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Benedetta Campitelli • Pin. More from Benedetta Campitelli · Naruto. Benedetta Campitelli • Pin. More from Benedetta Campitelli. To her surprise, Danzo pulled a crossword puzzle book from the belt on his robe, . "Minato Namikaze," replied Ryota, "master of the Hiraishin and the Let's hope that we meet again in even more fortunate circumstances. Kakuzu-Edo Tensei Anime Naruto, Sasuke, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto, Edo Tensei. Visit .. "Kakuzu". (again) Kaku XD Naruto Shippudden, Sasuke, Akatsuki, Naruhina, Boruto, .. meet your partner. I believe KakuHida - crosswords . minato and kushina | Minato x Kushina - Naruto Photo () - Fanpop fanclubs.

This is the third book in a fantasy series that I started a few weeks ago. It's another to continue to insist that it's true. You could seriously damage their good reputations! He abruptly swayed and nearly fell over, barely saving himself by grabbing onto the railing of Kakashi's bed and hauling himself back upright.

Kakashi and Sakura looked over with identical expressions of worry. Naruto tried to dismiss their concerns with a flimsy grin. Just fell asleep for a second there. Naruto went unnaturally still at the contact, but Sakura didn't seem to notice as she hummed for a moment before withdrawing her hand. Have you been sleeping enough? Naruto was quick to slip away from his teammate's intrusive grasp.

We're already in the hospital, so it's just a matter of finding another room to do some proper tests, and—" Naruto stood so suddenly that Sakura actually flinched away from him.

I'll see you later! You—" Before Sakura could even finish her sentence, her teammate had vanished through the door. It was a stupid thing to be mad about.

Gilded (Naruto Fanfiction)

Who in their right mind would be upset that their sensei wasn't a porn addict? But he was still beset by the feeling, the instinct, that something wasn't quite right. What makes Kushina any different? Chakra that is so vast and so powerful, that we can survive a Biju extraction.

Part of the reason why the Senju were so keen on forming an alliance with the Uzumaki was for this very reason. Hashirama-kun was so sweet; he hated the concept of the Jinchuriki, but even he knew that he could not allow the Kyubi to roam free.

So, when forced to seal it inside of someone, he turned to the Uzumaki Clan for help. He decided that if he was going to force someone to bear such a horrid burden, it would be someone who could survive a Biju tearing itself from his or her body. So, he chose me, his wife. That can only mean that the brat Sarutobi Hiruzen has retired the Hokage position! Just who is this Yondaime?

Mito's face darkened at the mention of "Namikaze. Ryota thought with an understandable level of fear. The Namikaze clan as a whole never gave anything back in return to the Uzumaki clan, stealing credit for our blood and sweat even after everything we did to help them.

Were it not for Minato-kun's sweet selfless nature and his rescue of Kushina from Kumo, I wouldn't have allowed Kushina to tutor him in the arts of our fuinjutsu, nor would I have allowed Minato-kun to ask for Kushina's hand in marriage. Why I would have-" "Mito-sama, I've finished rearranging the masks and setting up the ancestor shrine as you have requested," said a masked female who had entered the temple section via sliding door, bowing before Mito, "What is your next order?

Seeing the truth in Mito's words, Honoka nodded and sheathed her sword, "If you say so. Though Honoka's face was concealed by a dragon mask, her flowing red hair and white headband was easily visible.

The servant was also wearing a purple, sleeveless kimono with yellow trimmings held together by a traditional obi with a long streaming bow tied to it, mesh armor underneath it and a short white skirt. Most notable, however, were the chakra chains that were constantly poking out of the servant's backside, moving as if they were tails. But before they could continue observing, Honoka interrupted their chain of thoughts with an outburst, staring at Haku with wide eyes.

Another reason why I have allowed this child in particular to set foot in this temple alive is out of respect for the Yuki clan," Mito revealed. Now, it was Haku's turn to be surprised as she asked, "You've met my clan? What can you tell me about them?

Child, the Uzumaki clan has been close friends with the Yuki clan for decades! Do you remember the Tengu mask you two saw earlier? Keep in mind that the Uzumaki clan's population wasn't exactly impressive to begin with. Anyway, we eventually got the help we were looking for.

That help came in the form of a clan almost entirely composed of kunoichi, the Yuki clan. Haku blushed at the mention of that particular detail; Mito then frowned, replying, "Don't be so shy; trying producing an heir is always serious business!

Being the grateful, kind souls we are, we granted their wish. This continued communication eventually paid off when I married Hashirama. He said that I was good enough for him; he truly was indeed a faithful husband to the very end. Though Hashirama-kun agree with the idea at first, I was the one who encouraged him to go through with it," grinned Mito, "After all, why change tradition? Besides, our recreational evening activities were starting to get stale; your ancestor made for a perfect addition during lovemaking.

