Kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

Maine Mendoza's best friend also an avid Dubsmasher | rhein-main-verzeichnis.info

kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

Relationship Goals · @xnailsbymiri Kakai Bautista · @therealrickylo · Ricky Lo . @dubsmash · Dubsmash App @ahronvillena · Roche Ahron Villena. Her marriage with actor Caesar Montano were faced [. LOOK: Ahron Villena Speaks For The “Last Time” On Issue Allegedly Between Him, Cacai Bautista issue allegedly between him and actress-comedian Catherine 'Cacai/Kakai' Bautista. dubsmash queen Maine Mendoza has both the funny and the serious sides. V and Iya Villania will be hosting the new dubsmash contest, “Lip Sync Battle”. . but the problem is they failed to make us invest in their flimsy romantic relationship. . Controversial: Ahron and Kakai Bautista Caught On.

My girlfriend, who has a background in theater, was recruited for that television soap by a talent coordinator named John Leonardo. I accompanied her to Baguio City. However, her talent manager, who was supposed to be her partner, failed to arrive in the set. John, perhaps out of desperation and fear that he will be reprimanded by his superiors for failing in his responsibility, took me in as a substitute.

He was fully aware that I am an academic, that I had no previous acting experience. Although I was very reluctant, I yielded to his request because he said that it will be finished in a day; that I was only needed for two sequences. I made it clear to him that I intend to return to my hotel room as soon as possible because I had a lot of paperwork to finish. John did not even bother to introduce us to the directors. On the first taping day, October 6, director Cathy Garcia Molina led the prayer before we started our work.

I recoil when I remember how her behavior toward bit players and those who work behind the camera so brazenly contradicted her pious pronouncements. Her hypocrisy was disconcerting to watch. Liza committed a lot of mistakes in delivering simple lines, but the director shielded her from criticism.

She never uttered anything that could embarrass the young actress. This sensitiveness to the feelings of others however, was selective; it was only for stars and veteran actors. She is a character straight out of the Noli. In a rehearsal take on the morning of the first day, she shouted at my girlfriend three times: But a queen like Cathy cannot admit her mistake.

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  • Maine Mendoza's best friend also an avid Dubsmasher
  • Kakai Bautista, inaming pera ang dahilan kaya pumayag makipagtrabaho kay Ahron Villena

I experienced the same treatment before sundown. Work resumed after dinner. It was already past ten in the evening. I was already disoriented. I was thinking of all the teaching-related tasks that I need to accomplish before I return to Manila the next day. I was verbally abused.

kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

I believe he was uncomfortable seeing me endure all those hurtful remarks, aware as he was that his daughter Winwyn was my student in San Beda. As a matter of prudence, I struggled to maintain my composure. I did not want to engage a woman who is almost as old as my parents in a shouting match. I am the better person. I was raised well by my parents. I was formed well by my teachers. I am an educator.

kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

I had the moral ascendancy. While we were inside the van on our way to the hotel on the first night, I heard one of the young talents ask John if she can leave the next day because she needed to attend an orientation for new Jollibee employees.

What authority does he have to write an excuse letter for her? He is not her guardian! I also remember one instance when I was repelled by the vulgarity of this man. I was there beside him when he said this to a talent, a woman in her early 20s: Nagjojowa ka ng tomboy? Gusto mo ba yun, pinepenggay ka? Pero naranasan mo na magpatusok ng titi sa lalaki?

kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

He said these nasty things in front of the younger sisters of the woman, who were both teenagers. We were told that we have to go back to finish a sequence.

That night, despite my exhaustion, I had difficulty sleeping because of the questions that assailed my mind. The question that troubled me most was this: But they did not have to know my background before they respect us.

We barely had four hours of sleep but we woke up very early.

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I asked myself if I can still continue in that kind of exploitative environment. I did not want to cause inconvenience to the actors, who had been very good to us.

kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

Out of concern for the program, I decided to stay to finish what I have started. But things did not get better on the second day, October 7. Before the taping started, the director huddled with the main actors to give them instructions. Our talent coordinator reminded us not to join them unless we are told to do so. He never allowed us to mingle with them. Suddenly, I heard the director was looking for me so I raised my hand.

Obviously irked, she said: Nasan ka ba Makoy, san ka ba lagi nagpupunta?! We never joined the actors in their tent or their table. In another scene, I stood where the assistant director told me to stand. But I accidentally blocked a fellow actor. He instructed me to move a bit to the left so I will not block the view of the actor who was supposed to deliver a punchline. But he was always patient in teaching actors where to stand, how to react, what to say.

He always answered our questions. He never degraded any one of us. The taping dragged on until the afternoon of the second day. In the story, my character was leaving to seek better opportunities abroad. Why bedroom doors should always be locked. She had planted money in my room and accused me of stealing the money when in fact it was her all along. This is my room which us usually locked while I'm not home. About 2 days before I found the money, she had accused me or my bf at the time of stealing money from her water jug.

I know I didn't steal it and my bf sore he didn't take it so that is when I set up my webcam and intentionally left my door unlocked for a few days when I went to work to see if Ashley would go looking for the money since I never brought up that I had found it.

kakai and ahron dubsmash relationship

She continued going in the room for several days looking for the money where she thought she had put it but never looked in other locations as she still believed that I hadn't found it.

Once confronted with the video she denied it was her for around a week and then asked me to remove it off youtube out of respect for her. Obviously she had zero respect for me so the video was left up for the world to see her in action.

GGV: Cacai reveals something about Ahron Villena

However, the kid accidentally reveals the name of the comedian's rumored new boyfriend. Unknown to Marita, her husband is actually very much preoccupied with another dirty business. Please subscribe to this channel The Lazy Boys Journey https: Challenge for this video: All products used are by M. C cosmetics Instagram dominique Twitter dbcojuangco Karelasyon: When her perfect son revealed a dark secret, her world turns upside down.

Not the huge music of Queen. You can watch full episodes of GGV on http: One drunken night, Nestor and his former wife Joan Jade Lopez got into a sneaky sexy time during a company party.

It turns out Nestor and Joan are still officially husband and wife because their marriage has not yet been annulled.

Ahron Villena apologizes to Cacai Bautista

Is Nestor committing adultery? What will happen to Melissa? The Star Magic talent rose to popularity following the success of his single That Girl which was composed by himself. Original song by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie puth. Well for this song I revised some parts of the song. Hope you like it. Please do follow, subscribe, share and like. James Reid or weather? Hacienda Isabella Video by: Gio Lazaro Flores Flowers and Styling: Supernatural Events Management Inc.