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No Reprieve for Law & Order: CI: 'It Was a Good Series Finale,' Says 10 was greenlit, with D'Onofrio's Goren and Erbe's Eames back on duty. See more. Criminal Intent - Hung Up Hung Up, Rich People, Eames, Law, Chairs . Goren and Eames - "Kiss Me Here" Shiina Ringo, Kiss Me, Eames. Alexandra "Alex" Eames is a fictional character within the Law & Order universe portrayed by Kathryn Erbe. Eames first appears on Law & Order: Criminal Intent as a detective partnered with Robert Goren Their working relationship is close and supportive, but there is sometimes tension and conflict between them.

I will continue to watch, to recap, and be honest about what I see. Here is the recap: As Van Dekker is reluctant to go, Goren grabs him, pulls him away, and angrily shoves him against the wall and is pulled off by nearby police and FBI. A custody disagreement ensues, and one of the FBI guys says they are not releasing Van Dekker to a maniac. But Eames reminds him they have a warrant, with Stahl saying she can stick that warrant.

Maas tells Goren he is suspended. As Eames shakes her head, Goren turns over his gun and badge. He walks off and Eames tells him she talked them out of the psych evaluation and he can thank her later. He turns over his information to Zach and tells him he will be in touch with him — and with Eames, and Goren leaves. Kadra believes the Americans planted the weapons so they could be stolen, or that they could be honed in on and vaporized.

Hassan tells him to leave the component in there, for the Americans to succeed, he must succeed. Back at Major Case, Zach goes over the case with Zach. Zach wonders more about the man killed at sea, who was a descendant of Abdulla Hassan, a national hero to some. They wonder who is out there who cares about it. Van Dekker hands him an urn with the remains of his father.

Hassan says he must reimburse Van Dekker for this, and saying it is a cultural thing. Killer man takes out his gun and shoots Van Dekker. Rodgers finds steel wool near the gunshot wound and Nichols assumes it was a homemade silencer. Eames tells her to ask Goren herself. When the FBI thinks Goren could have used the pattern from another murder, Nichols says they have a point and tells Eames they have to go where the evidence takes them. Eames seems to soften.

It is fun here. He tells her is it is in all their best interests to go along with what Nichols is trying to do. He tells her when the shooting occurred he was home alone and it is clear he is still working the case. He goes on to say that Milgrim is an investment capitalist and while he seems legit he may be the money trail. Eames says she should try to talk him out of this, and he says that has always been a wasted effort.

She tells Nichols that his son is in New York and he owns an advertising agency. Nichols gets a little squirmy and notes the picture of Sayid Abdullah Al Hassan, and they say he is their great great grandfather. Nichols makes a move to leave and Stevens comments she assumes they know Jan Van Dekker, and Hassan says he is not certain. They tell him he is the murder victim and may have had a connection to his father, but Hassan says his father had so many connections and they were aware of so few.

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Things aren't exactly how Detective Eames pictured they'd be by the time she was BA in later chapters. Chapter 10 is rated M for sexual content. Characters belong to Dick Wolf. You know the drill. One "You are the most god awful stubborn woman I have ever met," Detective Robert Goren said to his partner through her apartment door.

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But I will be back. He called his squad captain, James Deakins. She told me to go away. Eames is in one hell of a mood. He charged back to her door, barely making it in time to keep from being locked out again.

Well, no one ever said Goren couldn't move fast when he wanted to.

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He pulled the door open and went inside. She scowled up at him. He started to laugh, but one look at her face sobered his mood.

It was one of Goren's patented observations of the obvious. He reached out, as if to stroke her cheek.

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You're worried that you've missed the boat? I think as we start No, could we just I'm a big boy, I'm a grown man. What was it you said, my emotional drawbridge is up. I can take it. Just tell me if you think I can have what other people have.

If you want to work toward those goals, then yeah, we can do that. What does that mean, no? Is that couched in shrink-speak? I'm not the one saying no or it's too late.

Where's this coming from? I look in the mirror every day and I see what you see. I ask you for your professional judgment and you turn it back on me. I mean, come on, you're smart. You're someone that I respect. No, that's not what I I know what you do, doctor.

You seem open, empathic, and you listen So you get your patients to trust you, and then you pull back. You toy with them. And that's your game. I know that I have inadvertently Look, this is not working for me.

You know, you should call my captain, or 1PP, or whoever you report back to, and you should tell them that I am not a good candidate for therapy. I need you to help me understand what I did wrong. You wanna take my badge away again. Right when you want to run