I'm starting to figure out which side of the family Naruto-kun got his perverted side from, Ryota mentally commented as she remembered the embarrassing outcomes of her two previous fights with Naruto during their days as enemies. After giving birth to her daughter, Nanao, the agreement was considered complete and Yachiru was allowed to return home to Mizu no Kuni. Once I finally overcame my infertility, giving birth to the male heir the Senju and Uzumaki clan needed, Nanao, too, was allowed to return home, where she could be reunited with her mother.

You are not just Yachiru's legacy, but also Hashirama-kun's. The two of us may not be related by flesh and blood, but I consider you as family nonetheless. I can sense just about anything, including the incredibly rare Kekkei Tota. Ryota almost fell backwards. She had a connection to the Nidaime?

The man who was hailed as the strongest Tsuchikage was connected to her. Because of the strain birthing a child it puts on a woman's body, the seal weakens. That certainly makes me look forward to having Naruto-kun's children. What was also certain was the sarcastic tone of her last sentence. But then again, I'm not a Jinchuuriki, so I really shouldn't have to worry about such an ordeal happening to me.

Naturally I was that person. Ryota and Haku nodded. There was no other choice but to use Kushina as the second Jinchuriki for the Kyuubi. The poor thing, she shouldn't have been forced to carry such a burden.

I met Kushina a long time ago. She radiated power, even when she was in emotional distress over her fate of being the Kyuubi's next Jinchuriki.

I simply have a hard time believing she died in childbirth unless she was dealing with an illness of sorts that weakened her body. What kind of parent wouldn't be present for the birth of their child? However, she still looked disturbed. Naruto would definitely want to hear this when they returned. As one of his lovers, it is my responsibility to gain that information. Mito looked at the former Iwa kunoichi and smiled, "You truly do love Kushina's son.

My husband had always wanted peace with Iwa and the other shinobi nations rather than war. Seeing such faithful devotion you have towards my young Uzumaki clansman give me some reassurance that perhaps Hashirama-kun's dreams may one day happen.

I'll tell you both what I know about Kushina. Ino Yamanaka and Temari were both red-faced as Anko didn't spare a single detail. When Naruto had been with them and Hinata, he had been loving and gentle.

It was the type of first time girls were supposed to have. But when Naruto was with Anko, there was nothing gentle about it. It was like a freaky bondage scene you would see in Jiraiya's Icha Icha Pain, which was arguably his best book for fetish-lovers. While Anko continued telling her story, she failed to notice that Ino and Temari were no longer listening to her. They were instead whispering to one another. Sure, the girls had a wonderful time with Naruto, but they were still young.

When combining that youth with the fact that they now have a rather intimate knowledge of how he could behave in bed if he wanted to, it was no wonder they were so embarrassed. Temari, however, was thinking something completely different, A battle for dominance, huh? I wonder what it would take to get Naruto-kun to try something like that with me? In the Cellar of the Safe House Pain was all they felt at the moment. Kentaro and Goki whimpered in pain as they watched their tormentor step back.

Naruto looked at them both with annoyance and disdain.

Hours of interrogation and neither of these perverted idiots had broken. We were out like usual. He had found two guys who were just as, if not more, perverted than Jiraiya himself. Tell me everything and I'll put the pieces together and then let you go. Just like I don't have to stop doing this to you. So answer this question before we continue: What's more important, your hatred of me and my father, or your lives?

This time, spare no details," Naruto warned. On the way there, we ran into Ni Ketsueki…" Naruto's eyes widened at this. Finally, some relevant information on her impostor, the Namikaze thought to himself. We felt embarrassed about telling a kunoichi what we were doing so we lied and said we were getting drinks. Naruto silently cursed at the lack of progress, but maintained his composure.

Clearly, this impostor had to keep up appearances in order to convince everyone that Ni Ketsueki was still alive. Furthermore, Naruto continued, is it possible that the real Ni Ketsueki was interested in the recent kidnappings? If she was one of the primary investigators, it's possible that she came close to the truth before getting killed by the culprit for knowing too much. This interrogation, while long and arduous, had proven to be quite beneficial to Naruto.

Are you gonna let us go now? That being said, I can't have you two telling the Tsuchikage that I was interrogating his men. It would ruin everything I've been doing here in Iwa. He then proceeded to touch Kentaro and Goki's pressure points, sending them into a deep sleep. Releasing the anacondas from the two, Naruto sighed and said, "Now, to handle Keisuke.

This particular room in the Intelligence Department had been completely ransacked. Not only that, but Shiho was apparently nowhere to be seen in Konoha. Tsunade clutched her head, feeling a headache coming on. First Naru-chan decides to stay even longer in Iwa of all places and now this.

I'm gonna need a dozen bottles of sake when this is over. Whoever's running that hellhole now must've been close enough to him to know where his hideouts were.

