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From that union of Shiva and Mohini is born Hari-Hara Suta, the son of At first glance, this story of how Mohini tricks the Asuras and gives the Amrita to the Hindu mythology tale in: Tales From Indian Classics, Children's Book Trust, , p. Trust Name - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Dedicating • Powerful • Strength capability • Hero of battle • Lord Vishnu • Time • Relation • Restraint. .. 4 Indus Dancing Girls Represent Mohini s. Relationship between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as "Mohini". In the Bhagavata Purana, after Vishnu deceives the demons by his maya.

But she is not a nymphor Apsarasuch as MenakaRambha and Urvashirenowned in Hindu mythology for their ability to seduce sages and demons.

Mohini stands apart because she is identified as Vishnu and Vishnu is conventionally visualized as a male. Mohini is his female form. A fundamental theme in Indian metaphysics is the existence of two realities: Material reality is tangible reality that can be perceived through the senses.

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An Apsara enchants to distract humanity from spiritual reality and entrap all in material reality. Material reality is represented using female form while spiritual reality is represented using male form.

Mohini is female in form but male in essenceunlike Apsaras who are totally female. Both enchant, but their intentions are different. In the tangible worldVishnu is both Mohan, the deluderas well as Mohini, the enchantress. Shiva needs to open his eyes to material reality. He needs to be seduced And so, Vishnu takes the form of an enchantress.

He becomes Mohini and dances before Shiva. Shiva is compelled to open his eyes and look at Mohini. He recognises Mohini is Vishnu. She is spiritual reality cloaked in material reality. She is Vishnu playing with Prakriti and Maya. She is Vishnu in full control of time and space and subjective realities. Immersed in Brahmanshe is inviting spiritual reality to enter her playground, rangabhoomi, and join the game of material reality, the leela.

It is said that Shivahaving consumed Halahalwas about to retreat to his mountains abode when he sees Mohini. At first glance, this story of how Mohini tricks the Asuras and gives the Amrita to the Devas seems like a trickster story. The demons are duped by a damsel.

Since the Asuras are villainsone is told, they deserve being cheated so. But this is a simplistic and incorrect understanding of the tale. One must remember that the Devas and Asuras are half brothers, children of Brahma who, like Vishnu, is a form of God. Devas are afraid losing what they have. Asuras are afraid of not having what Devas possess. Mohini chooses to give Amrita [nectar] only to the distracted Devas not because they are more worthy but to show how even taking away the fear of death of losing what they have does not take away fear of losing material things.

The conflict within material reality, presided over by Vishnualso manifests as the conflict between the Nagas and Garudathe serpents and the king of the hawks. Conflict between two forces [Devas and Asuras] is a recurring theme in Hindu mythology. One conflict is that between material and spiritual reality, between the hermit and the nymph between Shiva and Mohini.

The other is within material reality, between the Devas and the Asuras. She was so beautiful that he fell in love with her immediately. That is not swearing. He was the supreme ascetic, dressed in deer skin, body smeared with ashes, locks matted, and the snakes dangling around his neck and arms, his hand holding aloft the divine Trishul. Ah, what a magnificent sight he made in all his ascetic glory!

Ask of me any boon you desire. What a boon to ask for! And if he was no more, the world would come to a chaotic end.

Yet, once having granted a boon, how could he take it back? There was only one way out of his sticky situation — he would have to run!

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And run he did. Clutching his trident, he ran as fast as his legs would carry him. He ran over mountain and down valleys, he crossed rivers and lakes, he ran across vast plains and fields, he passed peaceful ashramas and huts, he ran through dark, dense forests and light, cheerful woods-with Bhasmasura never far behind!

What a strange sight it was! The Lord of the Universe running for his life! Pursued by an evil-minded Rakshasa! The hearts of the birds fluttered as they twittered away from tree-tops. The animals stared with huge startled eyes as they scampered away out of the way. And the chase went on — Shiva, panic stricken, panting ahead; Bhasmasura, thirsting to test his unintelligent boon, close on his heels!

Shiva was now getting out of breath. The chase had been long and tiring. Yet, what could he do? He had to press on. But he was beginning to feel that unless something happened soon, Bhasmasura would have his way. At this time Vishnu was in Vaikuntha watching this unusual occurrence with amused interest.

He thought that Shiva had been sufficiently punished for carelessly granting such a boon. It was time now to go and help him. After all, were they not the very best of friends? Shiva had just turned round the shoulder of a mountain and Bhasmasura had not yet reached the bend. Vishnu transformed himself into a delightful maiden, soft, shy and beautiful and stood at the bend. You look very tired indeed. Why are you running so fast? Come and rest there a bit. Then you will feel fresh enough to start with renewed vigour.

That wretched Shiva will get away. I want to touch his head with my right hand so he will be burnt to ashes and I can then become Lord of the three worlds. The image soon filled his eyes. Her lovely black tresses, her smooth fair brow, her large, soft, doe-like eyes and her small delicate mouth-he looked at the shapely wrist and fingers resting lightly on his arm, her lissom body, and her fair feet with tinkling anklets and he forgot all about Shiva and his boon.

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He looked Mohini up and down, not twice, but over and over again. Desire was planted in his heart. He lunged forward to catch her, but Mohini quickly stepped back. I want you to be my bride. Will you marry me? The man I marry must never have another wife. Once he marries me, he should never marry again.

But you Rakshasas have so many, many wives. No, it cannot be. I promise you that if you become my wife I will not so much as look at another woman.