Kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

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kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

The red panda stood and moved his staff to Po's lips to silence him. of your kung fu style, and after lunch - Tigress, you will be in charge training Mei All this had caused his relationship with his dad suffered in recent year. goes horribly wrong, damaging the panda's fragile relationship with her, Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Po, Tigress] and practically every Kung Fu maneuver Tigress would throw at him to . "Oh son, this is just a phase you're experiencing; you'll get over it soon enough, trust me. Even in the 1st movie they hinted to this relationship through a couple of points in the movie. here are the hints that i noticed. In the begining Po.

Hundun eventually found out that Po was the Dragon Warrior, and immediately forgot their friendship, attacking Po with the intent to kill him. Despite Po's efforts to appeal to Hundun, the rhino rebuffed Po continuously and the panda was forced to defeat him and send him to the prison that he used to work at.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

When Po learned of Fenghuang and the story of how she turned evil, he became afraid that he would eventually turn evil like her. Fearing for the safety of his friends, Po left the Valley and wandered into the northern mountains, where he unexpectedly met Fenghauang herself. When Po accidentally revealed to Fenghuang that Oogway was gone, she was ecstatic at the opportunity to finally claim the Jade Palace for herself.

She offered Po to join her, as he was also the most powerful of the Five, but when the panda refused, she left for the Jade Palace alone. Po followed her to the palace and fought her to protect Shifu, and she was defeated when Po pretended to turn evil and join her, tricking her into letting down her guard long enough for him to trap her in an owl-shaped cage. As Fenghuang was sent to prison she shouted to Po that she would have her revenge on him.

After managing to free themselves, Po and Shifu found Bad Po and tried to reason with him, but he showed no regard. In the end, Po fought Bad Po and defeated him by merging the two back together with the mirror that separated them.

Once Po asked Peng to train at the Jade Palacehe acted boastful and treated him as if he would never learn everything. Nevertheless, Peng still treated him with respect. Po even admitted that he was jealous of Peng getting all the respect. After the incident fight, Peng became Po's friend again. Peng also told Po that Tai Lung is his uncle, which horribly surprised Po.

However, Po seems to only see her as a friend and was surprised when she kissed him on the cheek before she left with the Ladies of the Shade after she turned on the former leader Su. Once she warms up to Po, she starts showing a softer side.

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Lady Looks Like a Dude: In Legends of Awesomeness, Mei Li refers to her as the scary man with stripes. It becomes a Running Gag. Of the Furious Five, being the most senior member and the most skilled.

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Even after Po takes up the mantle of Dragon Warrior, it's still Tigress who calls the shots and keeps the team from making bad decisions. Loves My Alter Ego: In Legends of Awesomeness, she falls in love with the Midnight Stranger, who is actually Po in disguise.

When Tigress finds out who he really is, she leaves to throw up. Po punches her in the arm and only succeeds in hurting his hand. She doesn't even seem to notice. She also counted half the planks in the Thread of Hope with her back and two solid hits from Tai Lung in general without much damage.

Also, she took a direct hit from Lord Shen's cannon and survived.

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For perspective, another kung fu master known for being unstoppable died to the same cannon. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Masculine Girl to Po's Feminine Boy.

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Po is an All-Loving Heroeasily emotional, clumsy, and can be one of the most soft-hearted characters in the series. Tigress, on the other hand, is The Stoichas manly traits, is the stronger one of the two, and can take a while to warm up to people. Taking care of Zan in Legends of Awesomeness. Lampshaded when Shifu says she doesn't have much experience with children. My Instincts Are Showing: In Secrets of the Scroll, Shifu has her repress her natural feline instincts, claiming that they show a lack of control.

It's only when she finally cuts loose that she reaches her true potential and develops tiger-style kung fu.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

Not So Above It All: Expanded Universe media such as the hand drawn shorts and Legends of Awesomeness TV series tend to convey a much more clownish and awkward side to Tigress than the films. Even in the latter, she starts becoming One of the Guys by the second film and enjoying some of Po's more immature habits. She does have the extremely rare moment of actual emotion, most notably near the end of the second movie where she actually hugs Po.

Also pops up whenever she's around children, who bring out a much softer side that not even her friends and family get to see. Is the official leader of the Furious Five and the one to keep Po on track. Tigress' response to both being revived was to glomp them in a happy fit She does this to Po in the third film as well, though since the whole group does the same, it goes less noticed.

In the Legends of Awesomeness episode, "The Midnight Stranger" Tigress starts fawning over the title character like a crushing schoolgirl. The others are left completely dumbfounded by this change in character. Bao Gu, where she was raised. Though it was only an Orphanage of Love after she learned to control her strength.

Up until then, it was an Orphanage of Fear She's a tiger, and a highly awesome one. Quite popular for subjects at the Furry Fandom.

She is confirmed to be an orphan, though how and why she became one is unknown. Especially in the first movie.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

By the second, she's lightened up a little, having gotten closer to Po and actually enjoying his company some of his childish antics asidebut she's still easily the most serious of the Five even then. A humorous Reconstruction in the third film. While she's still her usual serious-minded competent self throughout, during the last half, where she is a Fish out of Water in the consistently goofy Panda Village, she plays the role of The Comically Serious against Po's bizarre but effective training methods and Lei Lei's clinginess.

She still gets her badass check in the climax against the Jade Zombies however. She's an honorable kung fu warrior, but isn't above using dirtier tactics against her opponents, like trying to drop a rope bridge out from under Tai Lung. Shifu was the only one who raised her. She gives a harsh one to Po in the Legends Of Awesomeness episode "Chain Reaction", saying that Po thought of everything as a game and thinks Oogway made the wrong choice in choosing the Dragon Warrior.

But after Po gave a small emotional one to her in return, she regrets what she said. Averted at the end of the episode, where she thanks Po for rescuing her by saying that Oogway made the right choice after all.

She feels overshadowed by Tai Lungand incapable of taking the place he supposedly had in Shifu's heart.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

As Secrets of the Furious Five reveals, she was adopted by Shifu as well, making her Tai Lung's replacement in all aspects. She's wrong at least in the sense that Shifu did a very poor job of expressing his love and approval in time to Tai Lung as well. She more than gets over it when he impresses her by defeating Tai Lung by himself. The Legends of Awesomeness episode "Chain Reaction" reveals a few remaining demons, though this is finally settled after Po rescues her and she is left openly remorseful.

Running on All Fours: When she's in a hurry. Ironically, she didn't always used to do this. In Secrets of the Scroll, she runs with a formal, but highly inefficient jog for most of the short. She only tries something different when she sees how easily her new teammates are outpacing her with their efficient, instinct-driven styles of movement.

With Po in the second film. And in several episodes of Legends of Awesomeness, which takes place between the two films.


Her semi-catatonia to being hugged by Po at the end of the film. Slapstick Knows No Gender: When the five and po go to fight, po and tigress have tag team moves or as i would like to call it the tango because it looks a lot like they are dancing while doing kung fu.

Also in the same scene she goes out of her way to try and save po from the boss wolfs hammer but fails. The boat scene tigress really comes out of her shell to talk to po one on one and she was about to say something before getting cut off. I have this feeling whatever she was going to say was going to bring them much closer together.

Tigress appears to always be in pos general area in almost every scene and she apears to always watch his back. In the jail she wants to know the truth to why po let shen go and when he didn't answer this angered her because she cares for him and she didn't want him to be killed. So that is why she told him to stay in the jail.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship trust

When po neglects tigress's commands she is worried for him and tries to get to him and fails as po is shot and she is shocked that it happened saying NOOOOO!!!!!

When the five are chained up and monkey points out that po would want them to remain hardcore to the end and tries to confirm this with tigress who is Crying over po being dead ok we are talking about tigress a Iron lady ok she really dosen't just cry for everyone.