Once upon a time rumpelstiltskin and belle first meet

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once upon a time rumpelstiltskin and belle first meet

Belle is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. her midwife and she wants to get her a present for their first meeting, adding that, curse or no curse. Rumplestiltskin and Belle Moments on Once Upon a Time They work on rebuilding their relationship with a "first date" at Granny's. Belle. The new season of Once Upon a Time is going out of its way to not cheapen For the first time in the series, Belle made Rumple a better person. It was on that journey that he met Alice, who figures heavily into the Seattle.

Emma then steals Merida's heart and commands her to kill Belle in hopes that it will inspire Rumple to become a hero. Rumple insists that he and Belle leave town, but she refuses to run away from her life and the people she cares about.

Dark Emma transforms Merida into a bear that chases Belle through the woods until the bear is stopped by Rumple, who feeds it anti-transformation powder in order to revert Merida to human form.

Belle witnesses Rumple embrace his newfound heroism and remove Excalibur from its stone. After everyone's memory is restored and Rumple heroically faces Dark Hook, Rumple tells Belle that he is ready to finally be the man she deserves. Belle declines his offer to rekindle their relationship, stating that she has spent too long trying to heal his heart and that she has lost track of her own in the process. Upon the arrival of all previous Dark Ones in Storybrooke, Rumple sends Belle out of town so that she may escape the immediate threat and finally see the world as she has always wanted to.

Belle accepts the offer and leaves, but returns once the threat is vanquished and tells Rumple that she wants to be with him because he has proven to be truly selfless, though she is unaware that Rumple has now reclaimed the powers of the Dark One. Belle and Rumple work together to protect their unborn child. Belle remains in Storybrooke when Rumple travels with Emma to the Underworld to rescue Hook, but is unaware that she is pregnant with their first child although it is Rumple's second born child.

It is revealed that, many years ago, Rumple promised his second born child to a healer back in the Enchanted Forest in exchange for saving young Baelfire's life. Now the healer has died and signed the contract over to Hades, whom the baby is now owed to. After she is sent through a portal along with Zelena and her daughter, Belle learns the truth from Gold about his reacquired powers and her pregnancy as well as the contract, putting her life and that of their unborn child in jeopardy once again.

Belle is horrified by Rumple's embracing of his inner darkness, but agrees to work with him to save their child from Hades. After confronting Gold about his murder of Gaston decades earlier, Belle intends to help Gaston move on from the Underworld, only to learn that Gaston blames her for his death.

In an attempt to rescue Rumplestiltskin, Belle inadvertently pushes Gaston into the River of Lost Souls, damning him to eternal torment. Consumed with guilt over what she did to Gaston and fearing for her child's safety, Belle places herself under a sleeping curse given to her by Zelena, believing it will give Gold enough time to save their child from Hades. Before falling under, Belle makes Gold promise to return her to her father. Gold attempts to wake Belle with True Love's Kiss and fails, for Belle has begun losing faith in him again.

To keep her and his unborn child safe, Rumple places Belle inside of Pandora's Box. In the season five finale, Pandora's Box is stolen by Mr. Hyde from the Land of Untold Stories. Hyde agrees to return the box containing Belle to Gold if he allows Hyde to conquer Storybrooke, a deal which Gold readily accepts.

Season 6[ edit ] Belle remains in her self-induced sleeping curse in Pandora's Box. Rumple enters her dreamworld to try to wake her, but fails in doing so.

Her unborn son wakes her instead, and she once again rejects Rumple's offer to make a home together. As she seeks a new place to stay, Hook offers for Belle to stay on the Jolly Roger in repentance for attacking her in the past.

Belle forgives him and accepts, recognizing that Hook is a changed man. After making a deal with Gold, David delivers a cassette tape to Belle which plays a Scottish lullaby recorded by Rumple for their son. Soon after, Rumple casts a spell forbidding Belle to leave the boat due to a serious threat from Mr. However, the spell puts her in danger when she cannot flee from the true threat, Dr. This further deteriorates Belle and Rumple's relationship, as she insists she does not need his protection and Rumple argues that she will come back to him when she needs him.

When Zelena notifies Belle of Rumple's relationship with the Evil Queen Regina's newly-separated "evil half" and his plans to use the Shears of Destiny on their son to keep him from growing to hate Rumple, Belle confronts him.

She tells him to stop trying to take their son's love, but to be worthy of it instead. Belle briefly forges an alliance with Zelena in order to escape Storybrooke, but Rumple stops them before she can.

She gives her son to the Blue Fairy, fearing Rumple will try to take the child as he previously threatened.

Gideon is taken to the Dark Realm where he grows up very quickly and develops an immoral persona. Rumple apologizes for his villainous actions and tells Belle that they need to start trusting each other in order to save their son.

