami couldn't help herself and let out a loud whoop as her sister kissed her husband. Nami got the finger in response and Nojiko took her husband by the hand and walked back down the aisle, smiling an unending grin. Other guests in attendance cried out their congratulations as the clearing quickly emptied and Nami approached the grave marker again.

When she stood, Luffy was next to her. He scooped her up in his arms and ran for the village. Gen-san barely tackled him before Luffy could sweep away all the food. The dinner and the toasts went fairly quickly and soon enough Nojiko and her husband were cutting the cake.

Before the first slice was served, the music cued up from nowhere and bottles of ale appeared on every table. Loud and boisterous chatting took over and before she knew it, Nami spied her Captain on a table with chopsticks up his nose and in his mouth, as per usual. She sighed and chuckled at the same time as she sipped a glass of wine. They jumped around and sang along to ridiculous songs and drank more ale as the night grew heavy.

Light had long disappeared from the horizon when Luffy caught Nami and pulled her away from the dancing to speak quietly in her ear. It was odd to have Luffy tell her that it was time to go. Since she'd known him, she doubted he'd ever been the first to suggest they leave.

She watched as he nodded his head in the general direction of Smoker.

one piece nami and luffy relationship counseling

When she glanced his way, she saw him look down to his watch then look back at them. Nami spared a glance to her sister, who was dancing around with her husband with a huge smile on her face, then looked at Gen-san. He sat at a table with the town doctor, throwing back shots and laughing about stories that were who knew how old. She smiled, knowing she'd get yelled at for it, but took Luffy by the hand and snuck away from the celebration and up the hill.

When they made it to the clearing, Nami told Luffy to wait for her at the shoreline and she'd catch up. She watched him look back at her uncertainly as the foliage enveloped him, and then turned to her mother's grave.

If I'll be coming back…" That thought seemed the saddest and she scrunched her eyes shut so tears wouldn't leak out. And I'll be happy with that. I mean, I always wanted to make a map of the world, even when I was small. But to dream of getting married and having kids?

Those were things that weren't allowed. Things that I wasn't going to be able to do. But things changed when Luffy came along. They changed for everyone. People aren't afraid to get married and have kids anymore. And then to see Nojiko do it…it makes me jealous. Get married to someone who understands me so innately and accepts every single part of me. To love that person so much that I want to have his children and spend the rest of my life with him.

I wanted to come here and tell you I was leaving again and that though I don't know when I will be back, I now realize how much I want to come back soon. I probably won't stay, but I want to see nieces and nephews. I want to know them and watch them grow and…I want to see this island as happy and peaceful as it should have been all along. He held out his hand to her and she walked to him and took it. Her mind drifted for a moment as she looked at him and suddenly she giggled at the thought of Luffy ever settling down with a family.

She sighed in dismay when she realized she was going to ruin her pretty dress by swimming in the ocean in it, but dismissed the thought quickly when she saw some lanterns coming down the hill behind them at a quick pace. She took hold of her Captain and dragged him out into the water before he could argue and swam them to the cave in the cliff where they'd hid their schooner.

Once on the boat they made a break for it, seeing the beach behind them begin to fill with Marines. Not wanting the Marines to catch up to them in the middle of the night, Nami and Luffy used full sails to harness the wind and set them on their way. Once convinced that the Marines were not going to catch them in the next few minutes, Nami went to the private quarters to change out of her wet clothes.

When she rejoined Luffy on deck, he was sprawled out on his back staring at the sky. He looked a little confused. She was going to elaborate but Luffy interrupted her. He grinned at her as he hopped down to stand in front of her. Plus, kicking that fishman's butt was really fun. She remained at the front of the ship, standing just behind the figurehead for a little while longer, breathing in the sea air and realized there was truly only one way to thank him: She sighed and settled down in a reclining chair on the deck, deciding that it was probably that moment that she began to love him.

Not necessarily fall in love with him, but definitely love him along with the rest of her nakama that had acted on nothing more than a tear-soaked plea for help. She suddenly realized how much she missed them all. She could tell that Luffy missed them too, even more than she did. Until they were at least a day out of Cocoyashi and she was sure that the Marines weren't going to easily catch them, she decided that she'd be watching the horizon.

Luffy bounced around for a while on deck working the sugar and drink out of his system. When he finally collapsed into a lump of snores, she began composing a letter to her sister to apologize for their quick and quiet departure. My sister and new brother, tooI'm sorry that we left without saying goodbye.

I know, it's a terrible habit of mine. I wish I could stay a week or two just to catch up with you or get to know my brother-in-law a little more, but our window to visit was just too small. I promise that once I have taken my Captain where he wants to go and help him to achieve his dream, I will come back again. I just don't know how long that will take. I look back and think, wow, has it already been a year? It may take just as long, but I think more, to reach the end of our journey.

Tell Gen-san not to worry about me; I have plenty of nakama who disapprove of the things I do in his absence. I love you and will miss you every day. Most of all, be happy. And have lots of babies. I better be an aunt when I return or there will be consequences!

