Lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

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lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. I've been reading old thread about Lazytown because my dd's are obsessed atm. relationships that make you feel uneasy (or not) - Stephanie and Sportacus. Sportacus and Stephanie had always been friends, they never seemed they kiss and touch as never before now there is no innocence in the kiss teeth All she is capable of is a nod and a groan as she feels his finger tips.

lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

We will never be anything more than friends even Tenderly, he took her arm between his hands to examine it. Let me get the first-aid kit. She plopped down on a nearby fallen tree trunk, cradling her injured arm.

He pulled out a roll of gauze and a tube of ointment, squeezing a bit of the cooling gel onto the pad. Accidents happen to everyone. Remember when I broke my ankle, just walking down the stairs one day? Here I am, Mr.

lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

Gymnastic and I couldn't go down a flight of stairs without cracking a bone. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the look on his face -- so intent on her, so concerned. Part of her wished she could still get kisses for boo-boos, the other part wished she could sink through the forest floor and never be seen again.

And there was still another part, a wilder part only he brought out that wished she could lean over, take his mouth beneath hers and just Yes, kiss him and suddenly there was nothing stopping her, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him up to her, feasting on his lips, then feeling him hesitate before opening up, his tongue touching So sweet, she thought hazily, trying to take more, as much as he would give.

lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

He was still holding back, she could feel it, but if he gave her time But Sportacus didn't seem to want to wait. Disentangling himself from her embrace, he rose clumsily, his entire body trembling. This isn't what you want. You want a young man, your own age.

She had to blink rapidly to keep the tears from spilling over -- the last thing she wanted was for him to see her cry like a baby. It's always been you.

All right, maybe I didn't know it back then, but I'm not a little girl anymore, Sportacus. And I have a woman's feelings and all of them? There's no one else and there won't be, for as long as I live.

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I know this and nothing you or anyone else can say will change my mind. It was cold and she rubbed his thumb between her fingers to warm it.

In my mind, you're still my little Stephanie. I would be hurting you if things were She rose and took his chin in her free hand, forcing him to look in her eyes. You know you can't hurt me. You could never hurt me. He looked into her eyes for a few moments and then: I could never deny you anything either -- ever. Do you really want this, my only one? God, so good, she thought hazily, her burn forgotten as he scooped her into his arms, not breaking the kiss.

Her lips touched his and both of them felt the jolt, the kiss was sweet and intense. Sportacus responds to the kiss, his lips move slowly wile his hands explore Stephanie's back, wile her hands where in his hair holding his lips to hers.

Soon the need to breath overwhelmed both of them and tho they broke apart they did not separate there eyes locked there breath mingled. In a small voice Stephanie states with some trepidation "I do this to you every time? He answers with a tiny nod of his head. Pulling her further on top of him Sportacus kissed Stephanie harder than before feeling her body atop his he can't keep from the unknown to him but still automatic actions of his hips.

Stephanie loves the feel of those strong arms round her holding her to his body, she start only for a moment when his hands move around her body touching and caressing where ever he touch, the hip moments feel good and with out conscious thought Stephanie responds to them feeling better and better she recognises the feeling between her legs as the same as those she gets when she dreams of Sportacus. She never gets to finish those dreams, she know this is not a dream it can't be.

She is broken from her reverie by Sportacus asking her if she is sure this is ok as he goes to lift her dress from her body.

All she is capable of is a nod and a groan as she feels his finger tips sliding up her body touching her for the first time. Suddenly she is no longer lying on top, with a sudden flip Sportacus is above her resting his weight on his arms wile still in full contact with her body kissing her deeply, nothing breaks them apart even when he is startled by Stephanie rubbing and caressing his ass pulling him closer and moving her legs to bring him even closer.

lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

Moving together kissing touching reaching heights nether of them got to alone, before anything more could happened Sportacus stopped completely still looked deep in to Stephanie's eyes and cupped her face gentle saying "I may be a better than average hero but I am a man if this what ever it is, isn't what you want tell me now the hero in me isn't that strong darling do you understand what I am saying to you?

She closes her eye for a moment clearing the lust from her mind does she want this dose she want to remember this as her first time with her first love? I want to do this right. Looking back at Stephanie he says "I'm not sure if I should feel proud I have them or daft for saying Condom to the ship. Soon the moment was right. They breathed together there was a moment of complete silence and just a small movement. The silence was broken by the duel moans of pleasure, Spartacus's eyes widened as Stephanie clawed at his back and ass, this was better than any sport better than he had ever imagined they rode the pleasure given and taken equally, Both of them becoming more frantic in there motions, words moans and even screams broke free from there lips.

Suddenly Stephanie went rigged and let out a low groan of pain, Sportacus stopped even breathing as he looked at his lady love with concern, her eyes where filled with pain and tears.

What's wrong what happened…. They reach the crest of the wave together and fall in to bliss calling each others names holding each other as thought they would be ripped from each others arms.

lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship tips

Before ether of them has even crashed down they are moving in rhythm slower than before changing position as it pleased them, Sportacus using every given talent to please his lover is surprised to find himself on his back, but decided that what ever his new lover wanted she could have. They spent the night together touching feeling learning each others bodies getting to know each other in a complealty new way. Nothing was going to keep them apart.

Finally when they where both sated they slept the peace quite full rest sleep. It was a good thing nothing to bad happened in the next 2 days because Stephanie had "gone to sleep over at friends out side of town" and Sportacus seemly had got lost in his blimp, but no one seemed to worry. The two lovers stopped discovering each other just long enough to eat and drink un less the hyper active elf just would not watch her eat a banana yes he is an elf and no she wasn't being naught with the bananas and then it just got messy!