Michelle and uncle jesse relationship quotes

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michelle and uncle jesse relationship quotes

When Michelle Tanner doesn't want to do something, she really doesn't Uncle Jesse is just like any other super-sensitive band lead singer. and Uncle Jesse. Citazioni Su Full House, Citazioni Di Tv, Zio Jesse Fuller House Full House Memes, Full House Quotes, House Season 2, Fuller House. Laconic · PlayingWith · Quotes · Recap · ReferencedBy · Synopsis · Timeline He asks his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos), a musician with a love of The Twins became famous for playing the cute baby character Michelle, and a few episodes, while mostly everyone else is in love and in a relationship.

Used for a brief joke when some of the family is visiting Jesse and Joey at their job at the radio station. At one point, they all realize that nothing is being broadcast, and rather than allow the dead air, they all begin chattering, singing, etc. Stephanie in the later seasons.

Jesse also, to a lesser extent. Most of the cast members seem to qualify. Jesse, usually towards Joey. While it's not on instruments, in the first season when they are giving Michelle a bath for the first time, Jesse ends up singing to Joey in the bathtub.

While Danny was weirded out, the interaction was rather nice and gives a lot of points to the people who ship them. While trapped in a storage closet on the opening of Jesse's new club, Kimmy calls him out for his remarks about her waitress outfit, stating that the reason why she was in the storage closet in the first place was because of his comments.

Danny and Joey in "Fraternity Reunion", when they try to steal back their fraternity seal from a sorority. A waiter falls for Danny until he learned the truth, and was angry at him for playing with his emotion.

In the eighth-season episode "Comet's Excellent Adventure", when Michelle volunteers to take Comet out for a walk upon seeing Jesse's unwillingness to do so, Danny responds with: Comet will be walking you. This trope gets played with: First, Michelle has a hard time keeping up "Comet, slow down!

What have we been feeding you? It's still Played for Dramathough, as eventually the entire Tanner household gets involved in the search. Dom Com Dramatically Missing the Point: Jesse does this from time to time, such as with Todd Masters' invitation to both Becky AND him for dinner in "Luck Be A Lady" which he interprets to be exclusively for Becky before she later is FINALLY able to clarifybut even more so in "Just Say No Way" when he falsely accuses DJ of drinking beer after "witnessing" her offering beer to the boyswhen in fact, she was actually mocking their stupidity in her attempt to stop them.

Dreaming of a White Christmas: Invoked by Jesse in one of the Christmas episodes. Becky grew up in the Midwest where it snows heavily in winter, and she doesn't think she'll ever get used to California Christmases without snow. So Jesse fills the backyard with man-made snow as a surprise gift.

Several throughout the series, one of which has a Dream Within a Dream: One bizarre example midway through the show's final season. In the episode "My Left and Right Foot", Michelle has a nightmare that her feet grow to an extremely large size.

michelle and uncle jesse relationship quotes

Duck Season, Rabbit Season: Joey and Michelle argue during a baseball game: It was a ball! It was a strike! Oh, so it was a ball. Thank you very much. In the first few episodes Danny wasn't as OCD about cleaning, and cleaned the house because his mom was the anal one. They also used hell and damn in occasional dialogue, Jesse's last name was Cochran, and some minor characters smoked. An in-universe example when Michelle discovers Raffi's "Baby Beluga," listens to it on a loop for a week, and Stephanie can't get it out of her head.

But as DJ spoke the last sentence, Kimmy said "She either said dinner's ready, or it's time to clip your nose hairs. Jesse's real name is Hermes. The Season 6 finale was the first of several ABC sitcoms forced into shooting an episode at Disneyland in the period leading to Disney's purchase of the alphabet network. Jesse's hilariously miserable debut as Vulture in "Matchmaker Michelle".

In an attempt to teach Nicky and Alex about forgiveness in "Under The Influence", Jesse and Joey do increasingly mean things to each other knowing their friend would forgive them, starting with Jesse placing one of Joey's Flounder Tarts in his shirt pocket and smacking it, and ultimately ending with Becky breaking it off before Joey could jam a running egg beater up Jesse's butt.

Even the Dog Is Ashamed: Played for Laughs during the episode "Day of the Rhino", in which DJ gets a bad haircut that is so awful even the family dog, Comet, runs away from her! Now I'm scaring the dog! The three girls are raised by their father, their maternal uncle Jesse and their father's best friend Joey. The three men and later, Jesse's wife and kids all live in the house together.

