Niles and cc relationship problems

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niles and cc relationship problems

I'd forgotten how utterly fabulous Niles & CC were and oh what a . Yes, people with judge our relationship but that's their problem not ours. The fourth season of the American television sitcom The Nanny aired on CBS from September Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The series also features Daniel Davis as Niles, the family butler, and Lauren Lane as C.C. takes advantage of the fact that Fran is vulnerable and says Maxwell. Fran frequently gets into trouble, but usually solves the problems herself Also in the last episode Fran, Maxwell, Grace, along with Niles, C.C., Sylvia, Morty, Yetta . All of her relationships until Max become unsuccessful, even though Fran is.

Her character is bubbly, outgoing, and humorous but also caring and responsible of the kids and her job, and very well plays the mother figure for them. Fran frequently gets into trouble, but usually solves the problems herself through seemingly ridiculous antics or by relying on her street smarts. In the last season Fran and Maxwell have twins a boy and a girl named Jonah and Eve.

After graduating from high school inFran attended cosmetology college while working as a foot model. She later worked in the bridal dress shop of her boyfriend, Danny, after being 'pre-engaged' for three-years.

At the start of the series, Fran was dumped as girlfriend and employee by her boyfriend and resorted to selling cosmetics door-to-door. Relationship with the Sheffield family[ edit ] In the show's pilot episode, Fran arrives at the home of Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield Charles Shaughnessyhoping to sell cosmetics. Patriarch Maxwell Sheffield happens to be in need of a nanny to take care of his three children: Max mistakenly thinks Fran has come to apply for the open nanny position.

Fran decides to apply for the position and shows Mr. Sheffield her references, which are written in lipstick. Max ultimately realizes that Fran did not come there for the nanny position but he is desperate and hires Fran after she shows an aptitude with Maxwell's three high-maintenance children, who have driven away all previous nannies. Fran, with her nontraditional nurturing style and no-nonsense honesty, soon becomes a favorite with the kids as well as Maxwell, as they come to respect her opinions and love her as a person.

Romance[ edit ] Regretting her past breakup with her boyfriend Danny, Fran often feels the need to date. Fran is desperate to find a soulmate and is often attracted to Jewish men. This compelling desire mainly comes from the obsessive, overbearing nature of her mother, Sylvia, who often nags Fran about the subject of marriage.

niles and cc relationship problems

As she continues to work for Mr. Sheffield, Fran develops many fantasies about being romantically and sexually involved with him. She has many fantasies of Max and her kissing passionately. In one episode, a drunk Fran accidentally climbs in bed alongside a sleeping Max.

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Upon waking up to find herself in bed next to Max, she says, "I'm havin' that dream again. Upon returning home, Maxwell immediately revokes the remark, claiming it was based more on panic and the possibility of death and was a spontaneous response, something he wanted to tell her before they perished. This incident is later referred to as "The Thing" and is held over Mr. Sheffield's head with glee by both Fran and Niles Daniel Davis his butler for almost a whole season.

In the beginning seasons, they always address each other with proper employer-employee politeness, i. Conversely, Maxwell addresses Niles by his forename. By the fifth season, Mr. Sheffield and Miss Fine begin a tentative romantic relationship they also have two dates but neither go so well; the first one where Fran inadvertently offends Elton Johnand the second one where it's discovered that Fran has a squash allergywhich consists of a very large milestone: The romantic tension between them lasts until the middle of the fifth season, when the couple are engaged.

Maxwell proposes marriage and, following several snafus, they are finally married in the season 5 finale. Fran gives birth to fraternal twins, Jonah Samuel and Eve Catherine, in the series finale. Jonah, being named for Fran's side of the family, is more reserved like Maxwell. Eve, being named for Maxwell's side of the family, is more nasal and boisterous like Fran.

When Max is angry with her, he will instinctively shout "Miss Fine! Sheffield" during intimate moments in the bedroom. When she and Maxwell finally become a couple, Fran sometimes exclaims "Oh, Mr. Sheffield" when they kiss. Running gags[ edit ] Fran's voice—Fran has a nasal voiceand a heavy Queens accent. Many comments are made by characters in reference to the distinctive voice, which is often found annoying to most of her peers.

