Lord baelish and sansa relationship advice

It was an arranged marriage, and even we know Catelyn didn't love Brandon, but was simply doing He represents everything Petyr Baelish despises. .. Sansa - "why is everyone speaking to me in gibberish all of a sudden". Petyr Baelish's creepy attraction towards Sansa is derived from his teenage of good, hot long term intimate relationships. most likely he views “love” as a weakness. She is now too adult to meekly follow Littlefinger's guidance as his ward. Littlefinger — also known as Petyr Baelish — has been one of Game full of satisfying moments, Sansa — who has been manipulated, lied to.

On HBO, Baelish is by turns peevish, impulsive to the point of recklessnessand transparent.

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Sansa confronted Littlefinger over his heartless sale of her to Ramsay Bolton, just about the most evil character in Westeros this side of Joffrey. Martin put on the page. Littlefinger never sent Sansa to marry Ramsay in the books. At the end of A Dance With Dragons, Jeyne Poole, beaten, raped repeatedly, undoubtedly scarred for life in every possible way, is on the run with Theon.

He rightly knows that even though the Stark family is decimated and scattered across two continents, the name still commands the most respect out of any in the North. As we know, things have progressed very differently on HBO.

Sansa & Petyr -- Then I Will Die.

In marrying the actual Sansa to Ramsay, he both gave the Bolton Bastard a legitimate claim to Winterfell and squandered whatever influence he had over Sansa. Now, she hates her one-time savior, to the point that she nearly refused his help in retaking Winterfell—which would have denied him even a meager slice of that pie.

His only saving grace, as usual in the show, was luck.

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At one point, he even bought off a lord of the Vale to threaten him with violence in the most extreme way possible, forcing a counter-reaction from his enemies and buying him time and influence. Dude makes a winking reference to her incestual relationship with Jaime. How stupid can you be? What does Baelish possibly have to gain from saying something so incendiary to Cersei Lannister?


Absolutely nothing, except the near-death experience that comes to him. What Baelish does in this scene is rash and reactive, and makes him look sneaky and untrustworthy, which is the exact opposite of his nature as depicted by Martin. For book loyalists, this departure from character was perhaps the most intellectually offensive scene in the entire series.

Petyr is an expert at playing Cersei, and to see him at her mercy is a total betrayal of character. And he makes another incest joke! None of this, needless to say, happens in the books. Which brings us to the worst perversion of Littlefinger brought on by the show: He loved Catelyn Tully with all his heart.

He almost died in a duel for her hand.

lord baelish and sansa relationship advice

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lord baelish and sansa relationship advice

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lord baelish and sansa relationship advice

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