At first, it was practical, to help raise the girls, but the arrangement continued long after the girls had grown beyond needing that level of care because the bonds of family were so strong. In one episode, Jesse discovers to his shock he has some gray hair. He demands Becky to yank them off, but tells her not to touch when she says should one gray hair gets plucked two hair take its place.

He takes this as a sign that he won't be able to make it to the music business. First was an episode dedicated to the family getting a dog. In a later episode, Michelle got a goldfish as her first pet. She accidentally killed it, but was later able to overcome her sadness by taking better care of the second goldfish. Other episodes covered the kids trying to get animals like a horse and a donkey, and running into the issues that come with those animals.

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Jesse's obsession with his hair and Elvis, Danny's obsession with cleaning. In-Universe example, the Sitcom Joey gets a role on is reformatted to a cartoon series due to the successes of The Simpsons. He insists nothing will happen until thanks to Kimmy Vicky's mom questions about their eventual engagement. In the episode "Stephanie Plays the Field. Michelle complains when she can't get to Jesse so he can play with her, leading Danny to finally explain that sometimes, when two people are married they want their privacy and "alone" time and that she needs to respect that.

The word "sex" is not used, nor is Michelle told what Jesse and Becky are doing. Except for Joey's "tax" explanation. Getting Crap Past the Radar: How about the episode "The Greatest Birthday on earth" Joey dressed up as a clown mentioned about having a "party in his pants? Joey once had to explain to Michelle how newlyweds Jesse and Rebecca are "doing their taxes" and don't want to be disturbed. In the episode where Jesse's old flame comes to town with his great-grandparents, Jesse finds himself unable to remember Becky's name, leading him to visibly mouth "Oh Shit.

Steph and Gia are putting on makeup before school, and Gia says that eyes are the first thing a guy notices. Have you seen him in tight pants? Well, I know what it's doing Another mild example occurs when Michelle realizes being a girl is fun. Becky tells her, "and really fun stuff is coming up". While it could be argued that she is referring to her wedding day and prom, there's a good chance she means sex, and Michelle has no clue. Nor would any kid watching the show. Which could make it double as Parental Bonus.

Joey says he has NOT been calling any numbers- then gives an example of a dating service one he dialed a long time ago. While a dating service is pretty innocent- numbers are also used for not so innocent purposes. Stephanie quips in one episode that a horoscope is a telescope that can see Kimmy's face after Kimmy insults her intelligence. This can be taken as the G-rated "horror-scope" or the PG "whore-a-scope", which was clearly by intent. During a date auction, Rebecca forced Danny onto the auction block.

He got a few bids, and when they started to slow down he said: I can go all night! Danny gave a look, showing that he just realized how what he said sounded dirty. In the episode "Under the Influence", Kimmy gets incredibly drunk after a party.

Another Kimmy example in Season 7's "The Apartment" episode: Twitchel mistakes him for a crook and yells to do what he wants with her but leave the children alone. Then she gets another look at him, and her tone changes as she says "Please, do what you want with me No further explanation needed!

A mild and perhaps unintentional example: Season 7 had an episode where the Tanners were considering moving to a bigger house. Michelle is the only family member who doesn't want to move, so she and her friends Denise and Teddy try different ways to flunk the upcoming home inspection ex.: Teddy firing water guns from the top of the stairs to simulate a badly leaking roof.

Michelle tries to order some vermin from a local pest control company since D. The kids can't get their hands on any vermin so they use the neighborhood dogs.

When the dogs all run out of the house later, Denise says, "We should've gone with the dead vermin," but the way she says "dead" almost sounds like "damn. When the runaway dog gives birth on Jesse's bed, he declares, "This is the most amazing thing to ever happen in my bed", then pauses, indicating that he's thinking of. Another perhaps unintentional example occurs at the end of "Bachelor of the Month. She responds with a giggle and a "Toot, toot! However, it could also be the writers' commentary on Danny finally getting some action.

Yes, lades and gentlemen, they made a sexual comment on a family Dom Com via the five-year-old. Kimmy's parents and older brother. She also has two older sisters that were mentioned once in the first episode. In a season two episode, the family watches the video of the now-dead mom arriving home from the hospital with then-newborn baby Michelle.

