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Relationships Beyond Romance: Covert Friendships (Hannah) When the Dragonrider F'lar visited, Lessa used her powers to manipulate Over the course of the series, they came to respect and trust each other, but the. Lessa was the Weyrwoman of Benden Weyr during the Ninth Pass, and the last much more personable; developing a genuinely loving relationship with F'lar. Our hero, F'lar, initially sees Lessa only as a tool for his own agenda to the eventual affection and trust, and that devastating reunion at the end of way she portrayed gay relationships, in the Pern books and other stories.

However, Benden Weyr remained in good standing due to Benden's better reputation. Eventually, F'lar was forced into a duel with T'ron at the wedding of Lord Asgenar. One Oldtimer Weyrleader, T'kulwas found deliberately neglecting his duties, and T'ron realized that F'lar would ask for the Weyrleader's removal. As a result, T'ron planned to kill F'lar, removing the Holds' main ally and allowing T'ron to control the other Weyrleaders unopposed. After defeating T'ron, F'lar challenged any other Oldtimers to speak against Benden, or to follow him and fight their ancient enemy.

Many agreed to follow Benden's lead, effectively making F'lar the Weyrleader of all Pern. F'lar would exile all non-followers to the Southern Continent, where they could do little harm. He also continued his goals in modernizing Weyr traditions, by stationing dragonriders in crafts and holds to allow for quick communication.

He was also responsible for the rediscovery of thread-eating grubs, and helped to spread the creatures to protect vulnerable land in the North. F'lar initially kept the grub project secret, but came to realize the value of open communication after becoming sick due to traveling between with an open wound. Though F'lar desired to make a trip to the Red Star, as he promised, the near death of F'nor after such a trip made him realize the dangers. Even after the Oldtimer's exile, F'lar's leadership, did not go unchallenged, and there were some Oldtimers who persisted in their efforts against Benden.

T'kul, the exiled Weyrleader of High Reaches, had attempted to steal a queen egg from one of Ramoth's clutches, and fly his dragon to mate with a younger queen, resulting in the ancient dragon's death; F'lar faced the grief-maddened Oldtimer in a knife duel and killed him.

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In the aftermath, F'lar would learn that most of the planet considered him to be in charge of determining the settlement of the Southern Continent, thanks to the hard work of Robinton. After learning of the true extent of the continent, he would open a portion for settlement, which many younger sons of holders took advantage of.

However, he kept much of the knowledge secret in hopes of retaining a part of the continent for dragonriders, allowing them to support themselves in the upcoming intervals. When time allowed, he helped explore the Southern Continent, becoming part of the group that would discover the original settlement created by Pern's founders.

When he was not discussing the greater plan, F'lar's studies with AIVAS tended to the more practical duties of the Weyrleader; tactics, mathematical projections of Threadfall, and draconic healing. He did however, gain a degree of proficiency in using a console. He was convinced that AIVAS' plan to end the threat of Thread forever was doable, and he and Lessa were among the major leaders the others being Jaxom and Masterharper Robinton in the plan to carry out the promise he had made upon becoming Weyrleader.

F'lar would become one of the first people to explore the surface of the Red Star, when he carried out an exploratory mission with Jaxom and Lessa. F'lar would assist in the search, and when the conspirators were discovered, helped bring in the Lord Holders involved for trial. In particular, he could confront Sigomal, and sent several wings to retrieve Begamonwho were both implicated.

F'lar would later lead one of the teams in placing large antimatter engines onto the surface of the Red Planet with the goal of knocking it out of orbit resulting in the elimination of Thread reaching the surface of Pern. If the dragons' mating frenzy drives their riders into wild lust, why is always the man who dominates and hurts the woman, and never the other way around?

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Her politics were ahead of her time, but her time was 50 years ago and now they're stereotypical and two-dimensional. That's why when I read the Pern books I mentally update the characters' attitudes to what Ms. McCaffrey might have written if she'd been born in modern times. It's been over 30 years since I read the series and I guess I only did the Harpers and Dragonrider and I guess the series went on?

