Life with derek casey and relationship test

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life with derek casey and relationship test

What kind of relationship did Derek and Casey have? #life with derek #dasey #derek x casey #casey mcdonald #derek venturi #ashley leggat #michael seater #all of my ships. It was rumored that the actors playing Casey and Derek, Ashley Leggat and Michael Seater, were dating. When Derek gets home from Hockey practice, he finds Casey up in Hey guys this is my first Life with Derek story so please be nice but if Must have gotten a bad grade on her test again. She said and we kissed again and I felt the fireworks I've been wanting in any relationship and I finally found them. This is written as a script and explores a like Dasey relationship. Rated: Fiction Casey & Derek finally bang in a special new episode written for T. Brooks. SHE looks shocked and is staring at a pregnancy test in her hands.

I'll just have some juice. CASEY walks over to the fridge to get the juice.

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MARTY comes bounding down the stairs with notebook and pencil. What took you guys so long? You're going to be late! I can't be late! Okay, Nora honey, don't worry. You go, be on time. I'll get the kids to school. Of course, now go.

Nobody checked my homework last night! Oh I'm sorry Marty, I forgot. But my teacher said we had to get our homework checked! Dad, what's for breakfast? Uh, check if there are any buns in the oven. EDWIN goes to the oven and pulls out cinnamon buns and plates them. Nora baked some cinnamon buns this morning. I think she left them in the oven. We're going to be late! Lizzie can you check Marty's homework? And Edwin, can you check on Derek? I'm going to go start the car. EDWIN nods and heads upstairs.

Marty, let me see your homework. You missed a period. What did you say!? I said, Marty missed a period at the end of this sentence. Can you just fix it for me? I don't want to be late. MARTY does the same and follows behind her.

life with derek casey and relationship test

EDWIN comes running down the stairs. Okay, Derek said he'd be down in 5 minutes. EDWIN grabs his bag and jacket. I don't really want to be here when Derek comes down.

Okay Both girls grab their bags and jackets and head out the front door. Scene 3 CASEY is walking down the crowded hallway, looking paranoid and holding books in front of her stomach.

life with derek casey and relationship test

EMILY catches up with her. Hey Casey, how's it going? Not so great, I feel like everyone's staring at me. Well maybe if you didn't do that! No one can tell you're pregnant. Besides, you don't start showing until the end of your first trimester.

Casey McDonald

Well I did some research during business class and you won't start showing until you're about 3 months pregnant. What else did you find out? I want to be prepared so I can help you. Really, that means a lot. But I can't deal with any of this right now. I'm just going to go to Math and pretend this isn't happening.

CASEY walks off down the hallway, looking sad. SHE quickly turns to avoid him and walks down another hallway. SHE comes up to the guidance office.

CASEY sighs, and then knocks on the door. Scene 4 PAUL is seated at his desk eating a sandwich. CASEY walks into his office and shuts the door behind her. I thought your appointment was scheduled for tomorrow. I just need to talk. Sure, have a seat. SHE gestures to her lip. PAUL wipes his mouth and chuckles. All right, what's on your mind? I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not going to try to be subtle or anything.

life with derek casey and relationship test

And I'm really nervous and I have no idea what to do with myself anymore. I don't even know- PAUL: It's really hard because- PAUL: Just calm down and let me know what's bothering you. Deep breath and just say it. I can do that because- PAUL: That's all you have to say?

Well no, I just never expected something like this. Obviously this isn't something I expected of myself! I get straight A's, I do my homework the second it's assigned. I tutor sixth graders on the weekend. I do not get pregnant! I don't know why this is happening to me. CASEY has dissolved in tears. PAUL offers her a tissue. It's going to be okay. The worst part is I'm so concerned about what everyone else is going to think.

What will my mom say, or my sister? And all my friends? Even the father of the baby! I have been so focused on everyone else's reactions I don't even know what I think about it. Well Casey, what do you think about being pregnant? You don't need to have any firm opinions just yet. When did you find out you were pregnant? And do you have any plans? Tell me what you've done so far. And told my best friend, and now I've told you.

Well, there are the 3 A's. This is starting to sound academic. Casey also has a crush on Sam. In the episode "Male Code Blue" they finally decide to go steady, but break up in the episode "Middle Man-ic".

He is one of the guitarists in the band, D-Rock. Although Casey has asked him, he won't tell her what to do, only give suggestions. He is also very clumsy. Once, when tipping his chair back to far, he fell and landed in the trash can. Max Miller - Robbie Amell Casey's current ex-boyfriend. He is a jock, being quarterback of the school football team. He is revealed to be quite impolite sometimes, for example: But after Casey talks to him, he becomes more chivalrous. Casey and Max break up at the end of Allergy Season because Casey needed a break from her and Max just to figure out what was causing her allergies.

Relationships with other characters Derek Venturi While Casey has a lot to deal with in her life - living with George, Edwin, and Marti; trying to fit in at a new school; and figuring out where she and her sister stand in this new family; it all pales in comparison to her single biggest challenge, the show's namesake.

Everyone in the Venturi house has always been expected to play by Derek's rules, and Casey doesn't like that. While Casey is sneakier than she portrays herself to be, her "good person" side will come out if she really believes Derek needs her help, whether he really needs help "Grade-Point: Average" or he's pretending to get his own way "The Party" or somewhere in between "The Wedding".

In the episode "Prank Wars", Casey is very concerned for Derek and fights against the principal for him not to be expelled. But Derek also cares about Casey, as shown in "Crushing the Coach. At times, Derek can be a true friend to Casey, and save her from dangerous situations.

When Casey wants Lizzie to do something unethical or "mean" to beat Derek, she has to badger her into it. While the sisters have very different interests, they share a general appreciation for organization and femininity, although Lizzie isn't as passionate about it as Casey would like.

They are very close. Although Casey loves Lizzie, they are the opposite of each other. Casey is some-what girly and doesn't enjoy sports, Lizzie is tomboy-ish and enjoys sports, like soccer and hockey.

And to Casey's dismay, Lizzie likes Derek and kind of enjoys living with the Venturis, although when Casey's around, she pretends to hate it.

Even though Casey controls Lizzie like Derek controls Edwin, she is rarely mean and never violent. Lizzie admits herself that Casey is "usually a great sister. On the other hand, she's a Venturi, and a weak one at that, making her the quickest possible route to the takedown of Derek.

Casey is always an excellent babysitter for Marti - she feels a little sorry for Marti since she grew up in a house of guys. Casey and Marti have a good relationship. As seen in "House of Games" Marti didn't like Casey because she stepped on her imaginary friend Daphne, and quote, "Too late she hates you". Marti later forgives Casey though and loves her like a big sister. Through-out the series Marti starts to act older. Though she is only 6 and almost 7, she still tries to prove to Casey she is smarter than what she seems at times.

Edwin Venturi Edwin is Casey's youngest step brother and they don't do much things with each other though they do talk sometimes.