Whether Fran herself is aware of this is inconsistent throughout the series - sometimes she is oblivious her voice is different, but in other episodes she is aware of the effect of her voice on others and jokes about it. Fran's obsession with Barbra Streisand and other celebrities —On several occasions, Fran has alluded to her belief that Barbra Streisand is God, or at least the Messiahclaiming that if her mother and Barbra were both drowning, she would save her mother because "Barbra can walk on water.

Sheffield faked food poisoning to encourage her to overcome a fear of driving. Fran makes quite an impression on Barbra by going through Barbra's personal things, as she does whenever the opportunity presents itself, and pilfering a purse and single shoe.

Fran's dating life—Fran will often jump at any chance of meeting a man, due to her compulsive desire to get married, brought on by her loving though overbearing mother, Sylvia.

Based on her Jewish background, Fran's most ideal attraction is toward Jewish men, preferably doctors, which is often shown whenever a man makes a cultural reference such as having a Jewish name or celebrating events such as Bar Mitzvahs. All of her relationships until Max become unsuccessful, even though Fran is obsessed with having an extended relationship.

These disappointments are resolved by her psychologist, Dr. With the ending of a relationship, Fran often bounces back to her growing relationship with Maxwell Sheffield, a pattern about which they both seem to be totally oblivious until later seasons.

Despite marrying a gentile herself, Fran is overjoyed when she learns that the male model whom her now step-daughter, Maggie, is dating and later marries is Jewish [long before realizing that his cousin-in-law is her idol, Barbra Streisand]. Fran's age—Fran often tries to expand her youth by lying about her age, particularly when it comes to men.

Fran is quick to say that she is in her late twenties but she was really in her early to mid 30s throughout the series. However, she is extremely defensive to anybody who comes close to assuming any age that refers to middle age. Her age is such a secret, in fact, that even the FBI cannot figure it out.

However, in season 3, Fran's age was revealed to be somewhat older than 33 when Val mentioned that Fran is older than she is and Val admits that she herself is Just before Fran's wedding, Fran says she was born during President Kennedy's administration. Nonetheless, she has indirectly revealed her age in some instances throughout the series including in a season 5 episode in where she claims to her boyfriend that she's In addition, she celebrated her 30th birthday in a season 1 episode and when questioned by her mother in a season 3 episode about the amount of time it will take for her to get back her figure after giving birth to a child, she answers "I don't know Ma.

In reality, Fran Drescher was 36 at the beginning of the series. Fran's extended family—Whenever Fran wants to explain something about her low-class society, she will usually bring up a story referring to an eccentric, unseen relative. One episode had her make several references to "Cousin Toddy", who's revealed to be fashion designer Todd Oldhamand appeared as himself.

Maxwell Sheffield[ edit ] Maxwell Beverley "Max" Sheffield is the male lead and patriarch of the family, portrayed by actor and British peer Charles Shaughnessy. Maxwell born is a Broadway theatrical producer of some success, although he seems to remain in the shadow of his main rival, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Max is always irritated that he turned down producing the shows TommyHairand especially Catswhich proved to be a financial windfall for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It was revealed in the episode "The Kibbutz" that his business partner, C. Babcock who was his secretary at the timewas the one who convinced him to turn down Cats all those years ago.

Maxwell's wife, Sara, died some years before the start of the series and he has worked closely with C. Sheffield for almost 20 years. Maxwell's busy schedule does not allow him much time to spend with Maggie, Brighton, and Gracie Sheffield so he had to find a nanny; enter Fran Fine. He is overprotective of Maggie, not wanting her to date. Fran is lowbrowbut has practical and common sense, having grown up in a close-knit Jewish family in Flushing, New York.

This sets the stage for a lot of culture clashes, especially in the early episodes. Although Maxwell does not himself hold an aristocratic British title at any point in the series, it is once said that he is the first prominent Sheffield man in generations to not be a titled Peer or Knight, so it is safe to assume that he comes from a historically upper class family with a history of title holding. Despite mutual attraction, Maxwell and Fran try to keep their relationship professional.