I don't even remember their being sex in the books. Maybe I blocked it. I do know my vision of her fire lizards are partly responsible for my Dragon Pots. It's funny, I guess I need to go re-read loads of stuff from my teens and early 20s. Nearly everyone I know says they've broken up with LKH. How are her books still best sellers?

I actually think I'm remembering love scenes from The Rowan and Damia where the female leads are reacting to their respective dudes. I don't have quotes for these books, but I think this is part of why the phrasing here gets my attention Menolly, above and beyond camping out the front doors, is openly showing her affection for Robinton in a fairly strong manner, shown by the use of the word "cries" which plays a role in the romantic scenes in other series written by AMC.

The arm-over-shoulders could be innocent, but it echos Sebell's moves elsewhere in the books, so it might be deliberate, given that Sebell is generally thought to be something of his Master's mirror So Sebell's overall character development across the series might be dealing with some retcons that could make this assumption shaky.

The word choice of "slender" catches me at well. Menolly's always been tall, and mistakable for a lad in Dragonsong at least due to her size, but slender? Did she shrink somewhere between Dragonsong and Dragondrums? However, like "cries", the word choice of "slender" brings to mind descriptions of Lessa and The Rowan, both of whom are described by male POV characters as "slender" in a way that implies this is a sexy or alluring trait. Also, I seem to recall the scene in one of the later DRoP books where Lessa embraces Robinton and he gets a thrill from it makes use of the word "slender", although I don't have a quote to back me up so my memory might be faulty and I'm wrong here.

Menolly is also markedly displaying passivity towards Robinton when she's far from helpless. Earlier in the book she's kicking ass and taking names in Piemur's defence. Now in this scene she's waiting for Robinton to fix things, as she was earlier in the Sebell-arm-laying scenes turning towards Sebell for comfort.

You could argue she's just feeling upset and helpless because Piemur's currently frolicking in some unknown area of Southern and her firelizards can't find him, but again, women leaning on their strong men is a romantic theme that McCaffrey carries accross several character pairings and series.

It's actually kind of weird, because you have to have read her works across several series many times and sort of internalized them to pick up on it, but if you HAVE done that, like me, they pop out pretty strongly in this scene. While other scenes with potential subtext can and have been read by me in a neutral manner, this one actually for years has been read by me with a more romantic twist, much like the scenes that you know are supposed to be read like that such as the ones I quoted earlier with Sebell and his fascination with Menolly's shoulders.

My default interpretation is romantic here, basically. All right, enough with Menolly camping the Hall's front door, pining for Robinton.

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Let's talk about boats. Remember the mentioned-in-passing-but-never-shown boat scene where Robinton and Menolly get blown off course to Southern and discover Cove? I didn't actually recall it was mentioned in Dragondrums, but it is. Unless they've managed this unlikely feat twice. Here's the reference, page He turned to Menolly.

I hadn't recalled it being that early Because I know that's when they discovered Cove, and I recall references to Menolly lashing Robinton to the mast to keep him upright or something, but obviously they say nothing about Cove or bondage here. Had to say it. What fun is it if I can't make jokes in such a seriously fan-wankish post?

No real subtext per se--aside from this big open gap where you wonder what conversations and scenes happened during that long period of being lost at sea and slowly sailing from literally the east end of the Southern continent to the west end, which presumably takes more than a day or two.

Whatever happened during this time, happend between Robinton and Menolly a turn prior to the events of Dragondrums. Let's move on to the firelizards-make-sexy-times boat scene with Sebell and Menolly. This scene has a part that I really don't know how to interpret without subtext, because reading it straight doesn't make any sense to me. Oh wait, here's Sebell being something of a bastard, page Kimi was about to fly!

And it was Menolly's bronzes who would fly her. A surge of elation swept Sebell, who could scarcely believe his good fortune. Firelizards will let him do her without the hard stuff like starting a relationship!

In his defence, he is apparantly sorry a few sentences later that it's coerced to some extent, due to firelizards. Which is more than can be said for other pairings on Pern. Oh, and in Dragondrums Menolly has sea-green eyes Surprise, then memory, changed the color of her sea green eyes.