Luffy and hancock relationship help

luffy and hancock relationship help

Monkey D. Luffy Boa Hancock--the entire extent of their relationship. "is this what Luffy and Hancock One Piece Ship, One Piece Luffy, Anime One, One Piece. What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami in One Piece? . Boa Hancock has the advantage that she doesn't need Luffy's help, she can hold her own. How likely do you think it is that Luffy will marry Boa Hancock later in to think that Luffy and Hancocks relationship is just some joke, and that it.

For years, Luffy was unaware that he had parents as he was raised solely by his grandfather.

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When Garp visited him, he informed Luffy that Dragon the Revolutionary is his father. Luffy was ignorant of his father's reputation until Robin informed him that his father is currently the most wanted criminal in the world. Dragon apparently cares for his son's life because he saved him in Loguetown. However, unlike Garp, Dragon seems to be in favor of Luffy's decision to become a pirate.

It has not been mentioned about how Luffy feels toward Dragon and his ideals, but he is fine with people knowing that he is Dragon's son while acknowledging the revolutionary as his father. When his connection to Dragon was made worldwide at Marineford, Luffy was unfazed by it but because of his family ties, he has been marked as a deadly element of the future.

Though comically surprised, Luffy casually remarked that Dragon does not look like him before admitting to being more worried about Sabo than his father after hearing about the Blackbeard Pirates ' attack on the Revolutionary Army's base. Ace Ace speaking his last words in Luffy's arms.

The two were not related by blood and Luffy is aware that Ace's father was Gol D. When they first met, Ace was initially hostile to Luffy, even spitting at him before they were introduced to each other.

Though Ace was aloof towards him, Luffy constantly tried to make Ace his friend, following him everywhere and trying to make up. Eventually, after learning that Luffy was also alone after saving him from PorchemyAce finally befriended Luffy. They grew up together and fought every day, with Ace always winning even though Luffy had eaten a Devil Fruit.

Luffy displayed no grudge against Ace for always winning, but proclaimed during the war in Marineford that he will eventually surpass Ace one day.

luffy and hancock relationship help

Ace originally had little faith in Luffy's abilities until he saw Luffy use Haoshoku Haki and was amazed by his brother's potential. Ace was protective of Luffy from Garp's harsh training and treatment even going as far as to insult Garp to stop hurting Luffy.

As for Luffy, this protective streak is reciprocated, leading to him embarking on a rescue mission to save Ace from Impel Down after hearing of Ace's capture and subsequent imprisonment there. While they are extremely loving brothers to each other, Luffy always made Ace angry and worried by doing reckless things. As such, Ace readily believed Boa Hancock when she told him that Luffy had broken into the prison.

Even near his death, Ace grew angry with Luffy's reckless infiltration of Impel Down, while the endangered Luffy was worried about Ace's safety as well. Luffy's devotion and love for his brother were shown to the extremes when he fought at the war at Marineford, stating that he would save Ace even if it kills him. Though many were heartbroken when Ace died, none took it harder than Luffy, who was so devastated that he suffered a mental collapse and became unresponsive to his surroundings, and would have been killed by Akainu if others had not defended him.

When Luffy woke up, all he could do was scream in agony and cry and wish it was all a nightmare, and that he would wake up soon. The loss of his brother also had a crucial impact on Luffy, leading him to think that he was not worthy of becoming the Pirate King for the first time in his life.

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He only came out of his depression after Jinbe made him realize that Ace had entrusted Luffy's safety to his crew. After the two year timeskip, Luffy has fully gotten over his grief as he was able to talk about Ace's death freely, although his hatred for the man who killed his brother apparently still remains.

Nonetheless, Luffy accepts Ace's fate, but also finds comfort in the fact that Ace truly believed he could become the Pirate King. During the tournament for Ace's Devil Fruit, Luffy has shown that he doesn't like it when Ace's death is made fun of. Garp A typical moment of Garp punching Luffy. Though the two of them get along fine, Luffy is terrified of his grandfather Garp [29] due to the extreme training Garp put him through in his younger years to make him a strong Marineas well as Garp's tendency to punch Luffy to discipline him.

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Garp had high expectations for Luffy, but to Garp's dismay, Luffy did not share his grandfather's plans for his future. Luffy was also ignorant of his grandfather's reputation until his crew informed him that his grandfather once fought the Pirate King Gol D.

