Lauren and bo relationship quotes

lauren and bo relationship quotes

I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Bo, you know that. LAUREN: I don't think anything that we do is easy, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. In Caged Fae, Bo asked Lauren to be with her in a committed relationship. Quotes. LAUREN: My God, you're beautiful. I meant that professionally. BO: It's cool. It was coined by a fan of the relationship between Bo and Lauren during the first season of Lost Girl and soon became widely used by fans of.

With front row seats to the smash up clam derby?

lauren and bo relationship quotes

You know, we really need to start stocking our fridge with sports drinks. Because my medulla oblongata is screaming for hydration. I can literally feel my equilibrium The geek speak is working, Doctor. I must be the only woman in history that has to pretend to be a ditz to repel sexual attraction. Mother, may I kill the freeloader?

If you go near my girlfriend, the little balls hanging from our Christmas tree next year will have a certain, panache. Hook up illegal cable and what do I get? Threats against my junk. Twenty bucks if you kill the white boy. Bet on the wrong guy again. Story of my life. You and I are part of a little peace project between dark and light.

You should read your newsletter. I just do the crossword. There is still so much about you I don't know. Well, I'm a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in ooh suki suki now. They specialize in finding what's haunting a person. Right now she's specializing in haunting me.

At least he eats organic. Didn't do much for his eyesight though. Would you believe we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque? I'd be a fool to trust someone from your team.

lauren and bo relationship quotes

Do you mean Dark Fae or women? You touch my friend and things are going to get a lot less civilized. How'd we get here? I dunno, but if I had to guess, I'd say years of latent sexual tension. Last thing I remember is being at the Cistern chapel, and then we got crock-blocked. Are you wearing my kimono again? It's alright, I had it altered. Now, it fits me to perfection. Even the likes of Ebeneezer Scrooge wouldn't stoop so low as to beat a cripple. Did you know he was Dark Fae when you sucked him dry like a little crab leg?

Hang on one second here. You're new partner is Dark Fae?! As good as this good cop, horny cop is, I'm gonna get coffee. I know she didn't do it. Because when God was handing out brains, you took a second dick? That bitch is doomed! Why isn't there an app for navigating shipyards?

There's an app for turning people into zombies. Thanks for coming back. I was beginning to think I wasn't gonna get to kick your cute little ass today. You know, if I didn't hate Bo so much, I'd actually start to like her. She has that effect on people.

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The music, it's so pretty. Or a funeral dirge to a death march. Does that blood in your mouth taste good? Do I taste good? It was so, beautiful.

lauren and bo relationship quotes

I think it was something you ate. Why are people always lying to me? I know, I know. What's a nice girl like me doing in a place like this huh? Go on with your bad selves. As for the rest of you, drinks, are on, me!

lauren and bo relationship quotes

Give it up succubus! You leave me breathless, wolf! As I recall, you used to like that. I used to like a lot of silly things.

Your crime spree, ends now! Should I beg for sanctuary? And I'll be back! I barely know my mom. Though this one time she did sleep with my boyfriend and try to kill me. So what's with the femi-nazis? Well, it's a helluva sad story Doc. I've loved, I've lost, my dog done run away Lauren: Don't you have a baton to polish or something? That was so bad-ass! You've been a bad, bad girl! Best role play ever! What is that smell? I coated myself in the secretions of skunk ape to pass as Fae. A giant rock this early in our relationship.

Are you saying you want a commitment? Are you saying this is a relationship? You can't stop me. Your troll can't stop me.

I'm calling a meeting, no questions Ashked! You need to fix this. You're the Ash now! That's right little mama. When shit gets real, what is she gonna do, science people to death? The Amazon's won't listen to me. Because of your stupid penis? I prefer untested leadership.


This clink's actually built on top of, get laid, lines? I mean sure,the differences amazes and excites me. I respect her for that but there are moments that I wish she can understand what I'm going through. She means a lot to me.

I love her for being her. But there were also times that I wanted to tell her everything. I wanted to be all out with her but I just can't because her reactions towards what I feel or needed is sometimes considered as too sensitive. So I have to be with someone who can feel me. So sometimes it can be tiring too. Sometimes,I wish she's more human. I'm sure she also wish I would be less emotional and less clingy.

So this break up thing,Is it for good or is it temporary? Or does it has something to do with the hair Tamsin took from Lauren? I shall call it the growing up and learning up stage for both of them then? For now, I'll be crying myself to sleep. I need a hug! I'm so happy of how things have gone this season. I'm excited about how things will go next season. The break up between Bo and Lauren was smooth. I think it is a wise move to put the relationship on hold meaning they still get their doccubus fans hopeful.

With their relationship on hold,the writers can actually experiment on it. They can renew the relationship at some point or maybe make it intense or even conflicting. Lauren was double crossed by Isaac. Dyson was captured and so with other Fae's. Iffa was on the same jail where Dyson was taken and where Lauren was forced by Isaac to conduct an experiment on him.

Tamsin was also up to something evil or who knows what she's up to. Kenzi was captured as insisted by the Morrigan. Trick left and was also captured by unidentified individual. The almighty Hale told Kenzi he loved her. All the people she loves were in trouble. How will she saved them all together?

Who knows,maybe Lauren went for a secret mission? Why would she leave her phone anyway? Is it to leave a message to Bo? Maybe,in the end it will be all about sacrifice. That no one gets to chose one to keep but everyone sacrifice for everyone. Well,I was so disappointed it only got 13 episodes this season. I was kinda expecting 22 episodes just like season 2. It ended with Dyson,Iffa and Lauren she was double cross by Isaac stuck on the same place.

He made her believe she's finally free turns out he needed her service to implant Dyson's bone marrow on him. Then there was sort of confrontation between Iffa and Dyson about Bo's past.

On another scene,Tamsin passed out and Bo did everything she could to keep her alive as it was revealed Tamsin is dying. Kenzi was taken by the Morrigan for questioning and threatened her. Turns out,Hale had put some sort of a protection on her pocket.

Bo and Tamsin entered Isaac's lab and was so shocked to see her mother locked along with Dyson. The biggest shock I think was seeing Lauren there.

lauren and bo relationship quotes

There were sort of painful confrontation. But I'm not buying everything that Lauren said. She's always this genius doctor who can let others use her just for those she loves. Lauren performed an operation. It was successful but since Isaac is just half breed and still on the process,he cannot defeat Dyson who chased him and eventually killed him. When Tamsin asked Bo about Lauren,she told Tamsin she didn't want to take her. There was a combination of anger and pain in her voice.

Tamsin told Dyson that the most powerful Fae was Bo's father. While driving,the wanderer appeared right before them while they were on full speed. At the Dal,Bo went looking for Kenzi but she's not there. She was busy looking for everybody when she was locked inside. Then a black smoke enveloped her and took her away. The end of season 3! Indeed,lost girl is becoming more intense. It's uniqueness was so compelling and addicting.

While people are obsessing about Vampires,I was obsessing on the Fae world for it seemed so new to me. It was clever for them to really keep the last episode intense that makes anyone look forward to season 4!

S3 started with Doccubus romance and lots of sex scenes between Lauren and Bo. This is to emphasize the Succubo who needs sex to gain energy,life and power. Then we have those fae crimes that needed to be solved. Then Doccubus relationship became rocky after the dawning. Lauren decided to break up with Bo so she'll have time for herself.

Then the season ends with some hints of Bo's background. Vex is back with his groovy magic hand game thing on the last episode. Wow,there's really lots of stuff to look forward. The writers are becoming more and more genius. I'm speculating that season 4 will focus on the true nature of Bo and what she can do more.

She can play the villain or she can play daddy's little girl. I'm assuming it was her dad who took her.

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Season 3 is really great. I mean it was goofy and exciting and funny ,flirtatious ,playful and sexy. I'm so excited for season 4! Yeah,I keep on saying that a lot I'm looking forward that each character's role will grow up and improve. I mean she might only be human and doesn't have any power against the Fae but I think she has the most dangerous and powerful weapon that will interest even the most powerful Fae-her brain.

With a genius like her,she can control all of them actually. Who knows what the genius doctor can do! To me you are. Your eyes are both brown and blue. Your heart is both strong and gentle. But in Bo's heart,both she loved so much. What is it that you don't like about her? She's bossy,territorial and pushy. And scientists sometimes do bad things for good reasons either knowingly or not, i.

But when Lauren disappears, Hale says she is security risk and Dyson admits that she can never leave the Fae because she has the most dangerous weapons of all — knowledge of course he said it in a dismissive manner. Will they ever get back together? If it was her father,why did he abandoned her? Why does everybody fear him? What's going on with Iffa after she took the bullet for Bo and left her with someone to look after her,she kinda turned to her old evil self?