Linka and wheeler relationship test

Wheeler - Captain Planet and the Planeteers

linka and wheeler relationship test

Prompt: I know Beast of the Temple is very Wheeler/Linka because of the whole the prompt that Skylar0grace suggested, but what if Kwame was in a relationship with Prompt: Dr. Blight develops a drug and tests it on Kwame and Linka. Can Wheeler and Linka's feelings endure the test of time? Wheeler and Linka spend some time with their families while trying to sort out their relationship. All patients had dexamethasone suppression test (DST) and BPRS and Hamilton Depression Scale. Janusz Rybakowski. ; Poznan University of Medical Sciences. M Linka The intensity of depressive symptoms did not show significant relation to activity of the axis judging from . V Kumari · R Mehrotra · M Wheeler.

He's summoned when it's time to whip out the big guns, and, as mentioned in the theme, he's their powers magnified. Incredibly nice, even to the villains.

He also never resorts to direct violence, instead using his powers to foil the bad guys' plans and correct the ecological damage.

linka and wheeler relationship test

The exceptions, of course, are Captain Pollution and Zarm, who really don't give him much choice. One of his most displayed powers. In fact, even pollution isn't a surefire way to kill him because he can be washed off and charged up with solar energy. The only times that the captain gets serious, is when the stakes are amazingly high or when he's facing someone who is If you're a villain, messing with his Planeteers especially when he sees you doing it is a huge mistake.

He sometimes serves as a father figure to the Planeteers. Every single word out of his mouth is some sort of pun, except when giving exposition or the stakes are high enough. Really Years Old: He's had to bail out the Eco-Villains from meeting their doom many times, occasionally Lampshaded and according to Dr. He inherits selective magnetic powers from Kwame, only with much more power behind it.

There's really nothing he's been shown to not be able to lift, crush, or reshape with ease. The captain was not happy when Verminous Skumm turned innocent kids into mindless, drug addled zombies that would obey Skumm's every command if it meant they could keep poisoning themselves with Bliss in the episode "Mind Pollution". Captain Planet was not only uncharacteristically angry he only cracked two jokes and even they were used without irony. He flies in the traditional pose. He doesn't need to, but does it anyway because he's a showoff.

He is vulnerable to pollution, including famously the hate behind Hitler's Death Glare. To make things really problematic, these re the same things that fuel Captain Pollution see his own entry. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: He has a mullet of green hair. Eco Villains The Eco Villains are a small group of villains and their subordinates who wreak havoc on the Earth with pollution, wildlife endangerment or shady business dealings.

Many of them do this out of short-sighted Greedbut for others it's never explained besides the fact that they can.

And again, when he talked Gi out of killing the guy who shot her friend. Blight's sister, four of the Planeteers especially Linka are immediately suspicious of her. The air conditioner episode, in which Wheeler is just trying to cool off the Planeteers during a heat wave. Wheeler didn't go too well with anything else. In "Planeteers Under Glass", Dr. Blight's evil computer MAL takes over an environmental simulation and is able to block out the protagonists' attempts to regain control.

Then Wheeler steps in to confuse MAL into submission by randomly inputting commands into the terminal, like he did earlier in the episode. Looten Plunder and to a smaller extent Hoggish Greedly. Sly Sludge often had elements of this, but he wasn't nearly as rich or as powerful as Greedly or Plunder. Hoggish Greedly isn't as rich as Looten Plunder, he has a redneck subordinate named Rigger, and his operations are much more local.

Rarely seen on the show, surprisingly. Curious Qualms of Conscience: Unfortunately though, Greedly's response to Captain Obvious was never favourable, and Rigger didn't act on his conscience. Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Why didn't the villains just sell their technology instead of using it against the Planeteers and being foiled?

Particularly mind-boggling when Dr. Blight switches bodies with Gaia for an episode. Gaia uses Blight's technology to effortlessly clean up oil spills, put out raging wildfires etc. Blight is furious at the end of the episode. Just the oil spill technology would make her the world's first trillionaire if she shopped it around to oil companies, governments, the UN, Greenpeace Played straight in Sly Sludge's final appearance in the series, where he finally gets a clue that legit recycling is actually profitable and actually has a change of heart about pollution.

