Oga and aoi relationship marketing

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oga and aoi relationship marketing

Fair and simple question we have seen Aoi and Hilda both by now have a thing for Oga. so any prediction/expectation/hope in this topic guys?. List of Beelzebub episodes Beelzebub (べるぜバブ Beruzebabu) is a After dodging her powerful attacks, Oga asks Aoi to be Beelzebub's mother, which just BabyBeel and Lord En do not have the best relationship, where BabyBeel is .. BS-TBS, TVK and AT-X, and streamed on Bandai Channel, Video Market. Badass: Oga, Hilda, Aoi, Tojo, Natsume, Athrun, Miki, Izuma. Heck even Baby Beel. .. Bromantic Foil: Furuichi to Oga, though it's more a sort of love-hate relationship. Bullying a Dragon: The "The market value will never drop!" You know, it.

oga and aoi relationship marketing

His last thought was a distinct feeling of his mind saying, "Screw it, this is too hard". Then he fell unconscious.

Hilda already knew that having a boyfriend was not easy. It was worth it, but not something you could casually do on the side. She had also known that having a boyfriend and at the same time a friend who everyone assumed was married to you, including his family, would not be easy. But she had never guess how hard it could be to have a boyfriend and at the same time, for lack of a better term, an Oga.

She would have liked to say that she had a plan for their first meeting, but mostly, it had been to postpone it. How would the young master react?

Would he see it as disloyalty? And what about Oga himself? She had seen enough soap operas to know that such things didn't always go smoothly. Tatsumi was slowly waking up in his bedroom. Gusion had carried him there. He hadn't even raised an eyebrow at her concern for another man. He was always so understanding. Still, Hilda was determined not to push it. He was clearly still groggy, but he was not easily distracted by a clouded mind.

Better get Oga used to the idea. He still shook his head and set up. Next to him, the young master was waking up. After he was convinced that there was no actual danger to his father, he had curled up next to him and slept. It was adorable to see the two act in unison, but that thought felt like a betrayal of Gusion, so she banished it to the back of her mind. His tone was disinterested, but she thought that it included a bit of hope. But she kept holding his hand.

Oga, meanwhile, was thinking. I still don't get it. You don't seem the type, really. How did this start? Like, you tell someone to buy elbow grease, but the shop doesn't have any? Then how do you stop your pet's elbows from creaking? Gusion didn't notice it, but Oga certainly did. Hilda tried to divert everyone's attention "Anyway, we were in line, and he asked me if I come there often, and from then, it just sort of developed…" Thankfully, Gusion took over with the rest of the story.

Hilda wasn't sure she was up to it all. Love had never been a big part of her life, unless you counted what she saw on TV.

Of course, you couldn't rely on that. It was obvious to everyone that they exaggerated things, but how much? Oga, meanwhile, seemed to have reached his maximum level of incredulity, and decided to accept the situation. Later, she would have to try and find out whether he was really okay with it, filed it as demonic weirdness, or saw it a practical joke in progress. Just don't do anything to make her cry or such," he said with an impassive voice.

He'll be limited to two eyes until next month. Through all her fears for this meeting, there was one thing she had never considered: The two gossiping about her. Was this an acceptable time for violence? Before she had made a decision, Oga and Gusion had already agreed to hang out tomorrow, presumably to gossip more about her.

This was getting out of hand. She needed someone to talk to. Kaiser Emparana de Beelzebub IV did not consider himself spoiled, but he was a baby who knew what he wanted, and he wasn't shy about expressing it.

And what he wanted was a family consistingof his mommy and daddy. Not the ones he supposedly had somewhere in really far away, but the ones who were there for him every day. He did not want just his mommy or just his daddy, and he certainly did not want his mommy or two daddies, or really any constellation that included Gusisi Beelzebub wasn't really great with other people's names yet.

It was a complicated concept, but here, on the school roof, his daddy got it without trouble. Nobody is trying to take Hilda away, get it? You're just being selfish. A real man wants his mother to be happy. She's always angry and stuff, right? It was really simple: Beel had a family that he loved, and he didn't want it to change. If mommy needed someone grow-up to cuddle, then she could always take daddy. There was no need to make it all so complicated. The uncle didn't really seem to care, though.

Your heart does not believe in what your mouth is saying. Search your feelings, you know it to be true: Hilda has been taken by that vile demon, and you are jealous that your feelings are unanswered. Just like me, we are united in…" "How long is this going? I don't want to punch you until you got it all out of your system. And anyway, Gusion isn't vile. He's friendly, polite, considerate…" He added something mumbled.

Beel could not hear it, but he was sure that it was "it's making me sick. If she is upset with you, she always gets violent straight away.

