Katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

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katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

The Prismatic World Tour presented by Telstra Thanks, Katy Perry will play Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Katy Perry - The Prismatic World Tour Australia The Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour will be in full spectacular effect soon as she goes cross country form June 22nd Raleigh North Carolina to Houston Texas. The official Katy Perry website. Witness: The Tour ticket pre-sale registration now open.

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According to the official press release, the tour is designed to be a "multi-faceted spectacular" and will include a special standing pit around the stage called "The Reflection Section" that will allow Perry to be "closer than ever to her fans. The leg ran from June to October Ferras opened for Perry in all of the North American dates with the exception of Mexico.

The fourth leg was announced on June 2, Her first costume, which is worn during the "Prismatic" act, is a silver, mirrored leather skirt, complete with finger less gloves and matching heels.

The neckline, waistline, arms and bottom of the skirt all are installed with lights that glow during the performance. Perry also has light up extensions to match her dress for this section.

Katy Perry - The Prismatic World Tour

During the "Egyptian" act, Perry wears a hand-embroidered purple leotard, a hand-embellished collar and an ornate purple and gold skirt, complete with thigh high purple high heel boots. She also wears a blonde wig with black bangs and ends. The "Cat-oure" act has Perry wearing a sparkly, pink, leopard leotard, complete with a tail and a matching pink plastic hat with cat ears and a short black bobbed wig attached to it.

katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

The chest and abdomen of the costume are nude colored, and the costume also contains a shimmery belt and collar. For the "Acoustic" act, Perry wears a butterfly inspired dress, a long with a short, silver glittery cape.

katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

The dress had a butterfly over the chest, and the bottom of the dress is see through, also containing butterflies imprinted on it. She also adorns a multi-colored wig, featuring pastel blues, pinks and greens. The "Throwback" act has Perry emerge on stage wearing a yellow smiley face push up bra, leggings with yellow piece signs on them, as well as a yellow skirt.

Following "It Takes Two", the Yin-Yang costume is removed and Perry now wears a yellow leather jacket with a smiley face on the back and sunglasses. The "Hyper Neon" act follows, where Perry wears a green palm tree inspired bra, high waisted underwear containing palm tree decor around it and pink heels with thigh high socks on. After exiting and returning to perform "Birthday", Perry emerges wearing a full body, skin-colored leotard.

The leotard features many birthday themed items on it, such as balloons over the breasts, a cake over her pubic region, a bow on the buttocks, confetti and glitter everywhere, as well as 'Happy Birthday' embroidered on the back of it.

katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

During the entire "Hyper Neon" act, Perry wears a green ombre wig, that is dark towards the top, and transitions into a more lime green towards the tip. The wig is also pulled down into small buns. For the "Encore", Perry emerges with a long black wig, and a firework inspired dress. The corset and pants and heels are both glittery blue, and the corset features fireworks over the breasts. Perry adorns elbow length blue gloves with fireworks on them.

She also wears a dress that straps onto the corset and reveals the front of her body. The dress is orange and features many different fireworks around it. For the "Prismatic" Act, she wore a metallic, purple cat inspired leotard.

katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

The outfit contained metallic, purple thigh high hell boots, a leotard complete with a cat face, with glowing eyes, and little multi-color triangles around the leotard that lit up, similar to her previous outfit.

For the "Acoustic" set, Perry now wears a sparkly green dress, that has sunflowers over the breasts, and on other parts of the dress. The wig she adorns is also more vibrant in color, and less pastel. For her shows in China, during the "Throwback" and "Hyper Neon" act, Perry wore a pastel splatter paint inspired mini dress, which was a dress to look as if it had been splattered with paint.

After her shows and China, Perry debuted on tour a new outfit to replace the splatter paint dress during the same act. This outfit consisted of a leather pink striped crop top bra, which had yellow shoulder pads sticking off of it. She wore leather pink striped cufflets and a pink, yellow and orange striped mini dress, created to look as if it was over lapping on itself — she wore this outfit when performing at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Concert synopsis During the performance of " Part of Me ", Perry was dressed in a mirrored-leather skirt with matching crop top with neon-clad dancers dressed in a similar way Left.

The show begins with neon-clad dancers emerging on stage. An area of the stage moves to form a pyramid, from which Perry emerges to perform " Roar ", wearing a mirrored leather skirt and crop top with neon lights woven into the seams. Towards the end of the song, she and the dancers skip using light-up ropes while the entire arena goes dark. Following Part of Me, a dubstep version of " Wide Awake ", during which a triangular section of the stage rises and rotates in the air.

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She then performs "This Moment", which features multi colored lasers projected across the stage. This Moment shortly transforms into "Love Me" afterwards, followed by Perry exiting the stage. After a video interlude displaying Perry's face created out of stars and planets in space, she appears on stage atop a mechanical horse. During this section of the tour, she wears an Egyptian -themed outfit, completed with a hand-embroidered leotard, a hand-embellished collar and an ornate purple and gold skirt.

The woman stated she was attacked by another female concert attendee in front of her when she told her to "stop pushing her". The money was divided between three charities: The auction was for the promotion of the California Dreams Tour, where she had visited in New Zealand. The auction closed on May 31, Concert synopsis[ edit ] Perry performing live GuadalajaraMexico The show begins with a video screen introduction directed by Cole Walliser which tells the story of a girl named Katy who lives in a colorless world wasting her life cutting meat for a mean old butcher.

One night, Perry escapes her dreadful reality by falling asleep and visits a vibrant candy land in search for her pet cat, Kitty Purry and also for her love interest, the Baker's Boy, played by former What I Like About You star Nick Zano. At the end of the performance, Perry takes a bite of their magical brownie.

Perry interacts with the audience and invites a male fan on stage to flirt and kiss, [23] and then goes on to perform a slow version of " I Kissed a Girl " which shorty transforms into a rock version. Perry then exits the stage for a costume change while two female dancers keep dancing on stage until the song ends. Perry closing the show with a performance of " California Gurls " at the KeyArena in Seattle on July 21, In the next section, a video interlude reveals that the mimes' brownie has transformed Perry into a catwoman, a plan executed by the evil butcher all along.

She is then saved by her two backup singers who dress her in a sparkling dress and moves into "Pearl", at one moment she is lifted in the air sitting in the backs of two aerialists, while near the end Perry moves into the end of the catwalk on the stage where an area of the stage goes up in the air lifting her up.

After a brief video interlude, Perry reappears on stage sitting on a swing to perform "Not Like the Movies".

katy perry concert 2014 meet and greet

Perry interacts with the audience, and introduces her band members, and picks her guitar to perform an acoustic version of " The One That Got Away ", while in selected UK dates, Perry mashed the song with Adele 's " Someone Like You ". Another video interlude starts playing where Perry finally finds Kitty Purry and is now headed to the Big Bakers City Ball wearing a blue wig to meet her lover, the Baker's Boy.

Trying to decide on what to wear, Perry starts performing " Hot n Cold ", magically going through seven costume changes [23] bursting immediately into " Last Friday Night T.

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During this song, photos of fans are displayed on the screens. After a high-energy and sparkly performance of " Firework " the encore begins with the final interlude of the show, which reveals that Perry has been dreaming all along, suddenly the Baker's Boy enters her room dressed in a gingerbread costume to deliver cupcakes she has ordered for breakfast.

Perry returns to the stage for a performance of " California Gurls " dressed in a silver bra shaped like Hershey's Kissesdancing with a line of Gingerbread men, and dousing the crowd with a whip cream bazooka. At the end, Perry and the dancers bow to the audience as the curtain falls down. Bridget Jones from Stuff NZ gave it an excellent review.