Love and hate relationship tumblr funny

I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with the World.

love and hate relationship tumblr funny

Its just annoying seeing people repost these runescape memes on facebook when you know they don't even know what fucking game it is. This Pin was discovered by Daisy Que. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Love & Hate Request: Can you write one about yoongi, or jungkook like you hate “So it's funny that he called me a virgin in front of everyone?” . Her on again, off again relationship with Jungkook was currently off, and she.

love hate on Tumblr

He stood and so did you, trying to ignore the searing glare Seulgi was giving you. It was her own damn fault. What was he saying? Why was she being so mean? Stop being such a bitch. Was he defending you? Just get in the closet. When the door clicked closed, your heart felt like it had swam all the way up your body to your throat. He was a good head taller than you, and you hated to admit it but the smile on his face was really quite appealing.

You breathed in slowly, carefully, trying to collect your thoughts. What was happening to you? Did he really deserve it? You shook the treacherous thoughts out of your head.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Jungkook smiled and you noticed there was not a hint of malice or teasing behind his dark brown eyes. Instead he was just- he was just what? He was being nice to you. Jungkook took another step towards you, and your nose bumped against his clumsily. He pulled your jacket down your shoulder a little and nodded. You closed your eyes. Would you ask him to do it? You opened your mouth- to say what exactly you were still not sure- when the door ripped open.

Seulgi was glaring at you before you even had a chance to say anything to her. But then you remembered the way Jungkook had ruffled your hair, and pulled your jacket down your shoulder.

You certainly looked like something had happened. And you felt incredibly guilty but you knew in some deep dark part of your mind, you had wanted something to happen. After all, Seulgi had always known about your less than positive feelings towards her on again off again boyfriend.

Because as silly as it was, for those brief seven minutes in that closet, you wanted to be his type. So very, very dead. You needed those grades if you were going to get into Yale. Your nose was buried in books, and you were furiously scribbling away notes, when someone cleared their throat from above you. You looked up, startled, and almost threw up when you saw who was smiling down at you.

And right now was no exception. Jungkook had never directly confronted you about your apparent hatred for him. Perhaps it was the fact that your hatred for Jungkook suddenly seemed so stupid.

love and hate relationship tumblr funny

Or perhaps it was the fact that the boy in front of you suddenly made your heart flutter and your pulse race and you knew what that meant. How had everything gotten so complicated? Another job I need. The irony was, of course, that you were going. But not as a guest.

love and hate relationship tumblr funny

You were going as the help. That was almost a month ago, and even though you saw Jungkook around school occasionally, and sometimes even around Seulgi, you avoided him as best you could.

It was childish and cowardly, and the truth was you hated yourself for it but what could you do? You knew how embarrassing this was going to be. Everybody at school would be there. You climbed out of the van and with baited breath, followed your mum to the front door. Your mum rang the doorbell, and after a moment, the portal swung open.

Of course the person standing on the other side was none other than Jeon fucking Jungkook. You looked up and connected gazes with him. First there was a flash of recognition. For Jungkook to make fun of you. To laugh and say something obscenely cruel. But it never came. Writing Enemies to Lovers: The Basic Ingredients 1. Give them some similar traits. Are they a hero and a villain? I bet they both love animals. Maybe they share a common enemy. Originally posted by sonandheirofnothinginparticular 2.

love and hate relationship tumblr funny

Put them on the same side of something. When two people are mortal foes, it can be hard for them to see each other in any other light. Bringing in a common enemy an anti-hero, a natural disaster, a person in poweror a common interest a mutual friend, a school play, a moral causecan land foes on a team together.

Originally posted by ilostthatfeeling 3. People are different when you get them away from their friends — less extreme, less rowdy, less unreachable.

Originally posted by vicchan 4. Let them fight their feelings. There will be internal backlash — they will beat their emotions back with a broom, and deny them to anyone who asks. If you show this internal conflict, it both a makes the feelings seem real, organic, and b creates a more realistic transition from hate to love. Originally posted by ssgifs 5. Love can sound like hate. When will you stop talking about this person? Just kiss them already.