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I don't think you have anything to worry about there. I mean, she's his mother, basically. And the look she gets when he says no…" "Aha, I knew it! You do care about her feeli…" The punch was beautiful. It came unexpected, from below, and cut off Uncle Fufu in mid-sentence.

oga and aoi relationship marketing

He flew… oh, at least further than Beel could walk without getting tired. He shouted an enthusiastic "Dabbaah! I need to find someone to talk to. The food was good and the prices were reasonable.

It was familiar; it was safe. Right now, that was very important, because everything else was trying to make her loose her head. Such as the fact who her date was. Such small demons can often be tricky," said Hilda. It was technically a lie. In reality, Aoi was very interested in finding out whether she could return the Tengu to the store, metaphorically speaking. But that was all just small talk.

The two act like they get along fine, but I think Oga's lying. He's always so competitive, it's embarrassing! He tried to impress people by saying that they changed who the first man on the moon was, and now it is a Jan Ullrich.

How does he get these ideas!? I know what such things might mean. But not with Oga, right? This sewer rat and girls…" "I know what you mean," said Aoi, with maybe a bit too much feeling. The whole situation was extremely confusing. Not like that this was a new feeling… On the one hand, Hilda in the arms of someone else meant Oga was free for her.

oga and aoi relationship marketing

If Hilda broke his heart, it might make it even easier for her, the normal, human girl… but just because Hilda was a demon and evil did not mean she was a bad person. Aoi knew how cute the Oga family was together, and a large part of her revolted at the thought of it breaking apart. Why not someone else, who knows more about all this? You are, in fact, my best friend.

Aoi saw herself more as Hilda's biggest rival. Sure, the two fought together against any enemies, and Hilda had done her best to save Aoi when the pillar squad had attacked her, and Aoi had fought to free Hilda, and… Oh god. They really were friends, weren't they? And friends did not steal someone each other's men. But it was not as if Oga was Hilda's man, correct?

Aoi was lost for words, but Hilda didn't seem to care. If anything, she enjoyed the opportunity to simply speak her mind. I mean, he never listens. I told him not to save me from Behemoth's Pillar Squad. Gusion would've trusted me and just brought the young master to safety…" "But Oga did save your life," Aoi said.

At least at the start. Just getting a child and having to raise it? Most of the time he just sits in bed and reads Manga with the young master. Mind you, the young master is getting surprisingly good at reading, for someone at his age…" "But when it's important, Oga is always there to fight, and he usually wins.

Thankfully, Hilda didn't seem to notice. Then she caught herself and said "I mean, yeah, exactly," in a stern tone of voice. I still care about the young master, and I don't have any allegiance to Oga personally. I mean you're right! And if Oga finds himself a girlfriend, that's okay, too, right? He's a good friend and a father to the young master, but that's all. If he finds a girlfriend, I'll be happy for him. Could you please talk to Oga?

I am not good with all these romance things. For four days now, Gusion had been staying in the human world. Thankfully not with Oga; apparently the demon had booked a hotel room somewhere. For the first three days and nights, Oga had hoped that his family would simply not notice, but he knew that it was in vain.

Hilda, to her credit, tried to stay quiet, but Gusion apparently considered himself very lucky to have caught Hilda and why wouldn't he? It took all of Oga's eloquence to stop his family from throwing Hilda on the street. It was on the afternoon of the fourth day that Oga's mom finally brought up the point she'd been thinking about for all this time, and like always, she didn't take long to completely miss the point.

Just stealing your wife like that, it is disgraceful. Are you going to get her back, or will see reason and finally throw her out of the house? Can I first drop these croquettes somewhere? Anyway, I told you before that Hilda and I aren't married or anything. We're not even a couple. There's a beautiful girl living here, and you have a child together! Even if you weren't in love then, that is a great way to start a relationship. Ah, that brings back memories…" "Huh?

But I saw how you acted when she had amnesia. You pretend that you don't care, but in reality, you do. Or how you annoyed you got when that nasty man hurt her some time ago…" "Well, yeah, she's a friend, and…" "There's no better way to start a marriage than having a child with a friend by accident. Now go out and get her back! Buy her some of her favorite flowers, or something in her favorite color.

Hilda didn't like plants. Oga wasn't interested like that in Hilda, he told himself, but he did pride himself on being the greatest at absolutely anything. Surely that would include being a boyfriend, too, right?

Not that he cared, but it was the principle of the thing. If he wanted to, he should be able to blow Gusion completely away. But of course, obviously, he didn't want to.