Garp is familiar with Luffy's personality, saying that Luffy is not the type of person to brag about defeating someone, arguing that Kuma did not need to kill Luffy to keep Moriah's defeat a secret. Garp was not too surprised to see Luffy use Haoshoku Haki even stating he inherited it after all.

When Luffy came close to the platform, Garp stood in his way in the name of his Marine duties. Luffy was hesitant to go through with attacking his grandfather and told him to move but saw no other choice.

However, in the end, Garp chose family over his duties as he allowed Luffy to hit him and reach the execution platform to save Ace. Curly Dadan "Dadan, I hate mountain bandits The mountain banditCurly Dadanis Luffy and Ace's foster mother.

She had been blackmailed by Garp into taking care of him, and she did not seem pleased with having Luffy as her surrogate son due to being already occupied with the troublesome Ace. Luffy, in turn, did not seem to like the Dadan Family anymore than they liked him due to his run-in with the bandit Higuma.

However, as time passed, they came to care for each other, with Dadan coming in to save Luffy from Bluejamand Luffy worrying for Dadan's safety. Before leaving her, Luffy annoyed her by saying that he hates bandits but makes her cry tears of joy when he states that he likes her.

After the death of Ace, Dadan was deeply concerned with how Luffy must be grieving but swore to keep cheering him on.

After Luffy's return from his two-year absence, Dadan and her fellow bandits were overjoyed and they were proud of him after he defeated Doflamingo. Kizaru also mocked Luffy for lacking in power to save Ace. Despite that, Kizaru was very surprised to see Luffy unconsciously release a burst of Haoshoku Haki and joined his fellow admirals in trying to eliminate Luffy.

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After hearing that Luffy punched the World NobleSaint Charloshe was enraged, wondering what was wrong with Garp's family.

His frustration reached its breaking point after hearing that Luffy had made it into and out of Impel Down and was intruding on the war against Whitebeard in an attempt to rescue Ace.

During the war, Sengoku revealed to the world that Luffy was just as dangerous as Ace, because he is the son of Revolutionary Dragon. He was very shocked to see Luffy unconsciously use Haoshoku Haki but attempted to execute both him and Ace when Luffy managed to reach Ace with a key to his chains. Sakazuki Edit Luffy faces the three admirals, three of his greatest opponents from the Marines.

luffy and hancock relationship help

While Sakazuki was an Admiralhe caused the most damage to Luffy during the war at Marinefordsending him into a mental breakdown by successfully killing his brother, Ace.

Akainu then proceeded to hunt him throughout the entire battlefield, swearing to end his life no matter what, despite Blackbeard attempting to bring down Marineford. True to his word, Akainu focused all his efforts on ending Luffy's life, which reached the point of dangerous obsession, as it took the combined efforts of JinbeCrocodileand the Whitebeard Pirates just to protect Luffy from Akainu's relentless pursuit.

Akainu ultimately failed to kill Luffy after the intervention of Koby and the arrival of Shanks. Nonetheless, after striking through Jinbe, Akainu managed to leave Luffy with an x-shaped scar on his chest, which seems to remind him of the ruthless Marine officer, evidenced when Luffy touched the scar in anger upon learning of Akainu's promotion to Fleet Admiral.

He was amazed to see Issho effortlessly defeat the thugs and when asking for his identity, the latter told him it was best if he did not know for both of their sakes. Later on, when Doflamingo was fighting Law at Corrida ColosseumLuffy was surprised to learn that Issho was a Marine admiral while the latter sadly stated he was repaying Luffy's good deed with violence due to having to capture Law. When Luffy was preparing to leave Dressrosa, Issho planned to arrest Luffy and his allies. Luffy challenged the Admiral to a fight, proclaiming that he will not run from anyone regardless if they are an Admiral or Yonko before striking him.

Though Luffy challenged the Admiral to a fight, he announced his attacks, making the man see that Luffy was pitying him due to his blindness which he took as an insult, revealing that he blinded himself and does not need Luffy's pity.

Their fight was left at a stalemate when Luffy was forced to retreat by his allies. While Luffy was retreating, he was "pursued" by the citizens of Dressrosa and Issho overheard some of them speaking happily of Luffy.