Maxwell is nervous about commitment and is mourning his deceased wife, while Fran is still reeling from a broken relationship with ex-boyfriend Danny, whom she almost marries again in a later episode. After a lot of stumbling, Maxwell commits to Fran and confesses his true feelings, and he and Fran get married in the fifth season of the series. The engagement causes the jealous C. After being released, she continues her maniacal attempts to separate Max and Fran, even placing a veil on her head at the wedding, and taking Max's arm to walk down the aisle, much to Max's bemusement.

She is eventually removed from the aisle by Nilesthe butler, and forced into a seat. On the eve of his wedding to Fran, Maxwell's late wife, Sara, appears to him. Sara reveals that she was the one who brought Fran into his life so she could become the nanny. When asked what she thought of Fran's voice, she states, "I thought she had a cold! After the birth, the whole family moves to Californiawhere Maxwell is scheduled to produce a TV show in Los Angeles.

His age ranges from 39 to 46 as he mentioned that he was 42 years old in "That's Midlife. In the episode "The Nanny Behind the Man," Maxwell identifies himself to be a Republican and admits that his middle name is "Beverley". In Fran Drescher's first book, Enter WhiningDrescher explains that the character was added later, after a network executive suggested "A shy teenager would be a funny contrast to a brazen and flashy Fran.

She was forever bickering with her brother, Brighton, who felt that she was a nerd. Her relationship with her youngest sister, Grace, was one as a mentor. When Fran was hired as the new nanny, Maggie and Fran bonded almost instantly.

Under Fran's patient tutelage, Maggie blossomed from a shy and awkward teenager to a somewhat popular young woman. Maxwell tended to smother Maggie, discouraging her from any kind of activities with boys, wanting her to remain his little girl. When Fran and her father married, Maggie was one of her maids-of-honor.

Especially since he now knew about Niles' feelings for her. Everything will work out. A place she'd longed to be for most of her adult life.

But it felt wrong. She pulled away from him, confused by this seemingly sudden change of heart on her part. He was getting on my nerves anyway. All he did was insult me constantly. I'd never be able to live with a guy like that. He crossed to the door and escorted Lynn into the office. It was gnawing at her. Rather, HE was gnawing at her. She found herself desperately wanting to know what was going on.

Niles always behaved strangely, but the incident in the living room had been…really strange. Sheffield, why do you ask? Does this have something to do with her? But it didn't matter as long as Fran didn't find out the truth.

You have a crush on her. I have been for a long time, it just—never occurred to me until…" His words to Miss Babcock so long ago regarding Maxwell came back to haunt him now.

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Boys never want a toy until another boy plays with it. Ya know," she said, grabbing a muffin from the bar, "I'm not so sure I like Miss Babcock's new boyfriend. Already she got dumped? But it's only been three weeks!

C.C. Babcock

Boy, I think that's a new record for her. I wonder why none of her relationships last. Oh, you mean Max. I mean, just when I think she's over him, she starts acting like she wants him again. I just can't figure her out. Then, more softly he repeated, "Nor can I. She went to the fridge and got a bottle of water as Niles tried to sneak up the back stairs.

He half-turned so he could see her, his eyes widening as he observed once more how stunning she looked in that red outfit. Red from head to toe. He made a face.

niles and cc relationship problems

Damn her, she was standing too close for comfort. Suddenly their eyes locked and for a brief few seconds, something odd passed between them, causing Niles to back up one step, and C.

As he placed it in her palm, she closed her fingers, accidentally catching his hand along with them. Her eyes popped back up to his. He was watching their joined hands, a peculiar expression on his face. She, too, looked down at the place where she held a warm, soft hand. Then they looked up at the same time, catching each others' stare. She unconsciously took a step forward, unable to look away, drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

You're getting dangerously close, C. He unconsciously stepped down to the first step, marveling at how firm was the grip of her small, delicate-looking hand. Why had he only now realized his feelings for her? Why had it taken so long?

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Fran and Max opened the swinging door to enter the kitchen, unnoticed by the confused pair on the steps. Fran saw them and pulled Max back into the hall by his shirt back in one swift move. Well, earlier today I happened upon Niles moping about in the kitchen.

He all but admitted he has feelings for C. And he never told me? I advised him just to tell her. Just do it, for God's sake! It's right under your nose. Not a problem to reach. And, umm, no one else…is using it right now. They were only inches apart now. He could feel her breath on his face.