Oman and china relationship

Oman and China: A strategic partnership

oman and china relationship

Celebrating the 40th anniversary on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Sultanate of Oman and China, a joint communiqué. Exploring the China and Oman Relationship. May 10, Exploring the China and Oman Relationship. Although not widely reported, the two countries have. Written by Fred H. Lawson. Oman tends to be overshadowed by more assertive member-states of the Gulf Co-operation Council, most notably.

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  • Oman and China: A strategic partnership
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In the document, the two sides agreed that since the establishment of their diplomatic ties on May 25,political mutual trust and traditional friendship have continued to increase and cooperation in the areas of energy, economy and trade, connectivity and culture has yielded fruitful results.

The two sides have broad prospects for cooperation.

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Based on the demands of developing China-Oman relations and the common will to enhance the level of their ties, the two heads of state decided to establish a strategic partnership between the two countries. This is in the common interest of the two countries and their people and is conducive to the common development and prosperity of the two countries, said the statement. Under this framework, both countries are willing to focus on the following cooperation: The two sides agree to strengthen exchanges and consultations between leaders of both countries, maintain regular communication and coordination on bilateral relations as well as international and regional issues of common concern, continuously expand consensus, and consolidate and deepen mutual political trust.

The two countries support each other on issues concerning national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and emphasize the principle of non-interference in internal affairs.

oman and china relationship

Oman reaffirms its firm adherence to the one-China principle and recognizes that Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory, said the statement. Oman supports the Chinese government's position on issues concerning Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and the South China Sea, while China supports Oman's efforts in safeguarding sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and national security and stability.

Oman welcomes and supports the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and is willing to actively participate in projects under this framework.

Oman’s Coastline Is the Next Stop on China’s Belt and Road

It will continue to support and participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, said the statement. China appreciates Oman's active participation in the Belt and Road construction and welcomes Oman to become a partner under the initiative. The two sides are willing to further strengthen policy communication, enhance alignment of the Belt and Road Initiative and Oman's "Ninth Five-Year Plan" and actively implement the cooperative documents on the Belt and Road construction.

The two countries believe that the cooperation on production capacity and investment is an important part of the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. The two sides will synergize their development strategies and focus on cooperation in such areas as exploitation of energy resources, chemical industry, manufacturing and marine industries.

That said, odds are good that Oman could secure more leverage vis-a-vis the Trump administration if China's footprint grows further in the Gulf country.

Oman and China .. Strong Historical Ties

This could well prove the case, if issues such as North Korea, Iran and Taiwan intensify friction in Beijing-Washington relations. Here, India enters the equation, too. As New Delhi and Beijing vie for geopolitical clout throughout the Indian Ocean, China's growing influence in Oman will increase the Sultanate's relevance in the China-India rivalry, which intensified in the recent Doklam standoff.

In the past, Oman had capitalised on Muscat's alliance with Washington and warm relationship with Iran to gain greater leverage.

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How long can China stay out of Middle East politics? In a similar vein, the Sultanate may well take advantage of China and India's competitive relationship by making itself useful to both Beijing and New Delhi's transregional trade corridors, which will depend on Oman as an important hub for global trade.

As illustrated by Muscat's response to both the months-old Gulf diplomatic crisis, and years of tension between GCC members and Tehran, Oman hopes to promote regional stability and economic development through maintaining warm relations with all major powers, and respecting the sovereignty of each nation.

oman and china relationship

Muscat's view is that China has an important role to play in Oman's future and transition away from an oil-based economy toward a knowledge-based one. Beijing's numerous objectives in the Middle East, chiefly securing access to energy supplies, are driving China's growing interest in Oman Oman is not seeking to weaken its ties with Beijing's geopolitical adversaries such as the United States, India and Japan by growing close to China.

Instead the Sultanate is in a foreign policy strategy based on degrees of close ties with major global and regional powers.

Maintaining such an intricate web of alliances and partnerships with countries that are competitors as well as hostile adversaries, presents some challenges for Oman.

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Yet the Sultanate is keen to function as neutral centre for diplomacy, and a beacon of stability, tolerance and moderation in the Middle East. Due to economic problems stemming from cheap oil, as well as the major challenge of youth unemployment, the Omanis will welcome China's growing investment.

The country seeks more foreign investment and given that diversification of it is extremely healthy for the Gulf country's long-term interests, everything points to Sino-Omani relations flourishing in the years ahead. Follow him on Twitter: