Kung fu panda po and tigress relationship with god

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kung fu panda po and tigress relationship with god

The following is a list of characters from the DreamWorks animated film media franchise Kung . In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Po is shown to be defending the . but rather "The Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior" — with Master Tigress as The Soothsayer has a strange relationship with the peacock. "Oh yeahh, I seen it before when I was getting supplies on Monday" said Po. Tigress's face when from happy to disappointed. "I thought you. Po's relationships with characters from the series, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Po agreed, but warned her about Tigress being "jealous".

Before she could realise it, Po was gone. Her eyes darted around, searching for her panda, "PO! First, he looked around. The skies were red, everyone was screaming, children abandoned, just like he was. All because of him.

The demonic dragon looked down on him and smirked. Here to see your master die? I have to Hero's Chi. Well there's no harm in checking" the demon smirked again. Po had no idea what to do. He messed up again, for good. Ke-Pa's tail swung with such a force that all of China could hear the whoosh, hitting the warrior with all the energy in the world and as far as I know, the pain was unbearable.

The whole valley went silent. Shifu couldn't watch, as Po's breathing laboured. And Tigress, felt like her world had ended. Shifu was released from the machine, as soon as Ke-Pa found out that he didn't have the Chi. Tigress and Shifu crouched down beside him. But it was true, the warrior was dead. He noise had resumed. Then, she leaned herself close to Po's face, almost touched each other lips, and she whispered back.

But just when he snapped back, Tigress punched him with Tiger kung fu, which made Po hit to the wall with slow motion. But deep down her heart, she felt a joy of happiness, was it love? The Furious Five, Dragon Warrior and their master had had completed their plan and ready to prepare their mission.

At night, they have wore on their festival clothes and split into groups just according the plan. The mayor stood on the stage and announced, "Valley of Peace! Let the 'God Arrival Festival' begin! Seeing that Mantis was still on Monkey's shoulder, swinging and spinning crazily, which could see that his eyes showed spinning circles. We must follow the plan without any mistakes.

Actually, Crane could take this plan as a chance to have a time with Viper, his lover. So, they went their standing guard, the sales-stalls in the west street. They were having fun in it, and when they came across at the decorate stall, Crane saw a hair clip looked like a feather shape, and he bought it and gave it to Viper.

She shocked as she stared at her boyfriend. You will always remember me.


Shifu was greeting with mayor and sitting on the special guests seats and looking the whole area of Valley of Peace. Meanwhile, Monkey was still excitement on the crowd and the lights of whole valley, and Mantis, was still dizzy even more worse on Monkey's shoulder and yelled, cried, begged for mercy no more spinning!

And Po and Tigress paired as they were in the noodle cart location, which it was Po's dad noodle business. The goose saw Po and cried in joy and ran over to hug him.

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Po's dad saw the female tiger beside Po and asked his son, "Oh, son. I didn't know you have a girlfriend. Po looked at her and thinking that her face was saying, 'Don't split out our personal secret, we have to pretend that we are the couple.

Do it or I'll kick your butt painfully. Dad, I would like to introduce my girlfriend, Ti Oh, and a pretty girl, too. In spite of her temperate, stoic, and sarcastic attitude, Tigress is probably the most loyal of the Five, extremely dedicated to the well-being of the Valley of Peace.

As the leader of the group, Tigress holds an enormous sense of responsibility, and has no greater ambition than to protect the Valley and perfect her own skills. However, through Po's single comment in Kung Fu Panda 2 that she's so hardcore she "can't feel anything", Tigress begins to question how others perceive her. She has also become a close friend to Po, and better understands his foibles, fighting closely with the panda and using tandem combat techniques they have developed together, although she can still get easily embarrassed by him.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship with god

While still direct and commanding, she is also protective of Po, as shown by her efforts to keep him from battling Shen after he freezes in front of the peacock, explaining that she "can't watch her friend be killed". Additionally, she later pushes him out of the way when Shen fires his cannon at him a second time.

Po reciprocates this closeness to her immediately after that sacrifice with him and all his comrades strewn half-conscious about in the bay; namely, he swims to her alone and holds her paw in deep concern for her well being.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship with god

After Po's single-handed defeat of the peacock, Tigress helps him out of the water before complimenting him for his astounding victory, which Po silently answers with a hug. Tigress also listened to Po about his 'daddy issues', as Viper put it, showing that she cares how he is feeling, although she was still sarcastic to him.

Tigress also displays a caring personality towards infants. At the end of the original film, when Tai Lung is defeated, she is seen holding a rabbit child and protecting it from the blast's shockwave. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday Specialshe playfully feeds one of the village piglets during the festival. In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomenessit is revealed that Tigress was left at the Bao Gu Orphanage by her parents. It is also shown that she was, at one point, not good with children.

Tigress appears to be more stern and irritable throughout the series, and gets agitated with Po more than any of the rest of the Five. Despite this, she is still a dedicated warrior and friend.

Po has wanted to be friends with her since he was five, and often tries to encourage his friendship with her. While she is distant, and often violent towards others, she shows a genuine, deep caring for Po and Shifu, expressing joy and relief when they are revealed alive in different episodes, hugging Po and spinning Shifu around, though she quickly recovers to the intense embarrassment of others nearby.