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SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli who have both transformed into 'acting idols' spoke out about their kiss scenes in their new SBS drama, 'To The. They have friendship and oppa-dongsaeng relationship, too. But though few, the interactions of Minho and Sulli especially the kiss scenes are daebak! Well, SS will always be my top choice, all their songs and the. Sulli - Allyson Minho - Alvin Chapter 1 The Story starts .. Hi,My Name is Allyson,I'm 18 years old My story was about a Girl who falls in love with a Bully I am.

Who is Minho’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee

I got a lot of patience if only to find the truth and not mislead my visitors to just accept they are a couple. No, I want to search more and if romance will really find it's way to my MinSul hearts, my heart will be happy. And I thought SS is my one and only. Well, SS will always be my top choice, all their songs and the group is already embedded in my heart.

But there's still room for more. This is only the beginning of my ride as a MinSul shipper. And for starters, some photos of them together, similar items spotted, and videos. I hope that you see and feel what I do.

Minho's look speaks for itself. Sulli's bracelet was undone and Minho to the rescue, beating Hyun woo who became the third wheel Minho could not keep his hands off Sulli, compare to Kim Ji Won who was also there. Minho's scarf and Sulli's dress and the recent question Minho's part only cre: The result of working hard. I want to go on a vacation. I want to try going to Europe in autumn.

From now, I will challenge to study composing. I want to look at the autumn leaves in the mountains. As I watch the falling leaves, I slowly enjoy it. For the last, tell us something that you are hooked on. I like to go somewhere while riding the bicycle.

I enjoy studying a foreign language and thinking of what birthday presents to give others. Being on good terms with dogs. I want to be on better terms with dogs.

An oversight by the director and camera men perhaps? I really wonder if it is a part of the scene, coz it does not make sense, Jae Hee was supposed to be a guy, right? Why hold hands with Tae Joon?: I have seen and watched some videos and he is always there just by her side. Will share them here. I think I've watched this vids a number of times. I had spazzed over the MinSul moments here for the nth times! Many discussions already has been posted and yet here I am adding my thoughts once more!

But she kept on ignoring him. If we were to analyse the whole scene, Just to summarize Minho with all the girls surrounding him did not decide to stay with them or chat with them which I think he would normally do if some more vids were to be scrutinized.

Who is Minho's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee | MIJ Miner8

He stayed with his hyungs. This we already knew how he seized the opportunity to be near beside Sulli at the ending part of the song and pushed taemin to his right to secure that place beside her.: The way he looked at her, as if gauging her mood. It was very subtle.

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But the point is, she made that gesture which is usually done by couples. Very discreet but the camera captured the moment. I think that this little scene tells something of their true relationship with each other.

And I realized Minho is a little afraid of our Giant baby! He would do anything to make Sulli notice him.

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Watching this made me see that they were not joking around or smiling like they used to do. Thanks for posting this pic. He even put his arm around her right arm for a moment.

Seemed he liked to walk with her that way but decided to let go. And there were boys, [his buddies or hyungs with him] but still he could not resist Sulli.

This show of affection and craving attention from Sulli is something he can't do without. No question about it. It is how I see and interpreted.

I could have scouted for more but that's for my next post.: As I am a new Sulli fan and Minho fan, I am ignorant of their preferences. So thank you to anyone who shared this information. Facts that somehow connects my MinSul. Sulli dislikes tight clothes. She is more likely to prefer box t-shirt and hotpants with leggings under it. What kind of girl in terms of fashion do you like? Wondering what kind of female appears to be the most dazzling ones to them?

A person that is able to get along with him well. A person that laughs a lot. You said sulli is smiling angel who laughs a lot even tired right? A person he would have a lot of fun hanging out with.

You always say Sulli is cute. She belongs to your pretty hoobaes right? A person with long legs.