Kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship questions

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kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship questions

Ayano decided to give up on Kazuma. I do not own Kaze No Stigma to reassure her of all her problems and to kiss all of her problems. She is also the second cousin of Kazuma Yagami and Ren Kannagi, as well as the love interest of Relationships: This never ceases to annoy her father, who has to constantly remind her that not all problems can be solved with brute force. At this point, Ayano and Kazuma's relationship has depleted. Disclaimer: I do not own Kaze no Stigma! ^ ^ .. Are you sure you're still willing to fight, you know we can always go back to just talking about our problems.

I would forget him and start over. Turning around to look Kazuma in the eyes I said, "I'm going to Yukari's house so you can leave now. Deciding to forget about that occurrence, I continued walking towards my previous destination, the arcade. I could let off some steam in there.

Inside Yukari was just sitting on her bed giving herself a pedicure, like she would normally be doing in her spare time. She looked up expectantly at me, with a knowing look in her eyes.

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She calmly told me to sit down and from there we started discussing my plan to forget about Kazuma. We called Nanase over and she helped formulate my plan. The plan would come into action tomorrow at school. The next day at school, I was to choose one of the boys who confessed to me.

I knew someone would confess today, because there are at least 5 boys who confess each day. I was certain that there'd be some decent guy. Reassuring myself that I could get over Kazuma, I drifted off into the most peaceful sleep I'd had for a long time.

Waking up the next morning, I put a little more effort into my appearance. I had to look my best, because it was the day I would finally get a boyfriend. My heart ached when I pictured a relationship without Kazuma, but I knew it wasn't meant to be. Setting off for school, I had a different outlook to the day than I normally would.

When I got to school, me, Yukari and Nanase all met up and discussed the plan. We checked my locker, and sure enough there were 5 love letter or notes, asking me to meet the guy somewhere. Normally I'd just throw them away, but today I needed to go meet the guys.

This wasn't the part I was really looking forward to, but I had to go through with it. So at lunch, I went to meet one of the guys. His name was Hamasaki Akira. He was pretty cute I thought, and he had nice blue eyes, kind of like Kazuma. But I didn't let my mind become occupied with Kazuma, so I looked Akira straight in the eyes and said that I would like to try going out with him.

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When I said that, his eyes lit up and he suddenly got all happier. I smiled at him and asked him if we could meet up after school. Kazuma POV I was just flying around looking for some youma to vaporise, when my eyes came across a familiar red head.

Of course it was Ayano, but what was she doing with that… guy? I didn't recognise the guy, but Ayano looked really spirited and happy talking to him. That must mean a lot, because she hadn't looked like that ever since… ever since I stopped talking to her. Just thinking about that made me feel guilty.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship questions

I didn't normally feel guilt. Inspecting that guy again, I set off to find some youma. I'd need a pretty damn strong youma to keep my mind preoccupied and off of that guy and Ayano.

I told them about Akira and we all planned the next part. After we went home together, I'd go to the new cake shop that had opened with him, and we'd get more comfortable with each other. I was hoping that things would go well between the two of us, because I found Akira much more agreeable than Kazuma, and he wasn't that bad looking. I was glad that for once, I was one step closer to forgetting him.

Kazuma Yagami

Meeting Akira at the front gate, we both walked towards the cake store, chatting lightly to each other. When we got there, Akira offered to pay for everything. Thinking about how I would have to force Kazuma to pay, my heart ached at the comparison. Pushing that thought to the side, I smiled sweetly at Akira and told him that I'd really appreciate it.

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Going into the store, ready to look around at all the various cakes and other items they sold, my eyes met with a familiar brown blob of messy hair. Scrutinising it more carefully, I gasped and realised that it was Kazuma. Trying not to make too much of a scene, I attempted to casually walked past him, but of course he had to notice.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship questions

Looking up, our eyes met. His eyes widened, showing his shock.

Ayano Kannagi

All he could whisper was my name. Your review has been posted. Apart from being able to fly even while holding three people, Kazuma can launch blasts of wind that act as blades, and manipulate wind spirits to create a barrier, protecting his body from physical harm or reflecting light in order to camouflage himself, also Kazuma eyes have been show the ability to distinguish spellcasters from normal people Episode 6.

It has also become apparent that he possibly has the ability to manipulate electricity, given that high speed wind friction creates static electricity and that Kazuma was shown generating it when he was utilizing his black wind. Kazuma's power overall is very powerful even without activating the contract which makes him a god-like character in the series.

Kazuma actived his power as a Contractor. Thanks to that, Kazuma is able to draw upon all wind spirits in the atmosphere, which amplifies his powers, and allows him to heal his wounds. When using that power, his eyes turn azure blue. However, this ability puts a strain on his body. With his contract actived, Kazuma is invincible and omnipotent to the extent that no one was able to touch him and that his power increases ten folds when compared to his normal state which by itself is already enough for Kazuma to overpower his father's godsfire without requiring his abilities as contractor in contrast to Ren's belief that he couldn't defeat him without being the contractor.

Black Wind Edit When Kazuma is under influence of great rage, it activates his black wind state. In this state, his eyes are crimson red, his wind turns black, and he is seen using mind reading powers. He has no problem about hurting others with his abilities, as long as he gets what he wants, as he loses rationality.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship questions

Kazuma eyes rage mode However when in this state, his overall powers seem to be weaker due to losing control over it. In episode 23 when Ayano helps him snap out of his rage, he states that his black wind is pathetic.

At one point Ayano states that she was never afraid of him in his normal state, and as he is so strong, her fear seems pointless. She takes the fear she feels of him in his enraged state as a sign that he is weaker.

Despite being substantially weaker, he has no trouble defeating other strong fire users like Ayano, but not his own father Genma. He was taken out of this black wind state when Ayano used her crimson fire against him.

Relationships Edit Tsui Ling - Kazuma met her during his travels and came to love her. He would end up settling in her town and living with her until she was sacrificed to resurect a demon.

It was the reason that he wanted power so that he can take revenge from those who killed her and in future protect those he care about.

In the last episode Lapis revealed that Ling's final feelings were to kill Kazuma which leaves him shattered. But he still loves her despite what she thinks. Also Kazuma states that though he loves Ayano, he still has a place for Tsui in his heart and he can never forget about her. Ayano Kannagi - He annoys her in the beginning of the story but later begins to flirt with Ayano occasionally as they create a bond together through magic training.

When he is in his darkest moments, she helps him through it. He loves her for having the most brilliant spirit he has ever seen and began to love her during their first battle together at the moment she first used the Crimson Flame. At the end of the series, he romantically sniffs her hair and then slaps her on her butt saying " I guess we're partners" and is thus hinted that throughout the rest of the series their relationship proceeds to develop with more open flirtation.