From Adolf Hitler to Captain Planet. Planet actually feels pain from the hate Hitler projects. Ma-Ti and Wheeler have both been in situations where they were captured and needed to be rescued on several occasions. The Dog Bites Back: Literally applied in " Mutations".

linka and wheeler relationship test

Blight has a pair of guard dogs in the episode that she mistreats. Eventually, she finds herself at their mercy when the shock collars keeping them in line are removed. They fail and the episode ends on that note, with Plunder taunting them to try and stop him again. Notable for being one of the only episodes where the Planeteers officially lose. The episode "Mind Pollution" where Verminous Skumm hands out drugs to everyone and ends up killing Linka's cousin. The episode "Utopia" ends with Kwame recoiling in shock as he hears that crime and gang violence are exploding nationwide, just after having a nightmare and reassuring himself that there could never be a world ruled by street gangs.

Verminous Skumm and his minions operate a tank with a drill in "Rain of Terror". Skumm's drug Bliss is realistic, in that it does make people feel good for a while, but you must take more and more to get the same high.

Though dragging down the gritty realism factor somewhat are its effects on its users glowing red eyes, turning addicts into literal raving zombiesand how it is made and peddled exclusively by a malevolent human rat mutant. In the first few episodes, Captain Planet doesn't wear boots. In "'Teers in the Hood", Shaggy and Velma are at their high school.

The episode "A Twist of Fate" has Wheeler gain amnesia from getting hit on the head. He eventually recovers his memories after the homeless loan him a pair of shoes that remind him of what Gaia told him about better understanding how rough the homeless have it. Ma-Ti is empowered with Heart so that he can have his own elemental power while fire, earth, water, and wind are already taken. The rings, which can't work while in heavy pollution.

Ma-Ti's Heart ring was unable to scan exactly what Hoggish Greedly was doing with Wheeler in a distant temple in one episode, because the very fact he was doing something evil blocked away anything else the ring could detect. Which is a mix of rock and rap. In "Jail House Flock", Rigger is tricked by Gi into confessing that his boss Hoggish Greedly lied about his promise to replace the wetlands his construction project was going to destroy and that the two crooks had Captain Planet and the Planeteers arrested under false pretenses.

Rigger's blabbing was especially undignified for him because he wasn't aware that every word he said was being heard in the courtroom from a speaker. Captain Planet, as a heroic incarnation of Gaia, is arguably an example. Arguable because he's a modern-day hero and we might yet kill the planet for good.

Hoggish Greedly and Looten Plunder. Both of them often go to foreign countries in search of more wealth and power at the expense of the natives. Sly Sludge also counts, since his garbage dumping operations are all over the planet. Captain Planet received one in the form of Captain Pollution, in one episode. Who was summoned with evil counterparts of the Planeteers' rings, worn by the Eco-villains: Zarm is the evil counterpart to Gaia, and the most threatening villain of the series.

Hoggish Greedly has red hair and is a wasteful glutton who loves causing harm to the environment. Captain Pollution was an evil version of Captain Planet who was summoned by the villains, could be defeated by beams of sunlight since he's all dirty and stuff, and talked like a surfer to contrast Captain Planet, who had a sense of humor, but sounded and acted like a wise mature adult.

Extinct in the Future: The episode "Gorillas Will Be Missed" starts in a future where gorillas are extinct. Face Death with Dignity: In the episode "Population Bomb", Piebald is aware of his people's inevitable fate. He gives advice to Wheeler so that humanity might avoid suffering the same fate. In "The Ghost of Porkaloin Past", it is eventually revealed that Hoggish Greedly's grandfather Don Porkaloin only faked his death as part of an attempt to persuade his grandson into abandoning his eco-unfriendly lifestyle.

While some episodes showed the villains wielding lasers, this trope was actually averted in many episodes that depicted real fire arms, mostly by minor thugs or soldiers not associated with any of the Eco-Villains. Not only that, the Planeteers are threatened and shot at with those firearms. Also subverted in "Wheeler's Ark", where Dr. Blight's new laser weaponry makes them even better killers, testing them on wolves to deadly and heartbreaking effect, kicking off the episode.

Fortunately, the Planeteers and the Geocruiser were shrunk down in the water by Dr. Blight while Kwame was consuming it, allowing them to fight the parasites inside.

Gaia, in "No Place Like Home," turns a lifeless construction site into a thriving grassland full of flowers simply by walking through it. The most common motivation when it comes to Captain Planet villains is to cause harm to the environment solely for the sake of doing so.

While technically some of them were also ostensibly gaining money for it, they usually still ended up being more complicated than legitimate alternatives would be.

In the episode where Dr. Blight tried to sell an atomic bomb to Hitler, one must wonder how she intended to profit on wiping out her own timeline she is insane though. Verminous Skumm technically wanted to ruin the world for humans so he and his rats could take over, but his methods tended to make little sense, and he often just tried to make life miserable for humans because he hated them.

linka and wheeler relationship test

One episode had Plunder starting a war between two desert villages so he could sell weapons and tanks to both of them. One attacks the other while he's in the village, and eventually they're both so poor they can't purchase food or repair their farms. For the most part, Hoggish Greedly and Looten Plunder cause destruction for profit, though their methods are more make profits in the moment and not for the future.

Duke Nukem while typically falling into this absorbs radiation to stay alive, it's basically how he eats. Blight switch bodies in one episode, and end up switching powers too.

Blight uses her powers over nature to cause all kinds of ecological chaos Do any of their parents care that their children are fighting against evil doers about the world? Only Ma-Ti and Wheeler were explicitly explained as having no parents to speak of Ma-Ti is Conveniently an Orphan ; Wheeler ran away from homeso what about the others? Despite the alleged desire to be topical, all the tanks and weapons are very sci-fi, and everything uses lasers or missiles.

Friend to All Living Things: Ma-Ti, from before getting his "lame" heart powers. Linka and Gi are also good with animals.

linka and wheeler relationship test

Blight, and isn't given any real focus. Both surprising and refreshing for this show. Though Captain Planet takes place in modern times, with mostly current technology and cultures combined with occasional super-science and high-technology, in "A Hero For Earth", Gaia finds out the world is in a terrible state, though still basically in the same condition as the real world, with polluted waters and skies, huge cities, and dying animals.

The poor state of the environment is enough to make her take action. Getting Crap Past the Radar: The episode where the bad guys form a Legion of Doom -type setup see below also sees a second alternate timeline where a new generation of Planeteers drop in to make the save. Look close enough and you'll notice the future Wind user looks a lot like Wheeler and the future Fire user looks a lot like Linka. Wheeler even points this out, though Linka refuses to ruminate on it.

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Of course, it doesn't turn out well for the users. It has some exceedingly nasty side effects; in addition to completely negating the ability to feel pain to the point where potentially fatal injuries are flat-out ignoredit is quite toxic and, judging from the fact that all the victims are in a hospital afterwards, has a really unpleasant withdrawal. The Gods Must Be Lazy: Gaia could easily restore barren land with her Fertile Feetbut chooses not to because humans need to learn to take care of their own world except when we can't and need magic.

But why can't she just choose another fire ring user when Wheeler Refused the Call and went back in time to stop himself from accepting it? Okay, maybe the Planeteers are chosen by a higher power that even she can't change. It's a guess, but whatever. Now, explain why she decides to take a hundred-year nap in the middle of the goddamn industrial revolution, then relies entirely on five teenagers to fix a century of her neglect? What the hell, Earth Mother? Blight's attempted radical ecological alterations first on her list being to turn the Sahara into a garden would ultimately end up being just as destructive as the stuff Blight usually does, addressing why Gaia didn't do that herself.

Yet this creates another problem, because the Sahara Desert is a natural part of the environment and of course turning it into a garden would be bad although there are a few theories that it was massively expanded by overgrazing in early history. However, they are usually interrupted before they can kiss. Occasionally Wheeler will flirt with other female characters, which causes Linka to become openly jealous. Whenever he is rescued from a tight spot, she displays obvious relief and is more open with her affections towards him.

Parents Wheeler had a rough childhood.

linka and wheeler relationship test

His father was an alcoholic, and his mother appeared passive in response to the aggression present in the home. Wheeler appears to be close to his mother - he returns to visit his parents in the episode Talkin' Trashand he appears on good terms with her.

However, he at first refuses to speak to his father, who verbally abuses him and indicates that he believes Wheeler is no good and will amount to nothing. During the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part IIwe learn that Wheeler often spent nights away from home, on the streets or in the park, even at a young age. This is because going home often resulted in conflict with his father, who sent him out to purchase alcohol.

The names of Wheeler's parents are never revealed. Trish Trish was Wheeler's girlfriend before he joined the Planeteers.