Getting her back is of the utmost importance. Tsunade rubbed her temples once more. Why does this stuff always happen when Naru-chan isn't around, she thought, first the Uchiha-gaki defects, and now this. Unknown location in Tsuchi no Kuni The black robes fluttered in the wind. The red clouds on display for all the world to see. A blue haired woman lifted up her straw hat and looked around with an emotionless look on her face, making sure that nobody was nearby. Konan had been rather surprised when Onoki had contacted the Akatsuki and hired them to find those kidnapped children.

She had also been rather miffed that she had been sent on this mission instead of someone else. She was the Angel of Amegakure after all; she had a duty to her village! It did not help that the other members of the Akatsuki were out on their own assignments. The so-called Immortal Pair were out gathering bounties to fund future Akatsuki endeavors; Deidara and Sasori were out checking Sasori's spy network and adding more spies as well, much to Deidara's annoyance she might add.

She smirked slightly, remembering that Sasori had to drag the screaming Deidara away from his 'art appreciation time'. The resident spymaster was busy looking into the whereabouts of the other Jinchuriki. Of course, Pein would have called at least one of them back and send them on this mission instead of her, had that man not insisted that she go on this mission.

It cannot be helped, Konan thought even though she was still annoyed, I will complete my assignment. But I will complete it for Pein, not for him. Perhaps while she was at it she could look into tracking down the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

Even though he was Itachi's target, she seriously doubted Itachi would care. The man did not seem to care about anything other than the organization and its success, something she could respect. Konan then transformed into many sheets of paper. That was a surprise; there were several Ino-Shika-Cho teams this year, but he had been expecting Shikaku's kid to go with Inochi and Choza's, never mind an Inuzuka outside a tracking team.

The Hokage must be trying a new set up of some kind Maybe the three would train together with their families? Most of them were related so it wouldn't be surprising. Sakura gave him a cheery wave goodbye before heading out the door, leaving Sasuke to have a sidelong glance at Neji's folder; Shino Aburame, Sai Morino, and Ino Yamanaka. Now that was a team that made more sense; it was a good set up for an investigative team of some kind, if not an interrogation one.

He'd heard of that Sai boy a few years ago; he'd been rescued from that underground ANBU organisation that Danzo controlled. His testimony had allowed Minato to put a price on Danzo's head, even if the goat had escaped. Neji had been one of those to hang back for a few words, and no doubt it was concerning Ibiki's kid.

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As far as village gossip went, the Yamanaka clan had been helping him regain his emotions and understand things again. Neji gave a nod before following Sakura out of the door, leaving Sasuke by himself until he was finally the only Jonin left in the room with the blonde Hokage.

While he didn't know who would make up the last member of his first team, he could guess the other two with some degree of accuracy. The man's failure to mention the name of his own daughter and Choza's son confirmed two of them.

I want to go over a few things concerning them before you head for the academy. You have a somewhat complicated group, but consider it a sign of fate He'd heard about that Lee kid too — something about being adopted by Gai a couple of years ago. He'd still been in the ANBU then, and there had been a bit of a fuss when the man had left to look after the kid properly.

He didn't get along with many kids outside the Nara and Yamanaka clans, what with his weight, never wanted to learn beyond the basics and his Clan Techniques. He's got promise but he has some self esteem issues He's going to need some persuasion if he's going to develop into that potential It wasn't until all the fat had turned into muscle that people realized how strong a clan the Akimichis were — unlike most bloodlines, theirs didn't activate properly till puberty started to hit, so what became muscle would just be fat for at least another year.

Sasuke did know how to solve self-esteem problems though. His brother was older by mere minuets, but he was so far above his skill that it had been issue worthy when he was a child. They both graduated at the same time, joined the Chunin ranks, and even the ANBU at the same time, but Itachi was still ahead of him. He can't use his chakra for ninja techniques or illusions, and though his physical and book grades are good He needs a lot of help. He's been getting check ups with Tsunade since Gai adopted him, but she isn't having much luck yet Team 7, the team with the highest and lowest graduating students.

The team number was infamous for being perpetually cursed in one way or another. The village founders had been in Team 7. The third Hokage and the council members had been in Team 7. The Sannin had been in Team 7. The Hokage himself had been in Team 7. Kakashi had been in Team 7. There was one common theme in them; something always went horribly wrong. The first instigation had involved Hashirama Senju, Mito Uzumaki, and Madara Uchiha - that was the first disaster in the making if ever there was one.

Then came the Third Hokage's team; they were all still alive, but one could hardly call their relationship friendly. Politics had killed that particular team. Jiraiya-sama had left with sudden guilt-ridden wanderlust, and Tsunade-sama was still a drunk despite her medical professionalism. One of the current Hokage's team-mates had been sent back to childhood after a blow to the head in the second war, a permanent resident on Konoha Hospital's Psychological Ward.