Moiraine and lan relationship quizzes

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moiraine and lan relationship quizzes

Tries to find the others, smells wood smoke and creeps up on Lan and Moiraine's camp and listens in on the conversation. Moiraine senses her. with moiraine's attitude to danger, she definatly needs another lan, but i can . Thom had an intimate connection with Morgase for many years. Scene 7: Moiraine inspects and heals Tam while Rand chats with Lan about his sword, trollocs and Fades. Moiraine tells Rand he must leave.

moiraine and lan relationship quizzes

Lan looked troubled, though with him it was difficult to tell. Eventually, you must walk alone. Notice her slippery Aes Sedai answer, even though she's not supposed to do that based on her oath to Rand. And what cause would she have to if she was late for a valid, nonembarassing reason? The blush of course indicates the nature what she was doing. Ever since New Spring Mo cannot handle hearing or talking about sex without blushing.

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It is the only thing that causes that reaction in her. Then you have Lan looking "troubled", which indicates he was involved with her and felt awkward by Rand's probing. He had seen her rush into the midst of Shadowspawn, wielding the Power as skillfully as Lan did his sword, seen it too often to believe fear in her.

SO why had she not come when she sensed the Draghkar? She could have, and Lan as well; that was one of the gifts a Warder received from the bond between him and an Aes Sedai. He could make her tell, catch her between her oath to him and her inability to lie straight out. No, he could not. He would not do that to someone who was trying to help him.

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Mo is disappearing in this book, so I get the impression RJ wanted the readers to understand that there was a sexual relationship between Mo and Lan, because until now its been doubtful and after this book we would never find out. Rand eliminates fear, and he knows he can trust her at this point. He also emphasizes that neither of them came so most likely for a shared reason.

Rand knows they were having sex, or thinks he does, and thinks about catching her at giving that slippery answer which she isn't supposed to do but then decides that he couldn't do that to her bc it would be too embarassing for her.

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She's been helping him and has nothing but good intentions, so he would feel like a real jerk doing that to her. Narg has deviated from the chapter structure of the books for this episode so that it focus's on developing Perrin.

We time warp back to where Ep5 finished. Rand, Mat and Thom negotiate their passage down to Whitebridge with Doman. Mat and Rand learning Juggling and Rand practicing the Flute, Thom talks of mutiny performs for the crew. Sailing past the Tower of Ghenjei, Doman chats with them about wonders from previous ages, Mat mutters about Doman wanting to keep treasure for himself.

Rand climbing the Mast, acting funny, discovering Mat has the Dagger. Arrival at Whitebridge, heading to the Inn.

They find out someone has been looking for them, go to leave, Thom tell the boys why he's helping them, Fade confronts them, Thom shouts run!

moiraine and lan relationship quizzes

Mat and Rand travelling along the Caemlyn road, sleeping rough hiding from horsemen, Rand suggests they sell the Dagger, Mat gets angry. Doing Farm chores for food and a place to sleep, Mat acting paranoid, getting told to leave. They stop at the Grinwell farm, Else makes Eyes at Rand, Rand plays the flute like his life depends on it. Get shown to their room, Gode confronts them, Rand really needs a way out, Lightning strikes the window bars. Mat and Rand escape. We get the second reference to The Eye of the World.

We see the effect of the Dagger on Mat, Rand gets lucky again not with Else. They arrive at Whitebridge to see some burnt down buildings, learn what happened, Moiraine decides to go after the boy Perrin who still has his Coin. Byar tries to tempt Perrin into escaping, Wolves send message of help coming, Lan goes ninja on guards and Byar. They escape the Whitecloak camp with help from Moiraine providing a distraction. Lan learns Nynaeve hasn't returned, is about to head back to find her, Moiraine reminds him of his Oaths.

Nynaeve arrives and has a "moment" with Lan. Nynaeve heals Perrin, notices his irises have gone Yellow. Moiraine make cryptic comment about it. Lan and Perrin chat about talking to wolves, ends with Lan saying they better find the other two boys or all may be lost.

Rand and Mat traveling in Hyam Kinch's wagon. Rand feeling sick but recovering, Mat half blind from the lightning strike with scarf covering his eyes. Cue flashback hopefully less confusing than in the book Scene 9: Rand leading a blind Mat stumbling down the road away from Four Kings with the storm still raging, finding a hedge to sleep in.

moiraine and lan relationship quizzes

They fall asleep shivering. Dream sequence with Ba'alzamon killing Gode. Rand wakes up Mat from his Dream. Rand comforts him as he cries. Alpert Mull gives them a lift and the scarves they be wearing in Scene 8. Mat and Rand ponder spending another night sleeping rough, decide to try a Inn again, Rand starts getting sick, Mat strikes a bargain with Inn Keeper to allow them to stay in the Barn until Rand recovers.

We see Lan clearly having feelings for Nynaeve, learn some more about the wolves, Start trimming out minor details.


The biggest scene cut here was the incident in Market Sheran with Patir. Rand and mat arrive at Caemlyn, have a gawk at the big city, Rand get his sword wrapped, they head to the Queens Blessing. Mat heads upstairs to bed clutching the dagger, Rand goes to the Library and meets Loial, gets an info dumb about Ogier, Loial confuses Rand with an Aielman, Rand has a brain fart and tells everything to Loial, Ta'veren gets mentioned.

Rand tries to get Mat to go see the False Dragon with him, Mat acting paranoid refuses, Rand heads downstairs and learns that a mad beggar has been looking for Him, Mat and Perrin.

Rand walking around trying to find a good vantage point to see the False Dragon's Procession. Finds a spot has to give it up when the mad beggar finds him.

Climbs the infamous Palace garden wall. Rand Watching Logain laugh and the Aes Sedai and Warders guarding him, ponders out loud why all the Aes Sedai were watching Logain, Elayne pipes up with "to stop him from touching the True Source, silly.

Wakes up, see Elayne and Gawyn climbing down tree, notices how there dressed, tries to leave, Elayne tends to Rand's cut while chatting with Gawyn about their mother, Rand has a light bulb moment realizing their mother is the Queen. Galad finds them Female audience swoons, Male audience either turns gay or says pfft he's not that good looking Scene 8: Rand gets escorted to see the Queen thanks to Galad always doing the right thing.

Rand heads back to the Inn. Moiraine explains about the taint from Shadar Logoth, hopes for the light of the world that it's not to late to save Mat. Mat and the Dagger questions get answered, Randy meets the 2nd of his gals, Learns that he's the main character, Ta'veren concept gets introduced and that Rand looks like an Aielman.

Rand and the Gang in the Inn's library chatting, Moiraine and Mat come down, hugs, Loial mentions the story of a man visiting his stedding talking about the blinding the Eye, Perrin pipes up about hearing the same thing from the Tinkers and then mentions the Dreams all three boys are having.

The boys tell Moiraine everything. Moiraine says bugger it, Tar Valon is out, straight to the Blight we must go!