King and queen of wands relationship

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king and queen of wands relationship

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning. Why in our modern-day society are we told that the “lion is the king of the jungle” when the reality . It also indicates for a woman that you are in charge of the relationship and for a man it indicates that. What does the King and Queens of Wands together mean for a relationship? Wands are about passion, so is it a passionate relationship. Remember that the Court Cards such as the king of wands and the Queen of wands usually represent actual people in your life. However, the.

Ever since then I have understood the celebration shown in the card to be a wedding.

king and queen of wands relationship

But there is more to the card, and these further influences layer on ideas of long-term commitment, with or without a formal ceremony. The number four represents solidity and boundaries.

king and queen of wands relationship

When ensconced by the fireplace, there is a coziness we feel that wraps around you, letting you sink into a luxurious indolence. A relationship, a job, a home, whatever it is, the Four of Wands says you can linger here. In relationship readings, the Four of Wands represents marriage or a long-term commitment to fostering and growing a relationship.

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He is the earthly magistrate of sacred laws. He knows the rules imposed by holy texts and is entrusted with the administration of their justice.

Religious authority and spiritual hierarchy in a time of the spiritual-but-not-religious crowd can make this card seem out of place and time. But the traditions of heredity and culture are exactly what this card symbolizes: If you want a big church wedding, this is your card!

In fact, I have heard some readers suggest that the two acolytes kneeling in front of the pope can represent a couple seeking a blessing on their matrimonial union. Notice that the robes of the supplicants are embroidered one with the rose, the other with the lily, two symbols addressed in the post on Love in the Cards in the discussion of the Six of Cups.

Love in the Cards #3: Marriage

The rose with its fivefold symmetry is change and growth, the six-petaled lily perfection and completion. Back in the 90s when I was first learning tarot, I was living in a small three-bedroom apartment with my sister. Towards the end of the year we took in a third roommate, an exchange student from Hungary. Red would represent passion, or green could be used to invoke fertility if a family was desired.

Our new roommate said that in Hungary the bride wore white, but always changed into a red dress for the reception. The Hierophant also represents things institutional—including not only churches, but government and large corporations—the types of institutions that impose rules and regulations on their populations.

Consequently this card can mean following the rules. For lovers, that might mean legalizing their partnership, usually for reasons such as tax benefits, getting health care, or other benefits the law offers.

In readings on love and marriage, the Hierophant can represent a church wedding, following family customs or societal traditions, or formalizing a commitment according to, or to reap the benefits of, the rules of legal institutions.

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You might be completely surprised to see the Justice card in a list of cards for marriage. The tropical sign of Libra begins with the Fall Equinox, when day and night are equal. In terms of relationships, the balance is through partnership, two parties equally invested, equally committed, offering equal value to each other. Although not addressing the emotional needs of the relationship, this card tells us that the partnership is strong and balanced.

The Justice card can be associated with the legal system, so like the Hierophant, this card can indicate legally formalizing a relationship. Qabalistically, Justice is the Path of Lamed. But what is relevant to our discussion at least I hope the ox-goad is not relevant to our discussion! If we think of the symbolism of Temperance, which included the idea of climbing upwards towards a higher, more spiritual connection, then Justice brings us from the height of that love back down to earth where the practical details of forging a relationship come into play.

When the Justice card makes an appearance in love readings, it can indicate marriage, balanced and equal partnerships, legally formalizing a relationship, or bringing a spiritual love connection down into the physical world of reality. The Queen of Swords, like Justice, is associated with the astrological sign of Libra, so many of the meanings listed above apply. The Queen of Swords emphasizes fairness, equality, and partnership.

She would rather be with a partner than alone and values cooperation. A relationship that appeared very promising has fallen flat on its face. Lack of growth in a relationship.

Set backs to pursuing a relationship. Lack of enthusiasm in taking a relationship to the next level. Being at a crossroads. Weighing up Pros and Cons.

king and queen of wands relationship

Two — Not really sure about the relationship. Doubts about staying or going. Nothing really wrong, but the fire may have diminished. Feeling trapped or restricted.

Wanting to rush into a relationship but circumstances may hold you back. Hankering after a love from far away.

king and queen of wands relationship

Big decisions about relocating for a couple. Action has to be taken soon. The Sudden departure of a partner. Focus could lie elsewhere. Full of Regret 2 rx — Unable to make a decision. Two Reversed — Feeling abandoned by your partner. The sudden return of a partner. Choosing to stay in a mundane relationship out of fear of change or risk.

Feeling unfulfilled or restricted.

king and queen of wands relationship

Being held back by your partner. Too many obstacles in the way of love. Not healthy and not a good enough reason for a relationship. Action as a result of decisions. Three — A relationship grows or develops as it moves on to the next stage. Relationship issues moving into the past. Putting the hard times in the past and looking to the future. Moving on or away after a relationship.

Getting on with life again. Someone met while travelling, or a relationship with someone from another country. A couple moving to another country. The one you love or desire may have the attention focused elsewhere.

Either way, it is positive progress. Reversed Three — Trouble for A long distance romance as it may not be working out.

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Moving on too quickly. Regrets over impulsive decisions made. Wanting to come home and make amends. Focusing on a past love instead of being present in the current one. Finding it difficult to move on and let go after a failed relationship or marriage.

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Holiday romance comes to an end with the return home. Positive progress is thwarted. Either decide you want to make it work, or let it go. Laying foundations and seeking stability. Joy of joys for a couple.