Murdoc and 2d relationship help

I don't get what the relationship between 2D and Murdoc is : gorillaz

murdoc and 2d relationship help

Murdoc Niccals: The rest of my life stuck inside a TV show? Sounds . What is the worst professional advice you've ever received? MN: My MN: Sunday being the day of rest, [Gorillaz member] 2D waits on me hand and foot. In Depth Analysis: Murdoc (and relationship with 2D). squishlee 06/05/ So I found this great post by Goillaz on Tumblr! I really wanted to share it here. Apr 11, I love this picture mostly because i think murdoc and noodle look cute in the non relationship way.

Would you say this is some of your best work yet? Being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: What happened to your eyes and do you resent him for knocking you over with his car? Actually it was a Vauxhall Astra. I could tell by the imprint the grill left on my face. I ended up in a coma, so Murdoc used the ancient Yogic technique of repeated face-punching to wake me up.

When my eyes opened, he told me he wanted me in his band.

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing • 2D/Murdoc’s relationship (aka things that keep me

So he ran me over again to convince me. The rest is history. The past is the past. Have you got an easier one?

murdoc and 2d relationship help

Musically, as well as people. So things are looking up. My favourite track, um, actually one from the new record — Andromeda.


It takes you far away. What have you been up to in-between the albums? You always seem to wait four or five years before releasing again but this time it was seven. So much has happened since Plastic Beach. First, we got attacked by pirates, then I got eaten by a big whale called Massive Dick. I was on Guadeloupe, so I had a gap year and learned how to make friendship bracelets.

In Session: Gorillaz

Not long after that I hitched a ride back to England and joined the others in the studio. What sort of hopes do you have for the new album? Is there a particular message you want to get across? Please can I go to the toilet? Do you feel comfortable talking about it? Just needed some time to do a little thinking, and Ike offered me his spare room.

Had the place decorated real nice. Besides, we only work with folk we like, so we never had a problem.

murdoc and 2d relationship help

Danger Mouse was a true gent. After Plastic Beach, when Murdoc used your hip-hop machine for the beats, you ate some bad seafood right?

And then you were captured against your will? Were you annoyed at Murdoc? Not just bad, toxic.

I swallowed so much of that shit, I swelled to 60 times my target weight. I washed up in NK and got put on display, caged in Pyongyang like a freakshow. Said I was the North Korean Godzilla or some shit.

But then I realised, this was probably the most entertainment these dudes had since someone drew a face on a turnip in Any surprises in store?

murdoc and 2d relationship help

Life is a like a merry-go- round, controlled by the man. But for night only, we are in control. Demons in dreamland, baby. I mean, yeah, best friends usually do the same thing in a more playful way, but, with Murdoc, he just picks on 2D because he thinks he's more superior to him intellect-wise and power-wise. Phase three This is probably when their relationship is at it's worst. From holding him captive to forcing him to stay with Murdoc and Cyborg Noodle, he's been through a lot of torment and abuse.

2-D and Murdoc's relationship in a nutshell

It's really why I got into phase three more than any of the other phases: Because of the lore in it. From Murdoc, 2D, and Cyborg Noodle trying to find Noodle who is found to be alive to the torment that I just mentioned with 2D, it's really the phase that actually got me into the band. Anyway, back to what I'm talking about! In this phase, to me, it's both the worst and most interesting phase when it comes to 2D and Murdoc's relationship, but it's still not my favorite phase for the two.

Phase four This is when a BIG surprise has come to their relationship: I mean, yeah, Murdoc is still an asshole and beating 2D up, but he's mostly shown not as abusive as he was in the past. Yeah, there isn't a plot or story to this phase, but it shows how much 2D and Murdoc's relationship has changed from abusive to kind of friends. Murdoc has even called 2D: I was VERY glad that their relationship has gotten a bit better in phase four because they've been through a lot and it's nice that Murdoc has changed a little bit for 2D.

However, I feel like, even though it's nice that they're getting along with eachother a bit more, it was Maybe there should've been a song or something to show HOW they've become more friendly to eachother instead of going from one phase of abuse and torment to a slightly better and more friendly relationship in the next phase. As for phase five Phase five This is when things get a bit Murdoc is thrown into jail for being framed for smuggling drugs and, at the beginning of the phase, 2D is cool with it and feeling a bit more free from Murdoc.

However, as time progresses for 2D and Murdoc, 2D has started missing him while Murdoc is slowly becoming more "obsessed" with 2D. I'm not exactly sure in what way Murdoc is getting a bit obsessed about 2D or why he is, but my best theory is because he misses him and needs him around because, in "On Melancholy Hill", a song Murdoc wrote, he said: Murdoc, of all people in the band, wouldn't be falling in love with 2D. Because he sees him more as the friend he never thought he would need and he's slowly realising that.

Being Murdoc, he's probably never HAD any friends or family to support him in his life before making the Gorillaz, so yeah So far, as of the making of this post, we can't exactly say when or how Murdoc will get out of jail, but, in my best theory, 2D probably would welcome him back home if he really DID miss him no matter what.

Yes, I know that some of my information will sound weird, but this is based off of my research and opinions, so take it with a pinch of salt. Let's talk about 2D: