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Lolo Jones & Michael Waltrip are smitten with their DTWS partners Moving on: Emma Slater and Michael Waltrip learned they would be back. Both Groban and Dennings also acknowledged their relationship on Instagram, sharing pictures of . The former 'N Sync frontman, 33, captioned the snap with a Ferris Bueller quote. . Both Emma Slater and Derek Hough noted that the panel seemed especially "mean" this week, and Michael Waltrip and Witney Carson. Is Michael in a new relationship after the divorce? Caption: Michael Waltrip and Emma Slater on sets of Dancing with the stars. Caption.

Bruno wanted to see more salsa and critiques Victor's timing. Carrie Ann calls Victor "adorable" and praises him for "horsing it up" even if there was no salsa content. Defending champ Val may be poised to take home the Mirrorball trophy two years in a row. Tamar is vivacious and peppy, and matches Val step for step on what is a very difficult dance.

Granted, they've had extra time to rehearse this one, but Tamar's already demonstrating a level of confidence that will likely only increase if she keeps dancing like this. Bruno marvels at Tamar's speed and Val's content, but nitpicks one misstep.

Carrie Ann says the routine "blew [her] away," especially for a Week 1 dance. Julianne compliments the "elegance" and femininity, and gives Tamar advice about her hold. Keo is so cute, and I love seeing Chaka go full cougar around him.

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It's likely that these two will be fan favorites, but Chaka seems to be relying mostly on her diva presence than her dance steps, at least at this point. Don't get me wrong - she's the Queen of Funk, after all - but while that may work for her solo shows, it's not going to be enough to carry her very far in this competition. Carrie Ann said Chaka might have been having too much fun out there, since she sometimes let the choreography go by the wayside.

Julianne tells her to work on filling the space around her body when she dances. And Bruno gushes over Chaka, but tells her that the timing and technique were all funk and no cha cha.

Dancing with the Stars: Bindi (and Her Snake) Totally Charmed Us in the Premiere

If she doesn't get stuck with the Grandpa of the season See: Bill Engvall, Michael Waltripshe's at the other end of the spectrum with a year-old "Vine celebrity" - which, unless you're a French sommelier, I frankly don't want to hear about. Hayes seems nice enough, sure, but he dances like an awkward teenager - probably because he is one!

Julianne criticizes Hayes' timing and tells him to open his eyes more. Bruno calls him the season's "Boy wonder" groan and says he has great musicality, but needs to work on his sharpness. Carrie Ann observes that, even if she was 30 years younger, she'd still be too old for Hayes. She also mentions his "gawkiness.

Andy could be a dark horse competitor this season. He seems pretty charming and easy on the eyes and, while his footwork wasn't flawless, it definitely wasn't bad for Week 1. The dance is not terribly exciting, but by no means a trainwreck either. Bruno calls Andy "dashing" but says his footwork was a little "jerky.

Julianne loved it and disagrees with Carrie Ann about his and Allison's chemistry. My feeling based on the premiere is that Paula isn't going to change anyone's opinion of her - for better or for worse. She's not a terrible dancer, save for vacillating between awkwardly refusing to look at Louis' face or singing directly into it. And then she makes a reference to soiling her undies.

Love her or hate her, I guess? Carrie Ann sees a lot of potential in Paula, but says she mostly just got dragged around tonight. And Julianne says there was a bit too much going on in Week 1 and is waiting to see "the Paula we know and love. Not this week, at least!

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One half of the show's first husband-and-wife competitors, Carlos definitely has what it takes to make Witney a two-time champ. They already seem completely comfortable with each other, and he's dancing at a level way beyond Week 1 - especially considering that he's tackling the jive so early. Julianne says he's "the most natural performer" they've seen so far, but she'd like to see a tad more energy.

Bruno also would like a little more intensity, but offers some critiques of Carlos' kicks and flicks. Carrie Ann loves his musicality. Carlos wins this round. Alexa's jive is a little herky-jerky and her timing is off at several points.

And they have much less chemistry than Carlos and Witney. She seems pretty game for anything though, which bodes well for Mark's choreography later in the season. Bruno gushes over the dance, especially the kicks and flicks. Carrie Ann loves her "sensuality," but cautions her to rein in her arm. Julianne was impressed by the amount of content in the dance, and says it's one of the hardest jives she's ever seen. Kim says in the rehearsal package that her biggest challenge is letting go, and it's evident from the opening moments that she's incredibly nervous on the dance floor.

  • Dancing with the Stars: Bindi (and Her Snake) Totally Charmed Us in the Premiere

For season 19she was paired with race-car driver Michael Waltrip and they finished in 7th place. Maks totally admits he never should have left Peta in the first place.

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For season 20Burgess was paired with combat veteran and motivational speaker, Noah Galloway. The couple were eliminated on week 8, and finished in fifth place. Hough admitted, though, that while she was with Wicks, her future ex-boyfriend Ryan Seacrest hit on her during an interview! Sharna Burgess - Wikipedia The couple were eliminated on week 4, and finished in eleventh place. After they were eliminated, the duo tried to take their relationship to the next level. I let the line get blurred.

Ever since it was announced that Mr. T would be a contestant on Dancing with the Starspeople have become curious about his personal life. The couple made it to the semi-finals but were eliminated and finished in 4th place. Even though the relationship was fairly new, Val had no issues talking about his future with Jenna. Meagan Meagan has an intense love for Netflix, napping, and carbs. But for the most part, fans want to see partnerships that have some type of relationship on the stage.

Sharna was then confirmed for season 19 on August At the age of five, she began training in ballet, jazz and gymnastics.

T is also very good at keeping his private life a secret. She returned as a professional for season 17this time partnered with retired NFL star Keyshawn Johnson. They made the finals of the competition but were eliminated on night one, finishing in 4th place.

Not much is known about his ex-wife as Mr. T at that time. These duos, however, made things heat up off the stage as well. Slater did not participate in Season 22 of the reality show. For season 27she is partnered with radio personality Bobby Bones. Who is Derek Hough dating?

Derek Hough girlfriend, wife The Shark Tank investor had just gone through a messy split from his wife, and he and Johnson bonded over their past heartbreaks and love of dancing. Now that he is on DWTS, people have been wanting to know more about him. Strange, considering their past success, but rumors of a nasty break-up started to appear and suddenly everything made sense.

They were eliminated on week 2, finishing in 12th place. T has been making some smooth moves on the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars season 24, there has been speculation on who his girlfriend is. But not long after, she began dating Ryan Seacrest. Due to a back injury on Billy Dee, they withdrew from the competition on Week 3. T Has a Fiery Temper However, true love will always find a way, and they got back together in You come to that realization that this is not what you want out of love and out of life, and this is not who you want to be with.

When she turned eight, her study of ballroom began, and she went on to win many local and national titles.