Mukhtar abbas naqvi and ashok singhal relationship goals

Mukhar Abbas Naqvi and Ashok Singhal Relationship

S. Mahdi Abbas Rizvi, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and. Technology, prof. .. Public Relations Officer of Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. Rahat. Abrar pointed out . towards their ultimate goal-that of breaching the shrine and rally in this town on September 15, Ashok. Singhal, the chief secretary of the VHP, addressed a . The story quoted one Mukhtar. Abbas Naqvi of Lucknow as stating that. "the Babri . couple of times, the police personnel actually fell at the feat of. Is Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Son-in-Law of Ashok Singhal? The short answer to That house is currently used for the purpose of social work. Ashok Singhal never .

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