It was clearly not Hilda's, which was pink, nor was it that of any of his family. For one, it had fangs. And right now, it had made a demonic gong sound as a new text message arrived. Oga dodged his mother and took a look. Then he looked at the previous message. And then he put his coat back on. Furuichi had an elaborate plan for the afternoon. First, he would go into the town to impress girls at the bakery. Then he would head to the super market, and finally to the park, all the while picking up more women, ideally, and after all the direction changes, he should be able to loose Alaindelon, too.

But the plan was blown to pieces when Oga and Baby Beel suddenly appeared in front of his door, together with Queen Kunieda. Right, is anybody listening in? Where's the old guy? I think he's out buying food for Hilda's bird. I found Gusion's phone! The next day she along with Oga, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Natsume, Himekawa, and Tojo were told to be expelled for fighting. Aoi tries to convince them to not expel the others and at least punish the Rokkisei as well for fighting, only to be told that they were given the authority to use violence against anybody in the school especially the students of Ishiyama.

They would have been expelled if it wasn't for Himekawa reasoning they no longer have any reason to not fight back against the Rokkisei and was postpone. They made a deal that in a couple of days there with be a festival and they will have to face the Rokkisei in a sport match.

If they win they won't get expelled and the Rokkisei would lose their authority in the school. Back in class, she get a shock when she realizes that Hilda has been transferred into their class and tries to argue with her for choosing her seat to be in front of Oga. Later she was informed that the sport match would be volleyball. She at first tries to get everyone to attend for practice but fails. Hilda easily manipulate everyone to come for practice for revenge trick everyone in thinking that the Rokkisei were insulting them during practice.

Aoi as part of the volleyball team. During practice everyone was doing good but still working as a team as well as arguing who is the leader. Hilda makes a proposition that whoever can return her serves will be the leader. Everyone was intimidated by the speed and strength of Hilda's serve except for Aoi, who volunteers to do it. She missed the first one, but after focusing, she returned back the second one, only to hit the net.

Impressed, everyone willingly decided that Aoi was most suited to be a leader and started playing as a team. Over the next few days, they continued to train till the day of the match. During the match they had a bad start, since Oga and Tojo didn't know the rules and cheated. They manage to make a comeback by using Beel as part their plan to cheat.

It was successful at first but Izuma uses his demonic power in a serve that cause Aoi to stand down temporary. When sitting down Hilda as what she thinks of that man Izuma but she misunderstands and thought she was talking about Oga.

She stated that she interested in Oga and tried to hide it saying as a friend and it was nice doing things with everyone. She then came to realize that she enjoyed it when everyone was working together and she doesn't want them to be apart. Due to Aoi being absent from the team, everyone starts to fall apart. She realizes this and quickly makes a comeback, encouraging everyone to win. She stated that Izuma was strong but compared to Hilda it was nothing, not to long everyone seem to have improve and didn't even need to cheat.

While playing with all their strength everyone from Saint Ishiyama was impressed with them and starts rooting for them. Near the end of the match it seem like they were about to lose but Oga managed to make a save making them win the match.

Aoi helps Oga back up and everyone was lining up and show their appreciation for the match only to be interrupted by Kiriya. The entire gym was surrounded by Teimou delinquents and were held hostage by Kiriya. After Oga unleashes Zebul Blast on Kirya and witness him being covering in demonic markings.

Thanks to Izuma and Shizuka interference they manage to cover the fact that Oga was taking care of a demon but didn't convince Aoi. After the match, she was shown to have overheard Oga talking to Hilda about Izuma knowing about the existence of demons.

After "training" in the dojo Aoi, Oga, and Teimou shadow force travel back to Mapputatsu mountain to train. She demonstrates how to perform Nadeshiko for everyone to learn.

When everyone was finally done they eat and Aoi lectures Oga about keeping demons a secret. After they go to a temple and are greeted by the chief priest and Isafuyu.

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Aoi was thinking of a way to keep in contact with Oga, only to be hugged by him. She knocks him off out of embarrassment, only to get hugged again. Not too long afterward, she realizes that it was Beel inside Oga's body and that they switched bodies.

Hilda gets angry and jealous that Beel is quite attached to Aoi and challenges her to see who can get Beel to go to them. Both try different methods to get Beel to come towards them, even starting to fight each other again. In the end, Beel hugs Aoi when she releases demonic energy during the match. Out of embarrassment she hits back while Hilda, completely enraged by Aoi, tries to attack but hits Oga and Oga in Beel body tries to attack only to realize that he switched back to his body before they all manage to land a hit.

Back in class she is still traumatized by being hugged, Red Tail convince Aoi to let them use her dojo for their meeting without realizing that it was plan to try and convince her to join Red Tail again. Back at the dojo, Aoi seems to dismiss Red Tail coldly but it was because she didn't want them to get involved with demons.

