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meet plan and go

I'm hosting an exciting event in San Francisco on October 18 that's part of a nationwide network of events called Meet, Plan, Go! to help others. Stay up to date on the latest Meet, Plan, Go! events. Do you long to escape your cubicle and strike out to discover the world on your own terms? If so, it\'s time to take action.

Her life changed when she hit India where they spent time volunteering with rural orphans. Haunted by memories of conditions of the Indian orphanages where they worked, she decided to transform her life to serve the needs of these kids. She returned to Texas and founded The Miracle Foundation, which is changing the way orphanages are traditionally run in India. The Miracle Foundation now operates 4 orphanages that currently serves over Indian children and since its founding has served thousands of children.

The foundation provides opportunities for people to get involved directly by making trips to India or indirectly through sponsorship of a child.

Caroline and Chris will both be at the event to share their story.

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In general, she thought things were as they should be. Then one day, she was told she had a benign brain tumor. Although it was not life-threatening, the lasting impact of that moment of uncertainty changed her life forever. Within one year, she moved to Argentina and spent a life-changing nine months traveling South America, studying Spanish, and working with students from across the world.

Angela Petitt, MBA, blog: In spite of being in the throes of the recession, she decided that she would rather take a chance on her dreams to see the world instead of continuing on in the ordinary daily grind. When she made the decision, Angela really had no clue what was next. It was now time for him to put down the briefcase and strap on a backpack.

meet plan and go

Nine weeks on the road together was a new experience for both of them. Having established careers for many years, they were not restricted to a tight budget like many young backpackers.

meet plan and go

They were open to any adventure, regardless of cost. At the same time, they had some unique cultural experiences that pushed them out of their comfort zones.

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Along the way, they met many interesting people from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds. Not so surprisingly, they encountered very few Americans.

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Those they did meet were either retired or on assignment overseas. In turn, most people were surprised that as Americans they were traveling so far and for so long.

meet plan and go

Once they explained that they had quit their jobs and made the time to do this, their surprise turned to admiration. During this time, half way around the world, Sherry Ott was well into her own month journey. Having grown tired of her corporate career and a fast-paced life in New York, she left her job, boxed up her life and hit the road.

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Having only just received her first passport six years earlier at the age of 30, this was a complete life change for Sherry. She had worked in corporate America for over 14 years and had a reasonable budget to travel. She roughed it in villages with locals, camped, climbed mountains, stayed in hostels, and took local buses with live poultry and carsick kids. She traveled solo and with friends she met along the way.