Mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

Correlation of Mathematics with Other Disciplines

mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

The latter is more persuasive because it uses math to support its argument. In biology, you have numbers and relations between various parts of the body. The subjects with its relations are very much close are discussed below; On the other hand, Mathematics is the language of Accounting. At different stages of. The impact of modern mathematics and its application in other disciplines is presented from the .. relationship between mathematics and the physical world.

Literature and Writing Literature might seem like a far cry from math, but mastering basic arithmetic can enable students to better understand poetry. The meter of poetry, the number of words to include in a line and the effect that certain rhythms have on the reader are all products of mathematical calculations.

mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

At a more mundane level, math can help students plan reading assignments in literature classes by discerning their average reading time and estimating how long it will take them to read a particular work.

The linear, logical thinking used in mathematical problems can also help students write more clearly and logically.

mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

Sciencing Video Vault Social Studies Social studies classes, such as history, often require students to review charts and graphs that provide historical data or information on ethnic groups. In geography classes, students might need to understand how the elevation of an area affects its population or chart the extent to which different populations have different average life spans.

Knowledge of basic mathematical terms and formulas makes statistical information accessible.

mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

The Arts Students interested in pursuing careers in theater, music, dance or art can benefit from basic mathematical knowledge. Musical rhythm often follows complex mathematical series, and math can help students learn the basic rhythms of dances used in ballet and theater performances.

Accounting’s Relation with Other Disciplines (Explained)

Art thrives on geometry, and students who understand basic geometric formulas can craft impressive art pieces. It saves time and labor. Besides, with the help of a computer, preparation of various accounts as per need, preservation, and verification of the validity of ratio are possible very quickly. In the developed countries of the modem world, the application of computer is growing fast in solving accounting problems.

Accounting's Relation with Other Disciplines (Explained)

In our country also the application of computer is increasing in the field of accounting problems. Therefore, the relation between Accounting and Computer is very close. Accounting and Statistics Accounting and Statistics are deeply related. The main object of these two sciences is to make arithmetical figures understandable and logical and to present these in the form of statements making them usable to owner, directors or all others concerned.

It makes the act of planning and decision-making easier.

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The main function of statistics is to collect classify, analyses the quantitative data of various events and to present them to the individuals or organizations concerned. For this reason, a statistician presents the data in quite a short form of reports to the individuals or organization concerned so that they can take a decision depending on this information.

On the other hand, in Accounting after completion of some accounting processes of transactions, final accounts and financial statements are prepared and on the basis of various information of such financial statements; the owners and the directors of the organization concerned can take decisions. Accounting and Law The prevailing laws of a land control trade and commerce mostly, So, Accounting and Law are closely related. The accountant and accounts officer must have a clear knowledge of partnership law, company law, tax law, industrial law, cooperative law, and other relevant laws.

Because accounts of an organization are kept following accepted principles and in accordance with relevant laws. For example, accounts of every company are kept properly and accurately in the light of company law. In partnership business accounts are maintained in the light of the partnership act or agreement as the case may be. Keeping accounts, auditing of accounts of a company are mandatory as per the specific provision of the companies act.

mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

Similarly, accounts of other organizations are to be kept in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law. In this context, lawyers are to know the provision of laws relating to methods of accounting, direction and controlling. Otherwise, it is impossible on their part to extend their help in settling conflicts and cases properly.

Therefore, both Accounting and Law are closely related subjects. Accounting and Political Science The main object of Political Science is to ensure law and order for establishing rule of law in the society. Political science gives directives in achieving welfare for the people of the society as a whole. For this reason issues like national income and expenditure; national development expenditure and probable income from national prospects etc. Keeping proper accounts of this national income, expenditure and providing information in this regard are the tasks of Accounting.

Besides maintaining accounts and auditing of accounts of government tax administration, expenditure of various projects, income tax, etc. Therefore there exists a close relationship between Accounting and Political Science. Accounting and Engineering Among the important branches of modem social sciences accounting and Engineering.

mathematics and its relationship with other disciplines

These two subjects jointly work in the process of production and building. A special type of plant and machinery are needed in factories. These plants and machines are made by the engineers engaged in engineering work. The estimation regarding types of goods and quantity of goods to be produced and amount of expenditure to be involved in machinery etc.

The function of an accountant is to find out the ratio between money invested in plant and machinery and results arising out of it and present the same to the managers in the form of statements.