It was then revealed that Isafuyu guided Aoi to the Tengu's temple for power. While at the temple she was told in exchange for power she had to answer a few perverted questions. Aoi gets enraged by this and destroys the temple only to find Koma. After apologizing and getting beaten up several times, he agrees to help Aoi become stronger. Agiel quickly send some of Ishiyama students flying and was about to kill Nene until Aoi intercept the attack.

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Aoi tells the group to run and she prepares to face Agiel. Agiel and Aoi duel and Aoi easily defeats Agiel with Koma's power. While Aoi was informed of what was really going on Agiel becomes enraged and vow to remember Aoi for what she did. She was seen at the door waiting for Oga after falling and failing to save Hilda. The next day when Oga was sleeping from training to the point of exhaustion he wakes up and finds himself, Aoi, and Lamia traveling on a ship. They stop at Decapitation Island and try to find Ikaruga only to find the village in the island deserted, and full of dolls.

Not long while searching, they get ambushed by the dolls. They fight back and easily overpower them and not long discover that the dolls are possessed demons because they have no form or rank in demon world so they live in the human world. Ikaruga appears and seem to know about Aoi's mother. Both fought their best but in the end Oga won due to Aoi getting distracted by what Oga said and misunderstanding his words as usual. Aoi later shows up to help Oga who attacked Akumano Academy alone and saves him from an attack from Tiriel.

She sends Tiriel flying and tells Oga to run and save Hilda as she starts to fight the 4 Pillars: TirielFabasElim and Pamiel and later Agiel who joins the fight. Ananta attacks Aoi from behind, making her spit out blood. Agiel puts her sword up to Ananta proclaiming what was happening was boring. She stands in front of Aoi, saying that she defecting to her side.

Instead this backfires and both get in to a fiery argument when Hilda states that Oga is her husband and Aoi is trying to steal him from her.

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Both were arguing until Hilda asked if she has feelings for Oga. She was about to answer but was to embarrassed to speak and ran away. While eating lunch with the Red Tails she finds out the reason Hilda acting the way she was is because she had amnesia. She gets a little mad that Oga didn't mention that first. While walking she hears a crash noise and looks at what happened, only to find Furuichi and Yolda.

Yolda teases her and tells her that the way to get Hilda's memories back is to have Oga kiss her. She explodes with embarrassment. When Furuichi's cold takes affect during school, Kunieda suggests that he go to the infirmary as it might be dangerous if it spread and infected Baby Beel. She then turns back to the front of the classroom, ignoring what Furuichi and the Red Tail are saying behind her.

During the fight, Agiel is summoned to the battlefield which surprises Aoi. When Furuichi continues to hold on to her, Aoi punches him out of annoyance. She is surprised to see him rise quickly from the ground and resumes watching from afar. The subsequent battle astonishes Aoi especially by the leveled strength between the two fights, [33] albeit while Furuichi is being supported by Jabberwockwhose arrive surprised Aoi.

Aoi later accompanies several of her peers to the local river where the find the Shadow Force ganging up on Oga and Furuichi. She explains to Oga that everyone has been worried about them and declares that they will help out; she also mentions that she told their classmates that Furuichi was having a fever earlier. Afterwards, Aoi stands proudly beside her fellow delinquents as they prepare to take down the Shadow Force.

In preparation for the new year, which Aoi's family intends to celebrate with a small festival being held at their home, Aoi helps out by writing small messages to place inside fortune cookies, which she hopes to sell. She is discovered by the Red Tail girls as she is busy with the fortune cookies; with the Red Tail eager to help, they are eventually left to handle the task on their own.

On the morning of the small festival, while Aoi is sweeping outside, she sees Oga and Furuichi celebrating the new year with the temple's Gods, albeit in a much more casual manner; as a result, she tells them to do it properly or otherwise deal with the Gods' anger.

Later, while eating with the two, she learns about Oga's dream involving a hawk with an eggplant head marked with "Fuji" on it. She is confused about his dream. Nonetheless, she offers some fortune cookies to sell to them; upon noticing Oga's message, she asks whether it has any relation to what he saw, only to be told that it doesn't.

She is then yelled at for the seeming "trick" in the fortune cookies which Aoi mentions in her head that it shouldn't have been left for the Red Tail to handle. She is pleasantly surprised that they already know about how it has finished rebuilding after several months; with her thoughts said, she mentions how every Ishiyama student will finally be able to return to their original high school.

While he is finishing up her treatment, they are visited by the Red Tailand eventually Oga and Furuichi. When Aoi sees Furuichi enter her home, she is visibly stunned and she puts on a robe, though, when Oga arrives, she screams and ends up slapping them both on the cheeks.