Jesse and Becky Has Two Mommies: The girls essentially had three fathers. There was no sign of an influential female presence until Becky married Jesse and became a mother figure to the girls. When Joey hugged him after being named his replacement, Roy hyperventilated into a paper bag.

In the earlier seasons, Jesse never really cared for all the hugs. When Gia is first introduced, she's the resident "bad girl" in Stephanie's class and her arch-rival. Shortly thereafter, Gia becomes Stephanie's best friend. Joey and Jesse Danny can sometimes be added. At the start of the show, it was Danny and Joey.

Joey Gladstone, known in the series as something of a Manchildalso has a pilot's license, a teacher's license, could give a surprising detailed response to a question about cartoon violence, and on occasion substituted for Becky on Wake Up, San Francisco. Hoist By Their Own Petard: In "Be True to Your Preschool", the girls played "ring around a Chevy" in front of a group of nerds walking. Only to lock themselves out, much to the nerds' amusement.

Michelle a la Cart

Joey and Jesse often acted like a couple in raising the girls, particularly Michelle. One bemused boss of theirs declared, "Your private life is none of my business! Averted in that the girls never referred to Joey as their "uncle," but played straight in regards to his relationship with them. Played straight with D. In "Pal Joey", Jesse use to fantasize about Ms.

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Borland, a rather attractive-looking teacher. Until you learn to stop chasing girls, Jesse Katsopolis, you're gonna sit on the bench all recess with me.

michelle and uncle jesse relationship quotes

I wonder if I still have her number? Jesse suffers from this in the episode "Making Out is Hard to Do": After he swears off music for good, he eventually ends up leaving the Tanners, all of whom speak of him in unflattering terms yes, this includes MichelleRebecca divorces Jesse and dates Joey, Jesse himself has become washed-up, overweight and bald, and, to top it all off, he's married It's a good thing the whole incident was All Just a Dreamthough that doesn't prevent him from having a Freak Out!

Joey and Jesse rattle off a series of bad egg puns in "Mr. Several early episodes were titled, "Our Very First Namely around or prior to the 7th episode.

You're not having a good day. Stephanie accidentally gives Jesse one in the season 2 premiere, ultimately forcing Jesse to lop the rest of his mullet off spoiled in syndication by using the standard Season 2 intro.

This is also the episode where Jesse matured a bit and decides to become more responsible. Danny laments to his girlfriend, who was just promoted ahead of him, that he had always believed that the man of the house should be older, stronger and more successful. Then Danny struggles to open a jar, and his girlfriend pops it open for him as well. Danny can only lament that at least he's still older. In Love with Love: Stated word by word by Danny while trying to defuse the tension between Jesse and Joey for falling for the same girl simultaneously.

You got a bad attitude. After Kimmy and Steve each steal half of Danny's meatloaf sandwich: Steve's a wrestler, he needs his strength. Kimmy just has bad manners. Here you go, Comet. Kimmy feeds the sandwich to the dog Also: The two finally saw each other again two years later.

michelle and uncle jesse relationship quotes

However, they had no memory of each other and seemed to dislike one another but they became friends and cousins later. In Season 4, Uncle Jesse marries Rebecca, and the couple have twins. Thenfollowing year, on Michelle's fifth birthday, when the family looked over Michelle's baby book, they decided to take a photo of her to put into it.

When they decided to put it on the last page and end the book Jesse stated when the twins were born they would make a book for them. Michelle got angry and stormed off because she thought she was not Danny's little princess anymore then Danny said to her that no matter how old she got she would always be his little princess. When she was younger, Michelle had a mischievous personality; she once stole Stephanie's favorite stuffed bear and led her sister to believe it had simply been lost.

Eventually, Michelle owned up to stealing the bear and returned it. As the seasons passed, Michelle grew more mature. Michelle was 8 years old in the final season of Full House.

In one season, the family built Joey a bedroom in the basement, one reason being that D. Apparently Danny taught Michelle to be a neat freak but regretted it when the rest of the family had a meeting. Michelle had two nicknames throughout the shows run. She was called Squirt by D. J's friend Kimmy Gibbler, who hangs around the house a lot, but Michelle did not like the nickname and always said "Don't Call Me That!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen nearly left the show after the 1st season because their real-life mother was concerned about them missing out on having a "normal" childhood.