Everyone then looked at Zoro, Zoro was then looking at everyone nervously.

one piece nami and luffy relationship counseling

Everyone then looked at Sanji in shocked. Now it was Sanji turns to get confused, "What? His eyes were wide in surprise when he realized that he was not being himself. He was actually complimenting and agreeing with Zoro and Robin relationship.

Before anyone could react, Nami begun to run towards the voice and into the room where Luffy and Robin sleep. But before anyone could say a word, Nami did something, which surprise all of the crew. Everyone jaw dropped to the ground speechless and shocked. Nami sign in disbelief, "This kid was frozen like an ice cub from head to toe and he is able to laugh about it? Man, this captain of ours is totally an idiotic monster.

Luffy then sighed, "Is that so…" suddenly his face turned into a happy grin, "Well, as long as everyone is okay. Wa…wait the minute, where's Robin? I swear I'll kill you. And stop that gentlement crap, it's making me sick!

And their captain was giving them no help by laughing on the situation of his crew. With all the loud and annoying noises around the going no merry ship, Robin was sleeping peacefully on her bed while smiling in happiness to be around her true friends and family.

The sun had finally set down, leaving the sky turned into darkness with stars. Luffy was staring at the sky, trying to count the number of the stars in the sky. Luffy chuckled, "Well, couldn't help it, I'm bored. Nami then sat next to Luffy while staring at the star, "You know Luffy, I'm glad you're okay.

Nami then look at Luffy's annoyed face, she chuckled, "Adorable. Sanji Edit Sanji originally wanted to cook Chopper along with Luffy who wanted to eat him raw and jokingly wants him to join as "emergency food supply" in the Drum Island Arc but Sanji also listened with Nami to Chopper's past, learning that humans attacked him for looking like a monster so when Chopper asked Sanji what Luffy "was" Sanji replied with a smile: Throughout the series Sanji continues to refer to him as "the emergency food supply" to tease him, but strongly considers Chopper a friend in fact due him being the youngest Sanji cares for him most out of all the males on board the crew.

Chopper idolizes the cook for his raw fighting strength and is awed by Sanji's burning rage. Chopper will often hide behind Sanji's leg when Nami's angry or there is an enemy close by, leading to Sanji patting Chopper's head in comforting way and Chopper will sometimes take a ride on the cook's shoulders. Sanji has taught Chopper many lessons like when Robin was leaving the crew Sanji told the doctor that a real man forgives a woman's lies.

Chopper was one of the first people to realize how life threatening Sanji's nosebleeds were, even begging the fish-men for blood donations. Chopper cried with joy when Sanji saved them from Doflamingowas highly interested in Sanji's marriage to Puddingand completely distraught along with Nami over Sanji leaving the crew even yelling at Zoro when the Swordsmen ridiculed Sanji.

Chopper was so anxious to see Sanji again he mistook Sanji's malicious brother Yonji for Sanji when he fist saw the Vinsmoke. Chopper like the rest of the crew was shocked when Sanji turned down Pudding. He shares a taste for reading with Robin who called him "Doctor-san" when she first joins the crew, which made him dance in joy.

They also seem to have a genuine sense of respect for each other, possibly due to their pursuits in knowledge; ironically, he was originally rather intimidated of Robin upon finding out that she specializes in assassinations, fearing that she will one day assassinate him once his guard has been let down, but at the same time, was amused when she first displayed her Devil Fruit powers to entertain both him and Luffy, and eventually opened up to her.

In return, she treats Chopper not only an equal in terms of intellect but also with a motherly nature as she got him out of the clutches of Foxy's right hand woman. Franky Edit Though he disliked Franky at first when they officially met at Enies Lobby, blaming him as the reason Usopp left the crew and for beating up the sniper unaware their new friend Sogeking is Usopp as well as stealing their treasure.

When Chopper was fighting Kumadori he encountered Franky also fighting CP9 agent Fukurothe Cyborg request that Chopper throw him some him some cola, Chopper was reluctant to do but threw Franky some bottles anyway. Chopper watched in amazement as the Cyborg's hairstyle and attitude changed until Franky yelled at him to stop messing around as he saw that Chopper was enjoying seeing him change with every drink saying, "He's the funniest thing ever".

When Chopper went on a rampage in his Monster PointFranky initially suggested killing him but at Nami's strong urging he changed his decision. Franky instead knocked Chopper into the ocean to deactivate his powers and quickly dived into the water to save him before he drowned. After the conflict, it appears any lingering animosity Chopper possessed towards Franky has ended as he was alright in letting him be a member of the crew. After Franky's entry into the crew, Chopper is amazed by Franky's inventions especially the Mini Merry II and shows great respect for him.

He is also in awe of Franky's robotic body, especially after the timeskip. Franky is very much a brother figure towards Chopper and the cyborg will let the doctor ride on his head when they are traveling. Brook Edit When Chopper first met Brookhe was understandably terrified of him because he was a walking, and talking skeleton and argued with Usopp that would not accept him as a crewmate. But after hearing the story about Brook and LaboonChopper cried and even stated he was not afraid of skeletons anymore.

After Brook's entry into the crew, Chopper and Brook get along very well despite Brook being the oldest Straw hat and Chopper being the youngest.