In the mid-season finale, an adult Gideon arrives in Storybrooke and is shown confronting his mother and father in Gold's shop.

Belle and Rumple finally get their "happy beginning". Gideon explains to his parents that he has arrived in Storybrooke to kill the Savior and take her powers for himself in order to defeat the Black Fairy and free the Dark Realm.

Belle agrees to work with Rumple in order to save their son from the darkness growing inside of him and to prevent the looming "war" in Storybrooke. Rumple and Belle later learn that Gideon has been under the control of the Black Fairy, who has stolen his heart. After Rumple secretly forges an alliance with his mother in order to retrieve Gideon's heart, he returns the heart and Gideon happily reunites with his parents. The Black Fairy then casts her curse to begin the Final Battle, which separates Belle from her husband and son and turns her into a recluse and a hermit, afraid to leave the confines of her home.

This is in direct contrast to Belle's true nature and love of travel and adventure. In addition, the Black Fairy once again steals Gideon's heart and commands him to kill the Savior. To break the curse, Rumple kills the Black Fairy, and he and Belle happily reunite.

Together they enter the mines to once again retrieve Gideon's heart and stop him before he can kill Emma. Upon finding the heart and considering the power he could gain from Emma's death, Rumple makes the decision to ignore his dark impulses and commands Gideon to let Emma live.

The end of the Final Battle sees adult Gideon disappear and reappear to Belle and Rumple as the baby she originally gave up. Rumple reveals to Belle that he no longer wishes to have the powers of the Dark One, because he wants to live out a mortal life with her.

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He drops the dagger into the river, but it instantly reappears. Belle vows to help Rumple find a way to be rid of his curse forever. Eight years later, Belle, Rumple, and Gideon are living in a castle or large estate in an unspecified location. Belle and Rumple are ecstatic to discover that a now year-old Gideon has been accepted into a prestigious academy.


Belle then reveals to Rumple that she has discovered and translated a fairy prophecy, which states: Belle decides she would rather live a long, happy life with Rumple rather than endlessly seek another answer. The two travel to the Edge of Realms and decide to build their home there without the use of magic. Many blissful years pass, as Belle ages into an elderly woman and Rumple remains immortal. On her deathbed, Belle reveals to a distraught Rumple that only by letting her go may he finally find the answer to getting rid of the Dark One curse and ultimately reunite with her in death.

Rumple tells Belle that he is too afraid to let her go, but she reminds him of their timeless tale. That near-death experience gives him the slightest glimpse of Belle, and he remembers everything. I almost cheered, if not for the fact that I was alone on my couch and that would have been weird. It answered all our questions about Detective Weaver and took it somewhere really exciting.

The more important part of the story involves Belfrey getting even pettier. After Jacinda saved the community garden, Belfrey forbids her from even taking Lucy trick-or-treating.

Ivy is forced to instead. This is the one interesting part of their story. Lucy ditches Ivy to go to a haunted house and Henry helps Ivy find her. He even lets her play the hero, convincing Ivy to stand up to her mother and let Lucy trick-or-treat with Jacinda. Man, I am not OK with this love triangle the show is trying to set up here. Yes, this episode made us sympathize with her more, but that does not mean she gets Henry!

I know exactly how things are going to play out from here. He wants something safer and uncomplicated. Belle stares at the card for a few seconds, and suddenly seems to remember something. She tells Regina that she thinks she remembers who she is after all.

Regina gloats, telling Belle that Mr. Gold will be very happy. Tamara and her beau Greg Mendell are looking at a map of Storybrooke. Greg has marked all the places he has witnessed magic. The two are both excited by the fulfillment of their goals. Greg reveals to Tamara that he has had no success in finding his father, but believes that his father is in Storybrooke. They settle on doing one thing at a time, and Greg begins his plotting. He asks Tamara if "the package" has arrived.

Tamara confirms this, but says that she could not just drive into town with it. Greg asks her if it's stable, to which Tamara says "very", and tells Greg that she will bring it to him later. Being uninformed, Emma doesn't understand the purpose for visiting these fields. Both of her parents tell her that she needs to see this.

1x22 Rumple & Belle are reunited

Emma is preoccupied about the cryptic warning August gave her before he was transformed into a little boyand lost past memories. Mary Margaret and David pull Emma through the invisibility spell that protected the fields, to show Emma the magic beans being grown.

Emma hugs Anton when she sees him, and he notifies her that they are not quite ready to be harvested. David says that they are telling her now, and that they are trying to keep this under wraps. Therefore, Mother Superior has cloaked the area.

Emma then asks Anton why he has shrunken in size since their last encounter. Anton tells Emma that Cora is the one who shrunk him. Leroy then approaches and tells Anton to get back to work. Emma questions her parents as to the real reason for planting these magic beans. Even though Emma brings up all the bad that has happened in the Enchanted Forest, David persists that the problems can be fixed.

