Munah and hirzi relationship poems

Hirzi And Munah Dating

munah and hirzi relationship poems

HIRZI stand up (one mic stand)- Chinese Governement versus Malay Government Salakau & YoKongPueh Gang Poem After Hours S2E4 : Interracial Relationships (Feat. Munah and Hirzi). After a decade of making Singaporeans laugh on YouTube, popular comedic duo Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie - better known simply as. Pioneers of the local YouTube scene, Munah Bagharib (@munahbagharib) and Hirzi Zulkiflie (@hirziofficial) – collectively known as.

And It wasn't just another template Internet channel - it was something that people could watch and relate to and maybe take something away from. It's so hard to choose one. But I think it's a good fight between my domestic-worker character and my minah character. Both of them have an equal amount of sass and it's always so much fun playing them.

My favourite is my minah character, just because she's got a bit of me in her. I feel most connected to her. Does nothing faze you? I want to say no, but that's because we always had each other. When we go out there to do something crazy, I always know there's someone doing it with me.

Then again, we've done these dares overseas before and we didn't have each other. But that's why those always felt so weird.

munah and hirzi relationship poems

Yes, like when I was in San Francisco and my friend dared me to do a Beyonce dance in public - that's when I really felt alone, and that I was a threat with my Beyonce routine. How did you deal with those comments?

  • Singapore stars Munah and Hirzi say goodbye to their YouTube channel
  • YouTube comedic duo Munah Bagharib, Hirzi Zulkiflie end their run with show at Capitol Theatre
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It's good to differentiate negative but constructive feedback from just noise for noise's sake. If it's noise, then you have two options - either shut them out and ignore them or have fun and troll them in intelligent ways. Troll them at their game.

munah and hirzi relationship poems

We've looked at past videos and have been like, 'Why did we think that was okay to do? How was that funny?

Singapore stars Munah and Hirzi say goodbye to their YouTube channel

We also realised that we had really bad fashion sense back then. We thought that our outfits were on point, all the time. I can't wait to move five years down the road and laugh at what we're wearing for this interview. Like, hey, remember when I had that awful purple hair?

Hirzi And Munah Dating

By the end of the month, the best friends will be saying goodbye to their online platform of about 10 years after announcing the channel's closure earlier this year. Curtain Call at the Capitol Theatre. Munah, 29, told The New Paper: When we were vulnerable, the characters, especially the Minahs, picked us up. Hirzi Zulkiflie Hirzi, 28, added: He confessed he has been "so scared" about the upcoming show, but it was Munah who let slip that he was constipated for 10 days due to nerves.

If I am not scared about something, then I am worried. They consider it their "magnum opus" - as well as their series of videos chronicling the life of a "minah", the stereotype of a Malay woman who dresses provocatively. Their stage show will be on Jan The series received complaints from a group of conservative Muslims who accused Munah and Hirzi of being "inappropriate" role models for Malay youth.

But if we retired then, it would have been a defeated retirement, not a celebratory one.