Kara and lee relationship quiz

The Truth of Right Now by Kara Lee Corthron

kara and lee relationship quiz

Top Human Relationships Flashcards Ranked by Quality Sample Decks: Wk 1 - Concept Of Self, Wk 1 - Developmental Stages, Wk 1 - Revision Quiz Questions. Show Class Flashcard Maker: Sam Lee . Flashcard Maker: Kara Rickey. To complete the quiz online: Visit rhein-main-verzeichnis.info; Under the student section, enter the student code:ATASCOCITA. Quizzes taken online are. And the relationship between Dari and Lily? .. My prediction is that the playwright Corthron sisters Kara Lee and Kia are the next big thing in books, since both.

kara and lee relationship quiz

She's been brutally paralyzed by the Joker and became even stronger for it, graduating to become tech expert Oracle. Beat that, Bruce Wayne! So would you pick or pass this superheroine? Question 15 Pick Pass Selene is the protagonist of the Underworld horror action movie series. A centuries-old vampire, Selene is part of the Death Dealers elite fighting force caught in a war with the Lycans werewolves. However, she falls in love with the Lycan Michael. Question 16 Pick Pass Valkyrie is an Asgardian warrior and the only survivor of a legendary elite fighting squad.

Because of this, she had been living low on Sakaar until Thor inspired her to return to Asgard to stop Hela the Goddess of Death from destroying it. Question 17 Pick Pass Mystique, as played by Jennifer Lawrence, is a blue-skinned shapeshifter and former member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants who has been redeemed over the last few movies and joined the X-Men instead. She will next appear in 's X-Men: Question 18 Pick Pass Video game heroine Lara Croft, ace archaeologist and tomb raider, has been played by two actresses in the movies - namely, Angelina Jolie in a pair of s films and more recently by Alicia Vikander in the movie which told her origins story.

Question 19 Pick Pass Jean Grey is a telekinetic member of the X-Men who is unsure about her powers - and with good reason. If unleashed, she could become the Dark Phoenix, an all-powerful mutant of apocalyptic standing. We'll see this side of her let out in next year's X-Men: Question 20 Pick Pass On the one hand, Rogue has one of the coolest X-Men powers - she can hoover up the power of any other mutant or suck out their life force. However, as she can't control it, it means she can't touch anyone for fear of killing them.

Question 21 Pick Pass Star Wars' Princess Leia is the action heroine beloved by boys and girls of every generation since In the modern films, she had grown to become a fierce rebel general.

It's tragic that Carrie Fisher's untimely death means we won't see more of her. But will you pick or pass on the character?

She's cynical, anti-social and has a serious reliance on alcohol. However, she's a talented private detective and has an awesome power set. She also has the honor of being the first super-powered lady to get her own vehicle in the MCU.

Question 24 Pick Pass Domino made her big screen debut recently in Deadpool 2. A member of the Merc with the Mouth's X-Force team, she has the incredibly handy ability of having good luck, meaning she will always get out of dangerous situations intact. She was once a popular superhero but retired after supers were outlawed.

She returns to active duty in Incredibles 2. However, she's not truly a bad guy at heart and joins with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop her father wreaking havoc. Question 27 Pick Pass Anything's possible for Kim Possible - the high school cheerleader who leads a double life as a world-saving super spy in Disney's beloved animated series. It doesn't matter where or when there's trouble if you just call her name, there's nothing she can't do.

Question 28 Pick Pass Sugar, spice and everything nice - plus that mysterious Chemical X - that's what it takes to create the Powerpuff Girls!

Using their ultra-supowers, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil. But would you pick or pass on these superheroines? Though an original character, her adventures are based on Greek Myths and she is on a quest to use her amazing combat skills and strength to help others. But would you pick or pass on this character?

Over the movies, she has proven herself to an indefatigable heroine and will always fight the evil Xenomorphs to her last breath. Though let's try to forget the weird clone plotline in the fourth one. But would pick or pass on this superheroine? She's originally a meek waitress but trains herself to become a complete badass in order to protect her son John from the evil robots from the future sent to murder him.

kara and lee relationship quiz

Question 32 Pick Pass Katniss Everdeen is the heroic young woman who survives the deadly televised event the Hunger Games in a dystopian future, using her hunting and archery skills to come out on top. She later helps overthrow the corrupt regime. But would you pick or pass on this heroine?

Question 33 Pick Pass Pterodactyl! A bit of a valley girl, Kimberly is nonetheless an adept Ranger and easily as capable as her teammates. A heroine to every fan of the show in the s. Question 34 Pick Pass Sabre-tooth tiger! She punched Colonel Tigh during a card game She took her Viper out for a joy ride She was drunk while on duty She punched a reporter One of the most controversial aspects of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica was the gender swap of the character Starbuck.