Mary Margaret also now agrees with David, saying she has had a change of heart after killing Cora, and that mending the land is the best way to fix her heart. Gold comes back to the hospital to see Belle, but she is nowhere to be found. He calls for Belle's nurse. The nurse tells Mr.

once upon a time rumpelstiltskin and belle first meet

Gold that Belle should still be in the hospital before running off to look for her. While glancing at the empty hospital bed, Mr. Gold sees the red card with the Rabbit Hole on it. He decides to visit the town bar.

The bartender greets him, and Mr. Gold asks him if a woman matching Belle's description has come in to this "vile joint. Gold in the direction of Lacey. Gold turns to discover a changed Belle ordering shots and playing pool. She corrects him when he addresses her as Belle, saying that her name is Lacey.

In the Enchanted Forest, Belle is sweeping the floor in Rumpelstiltskin's castle while the thief is heard screaming in the background. Rumplestiltskin enters and removes his bloody apron, ordering Belle to clean it and telling her he will return later. Belle asks him why he is torturing the thief over the theft of a magic wand. Rumplestiltskin responds that the thief is being punished for stealing from him, the Dark One. He goes on to say that anyone who tries gets skinned alive, and that everyone knows that.

Belle replies they don't to which Rumplestiltskin replies "Well, they will after they discover the body. Belle releases the thief from the dungeon, telling him no one deserves to be tortured like that. The thief entreats Belle to flee with him, and she refuses, saying she made a deal to serve Rumplestiltskin to save her family from the Ogres. The thief takes off after wishing Belle good luck. Gold confronts Regina in the Mayor's Office about what she did to Belle.

Regina says she gave her back her memories, and Mr. Gold replies that she has her Curse memories, not her true memories. Gold insists that Regina bring her back. Regina says that she cannot because Belle crossed the town line, her old self is gone and that Lacey is here to stay. Gold tells her that any curse can be broken. She asks them if the dwarves have anything against beans, and David says they have had their fill of beans over the past couple of weeks.

Granny then asks what they have really been doing out there. Leroy says they are merely landscaping, which causes Granny to give him a suspicious look. Gold comes to ask Leroy if the seat next to him is taken, then he says Leroy might want to leave, because he only needs to talk with the prince.

Gold and David to chat. When David hears that Regina "jogged Belle's memory" he thinks it is a good thing—until Mr. Gold explains that Regina didn't jog her memories of the Enchanted Forest, but of her life until the curse. He tells David that Belle now believes she is a "bar fly", and is living a false life like she had during the Curse, much like David's false marriage to Kathryn. Gold asks David how he managed to win Mary Margaret's heart when they were both plagued with false memories. David declines helping the man who "made his wife murder someone", but Mr.

Gold says he only made her murder someone who would have killed his whole family, and that if he does help him, Mr. Gold will owe him a favor. David breaks down, and agrees to help Mr. Gold, telling him that even when their heads were filled with false memories, him and Mary Margaret still retained parts of their former selves.

David tells him that in order to get back the real Belle, he needs to show her the man she fell in love with. Rumplestiltskin sharpens the tools that he plans to kill the thief with. He tells Belle he promises to be quiet, but can't promise that for the thief. He leaves for a second, but marches back in when he discovers the thief is gone. Belle tells him she let him go, which infuriates Rumplestiltskin, who cannot believe Belle would release a thief.

Belle says just because he is a thief doesn't mean Rumplestiltskin has the right to kill him, while Rumplestiltskin says it gives him every right to kill him.

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He makes Belle's book disappear, saying she has read too many books if she believes the thief was stealing for a noble cause. Belle tells him she didn't free the thief because of what she has read, but says she saw good in the man, so she let him get away with only his life.

Rumplestiltskin says she is wrong if she thinks he got away with only his life, showing her that the place where the wand had been no longer holds it.

Belle tells Rumplestiltskin he has no way of knowing why the thief would need the wand, and Rumplestiltskin says there is only one explanation—he took it because he wants magic. Belle says a person can't possibly know someone's intentions are until one sees what is in their heart. Rumplestiltskin yells that he will see what is in his heart when he shoots an arrow through it and, because he is a showman, it will be done with the thief's bow, summoning it into his hands.

once upon a time rumpelstiltskin and belle first meet

He says that, because it is Belle's fault, she has to come to not only watch him, but to clean up the bloody mess as well. The man tells her he has had his eye on her for a while, but Lacey tells him that he is not her type.

once upon a time rumpelstiltskin and belle first meet

Gold sees the man from a distance, telling David he might want to step outside; David stops him from attacking the man hitting on Lacey.