Map of where missouri and mississippi rivers meet michigan

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map of where missouri and mississippi rivers meet michigan

Missouri and Mississippi River Confluence. view northwest Confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Detail from Clark's map, To see labels. Mississippi River; Columbia River; Southern New England; Colorado River; North Michigan; North America; Chesapeake Bay; Fraser River; Upper Missouri. “Confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at the shared borders of MO, IL, and KY”. Review of Fort West Bloomfield, Michigan. Reviewed July

The Backstory Major floods have always been a fact of life along the Missouri. For more than 75 years, Congress has directed the U.

Army Corps of Engineers to administer flood control, navigation, and irrigation on the Missouri by impounding, channelizing, and dredging the river. The resulting series of massive reservoirs on the upper river and the deep, narrow channel on the lower river has actually made flood damages worse, putting surrounding communities, wildlife, recreation, and river health in jeopardy.

As flooding on the Missouri increases in frequency and severity with climate change, communities need better flood protection solutions. Levees and dams can no longer be the only line of defense.

map of where missouri and mississippi rivers meet michigan

We need a smarter, more natural approach. The Future Sound science and public involvement are the keys to achieving smarter river management that safeguards communities and the environment.

List of rivers of Missouri

That begins with the recognition that levees, dredging, and impoundments actually increase the frequency and severity of floods. The preferred alternative is to try to reconnect the naturally broad, shallow river to its floodplain wherever possible.

That means removing some levees, changing the timing of dam releases to mimic the historic river flow, and reinvigorating the riparian cottonwood forests that absorb water and provide the richest wildlife habitat on the Great Plains.

map of where missouri and mississippi rivers meet michigan

The river sustains a large variety of marine life, including species of fish and 30 species of freshwater mussels. It flows west to east starting in Colorado and dumping the Mississippi River. Its length of 1, miles allows it to flow through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

It is the sixth longest river in the US, the second longest tributary to the Mississippi River System, and the 45th longest river in the world. The river runs approximately miles km long, in the U.

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The confluence of the rivers offers vistas that seem endless. The Illinois River is relatively shallow, just like the Mississippi. In addition, the Illinois River is a "managed" river, just as the Mississippi River is.

map of where missouri and mississippi rivers meet michigan

Missouri River[ edit ] The Missouri River is a long stream that originates in southwest Montana and flows southeasterly for 2, miles; passing through six states before finally entering the Mississippi River at St.

The Missouri River was one of the main routes for the watershed expansion of the United States during the 19th century. The river is a location with the capacity to provide enough water for over five million people.

Mississippi River System

At its widest point, it is one mile wide at Smithland dam. The average depth is 24 feet deep[ citation needed ] which allows multiple species of fish to live there safely. The water is also home to species of fish ranging from catfish to certain species of salmon and trout.

On average the Ohio River transports over million tons of cargo. Typically, the cargo being shipped are energy resources such as coal.

Along with shipping energy resources, the Ohio River also creates energy with dams and other power generating facilities. There are 20 dams and 49 other power generating facilities on the Ohio River.

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The river also crosses through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana where then it links into the Mississippi River. The Red River is home to many oil fields with oil and gas production being one of the river's major aspects. The delta is home to massive amounts of wildlife, and attributed to the U.

Over the last three centuries, the delta has continuously collapsed, due to human alterations of the river system. Natural protection of land is exacerbated the more the delta diminishes. The delta is important to the wildlife and people that it supports, along with the US economy.

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If the land loss continues at the pace its going, all these benefits can vanish. It spans across miles, making it one of the longest distributaries of the Mississippi River. The name of the river translated into English is "long river," which derives from the Native American word.