Moore wanted to include a tough and cool woman to the main cast. To let audiences know that this Starbuck wasn't the kind of soldier to take any guff, Kara gets thrown into the brig almost right away. What did she do that landed her there? Question 11 Which of these actors was on the original BSG?

Moore tried to keep the references to the 70s series to a minimum. Names are the same, the ships looked similar, and we do see some original version Cylons later in the series, but overall, everything the show stood separate from the first version.

Still, one actor from the original series did end up playing an important character in the series. Do you know who it was? Question 12 Who did Anastasia "Dee" Dualla marry? Lee Adama Billy Keikeya Simon O'Neill Anastasia Dualla, Dee to her friends, worked as the communications NCO on the Galactica, helping coordinate the movements of the fleet by sending out Adama's orders to the civilian ships or keeping all Vipers in contact with each other during battles.

Dee joined the Colonial Fleet against the wishes of her father, and sadly she never had the chance to mend the relationship before the Cylons attacked her home world of Sagittaron. Late in the series, Dee went and got married. Who was the lucky guy? Question 13 Which of these positions didn't Gaius Baltar hold at some point? Maybe all that guilt about helping the Cylons destroy humanity was weighing on him and Baltar was looking for the best way to redeem himself, or maybe he was just an opportunistic jerk who wanted power and respect.

Gaius really liked sleeping with women. As many women as he could and as often as he could. Of these four positions, which one did Gaius not obtain? Question 14 After the Fall of the 12 Colonies, how many humans were left?

The sometimes the number would go up and sometimes it would go down. It represented the number that President Roslin kept on a whiteboard in her office and on many occasions, it broke our hearts to see that number change.

Do you know what the first count was at the end of the miniseries? And in case you think we're playing with you, the included image isn't that number. Question 15 At the end of the series, how many humans were left?

Here, away from the Cylons, humanity will have a chance to survive. It won't be easy, but it'll be a lot better than endlessly flying through space. Now, after the last question, you know how many humans started off on this journey to the fabled planet, but do you know how many humans made it to Earth? Question 16 In the first episode after the miniseries how long would it take the Cylons to find the Galactica after an FTL jump? When the show did come back, the first episode knocked us all for a loop.

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Confesses to Fainting Due to Dieting On “Quiz to Change the World”

The episode brings us into a situation where the Colonials are being chased by the Cylons. Each time the Cylons catch up to the Colonials, the fleet, which hasn't slept in days, must execute an FTL faster than light jump to get away. How long would it take before the Cylons caught up with the Colonials? Question 17 Which of these characters wasn't a Cylon? Aaron Doral Brother John Cavil D'Anna Biers As we already discussed, there were thirteen human looking Cylons, with five of them working so deep undercover they didn't even know their true origins.

Of the eight known skinjobs, the series mainly focused on three or four of them with the others showing up from time to time. Tricia Helfer as Six is the best remembered Cylon but do you remember the other twelve? If so, you'll have no problem figuring out which of these characters wasn't a Cylon Question 18 What was Saul Tigh's wife's name?

He was an alcoholic with a short temper and a wife who cheated on him with a variety of men. As Admiral Adama put it, "she slept with half the Fleet while Saul was in space. Do you remember his wife's name?

Pick Or Pass On These Superheroines And We’ll Reveal Your Favorite

She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was on her way to the Galactica for a ceremony, which would be her last act as an official member of President Adar's cabinet - Adar had told Roslin of his intentions to fire her he was also ending their affair.

With the death of President Adar and pretty much every member of the Colonial government, Roslin suddenly found herself being sworn in as the new president. What was her position before that?

Question 20 Before the Fall of the 12 Colonies, what was going to happen to the Galactica? It was going to be used for training missions It was going to be turned into a resort It was going to be turned into a theme park It was being turned into a museum. The Galactica was one of the oldest ships in the Colonial Fleet when the Cylons attacked - it had been used in the First Cylon War, during which time a young Bill Adama was one of its Viper pilots.

Now, forty years later, the Galactica was being taken out of service, but it would still be used to help the Twelve Colonies, just with a smaller staff and less space travel. What was the Galactica going to become after it was decommissioned? Question 21 What drove the wedge in the relationship between Adama and Apollo?

When the Fall of the Twelve Colonies happens, the two aren't on speaking terms. We learn that two years before the start of the series, the father and son had a falling out that not only damaged their relationship, but Lee's friendship with Starbuck.

You also get the feeling that even before the event that Lee blamed his dad for happened, the two weren't very close. What happened that finally ended their relationship? Question 22 What is Starbuck's response whenever Adama asked "What do you hear? It was a thing just between Admiral Adama and Kara Thrace, something that let us know that the two of them were closer than a commander usually is to one of their pilots.

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