Mounika and balu mahendra relationship goals

A contrarian world: Balu Mahendra: Artist, Plagiarist and Philanderer

mounika and balu mahendra relationship goals

The boy, Balu Mahendra, later graduated from Poona Film Institute with a the compromise but he added that Smitha's presence served a purpose. Balu, sanitized his relationship with Shobha thanks to an artistic . In what caused a minor sensation Archana and director Bala prevented Mounika from. Balu Mahendra himself has confirmed his relationship with Mounika in many of his . Plot Balu (Manoj Manchu) has only one goal in his life - to become a great . BaLu Mahendra is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with BaLu Mahendra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and.

When he finds that she is also an ardent admirer of his, he loses his heart to her. The girl being a lonely person all her life accepts his love. Thereafter the story meanders through twists and turns and ends up in the usual cinematic climax.

When the film ended with the girl setting out once again on her long and lonely journey leaving her child born of her brief affair with the singer to be brought up by the first wife, many were upset by the unfairness of it all.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship goals

Now in the latest issue of the famous Tamil weekly, Ananda Vikatan, another famous film personality, Balu Mahendra, has admitted to marrying a second time in a candid interview. He says that he lost his heart to her because of her passion for the nuances of good cinema.

He could identify a kindred soul in her being himself a veteran Director who breathed cinema. Together they have made some fantastic TV shows. His first wife knew nothing more than serving her hubby well but drew blank on sharing his passion for cinema. He concludes that he tied the wedding knot after living with her for many years because he felt guilty about her being branded as his paramour.

All this brings us to a grand question. Are these extra marital relationships justified? If a man gets wedded to a woman who is totally incompatible with his dreams and objectives, he has no choice but to stick around gamely for the rest of his life.

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It can be the other way too if a woman finds herself teamed up with a man who is not at all her idea of a husband. In most cases, they stick around and appear as happily married a couple as possible for several compelling reasons. They can not divorce because divorces are rare in our society. Yet, compared to Satyajit Ray's 'Mahanagar' it will remain a valiant effort not an achievement. Balu's talents as director are way overrated. Fear of old age haunts any man let alone an artist. Balu made his one other uncompromising movie 'Sandhyaragam'.

Literally meaning 'song of the twilight hour'.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship goals

If Scorsese has a fetish for gangster movies Balu's fetish was making movies themed about extra marital affairs. He would plagiarize 'Mickey and Maud' to deliver a laugh riot in 'Rettaivaal Kuruvi' where a photographer will have two wives. Then he would turn to the subject again in a a Tamil remake of Mahesh Bhatt's 'Arth' as 'Marupadiyum'.

When the heroine walks out on her husband, a movie director, learning of his affair with an actress a song wails in the background "a woman wishes to be garlanded but once, can she live with a man who garlands a woman a day, would such a marriage be civilized". After 'Marupadiyum' he made forgettable movies most of which bombed in the box office.

Mounika, who starred in a movie as a nymphet, would go on to become his second wife.

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She would support Balu in his lean years when he was reduced to making short films, based on short stories, for the drab national television. Balu Mahendra made movies that were either 'inspired', albeit uncredited, or totally plagiarized. Lets remember that Balu sat on the jury for National Awards.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship goals

For a man who took pride in his work and had a healthy ego to end his movies with a sign off 'A film by Balu Mahendra', this plagiarism, par for the course in Indian movies, will remain a blot.

Even after many directors, including childhood friend Bharathiraja, deserted Ilayaraja, who had grown titular and stale, Balu stuck by his friend. Ilayaraja had run out of steam by the early 90's and his scoring for Balu's movies made after that had mediocre music and thanks to Raja's antics about lyric writers there were not much decent lyrics either.

When an artist sacrifices perfection for the sake of relationship art suffers. Mediocrity creeps in and finally destroys. We cannot speak of a Balu Mahendra 'oeuvre'.

Anyone who sets Balu's directorial abilities on a pedestal has not probably had even a modicum of introduction to Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Aravindan, Shahji, Ray, Benegal, Girish Karnad and others.

His last movie 'Thalamuraigal' bombed at the box office.

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Few quoted the last words of the movie: I was surprised to see that chauvinism in Balu, a man who made movies in Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada besides Tamil. The man had lost his creative juices a decade back and the last movie only confirmed that the creator had died before the body died.

He was no intellectual. Like many of his compatriots he had not much to say beyond films, specifically the technical knowledge of movie making, and a smattering of literary taste. In the later years he would have another paramour after Archana.

In another interview he would extol that his legal wife Akila epitomized the ideal Indian woman and needs to be worshipped. She could've done well with a little less worshipping.

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Balu's extra-marital affairs were front and center to not just his life but to his movies too. As such they are of topical interest beyond just salaciousness. Tamils while being conservative when it comes to the morals of their fellow citizens they will tolerate, in fact applaud, their politicians and movie fraternity to flout all morals. Bigamous politicians are feted. Archana and Easwari Rao stood at the near the head of Balu's lifeless body caressing the casket.

Balu's wife Akila sat in a chair nearby. Life is stranger than fiction indeed. In what caused a minor sensation Archana and director Bala prevented Mounika from seeing her beloved. This was a gross disrespect to Balu who had openly and categorically stated that he was indeed married to Mounika. They shaped our ideas of entertainment and art which I had to unlearn with effort.

Musing on mortality is something that hangs over my thoughts always. Just last week as I was listening to an 80's song I was thinking ruefully that they are all aging and many cannot even walk. The grim reaper awaits several of them. When Rajini had a serious health scare I felt sad. It does speak volumes of the man. Kannadasan once ignited a rumor that he was dead just to see how many really loved him. Balu's soul can take comfort from how his cherished proteges flocked to his funeral.

Balachander and Bharathiraja openly sobbed. Balachander whenever he suffered losses from his artsy movies he would produce a commercial movie, usually starring Rajini, but directed by somebody else.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship goals

Two things irked me about the funeral though. First, for a man whose art was all about subtle aestheticism his funeral had no semblance of it.