John lloyd and bea alonzo relationship

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john lloyd and bea alonzo relationship

Lovelife about Bea Alonzo. Updated: John Lloyd Cruz. Bea's long time Before Zanjoe, Bea was in a relationship with Gerald Anderson. Bea Alonzo is probably one of the few actresses who doesn't need a love team partner in order to have hits. Her acting talent ensures that she. Based on the article published in Bandera, that woman is Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo. She is John Lloyd's love team partner in the movie.

Their relationship lasted three-and-a-half years. For her part, Liz also said that the Kapamilya actor will always be special to her. Like John Lloyd, Liz is still single.

She was last reported to be dating the English-Korean shipping line operations manager, Richard Griffiths. John Lloyd revealed that "timing" was the reason he never courted Sarah Geronimo. On July 14,at the presscon of their recent movie, Finally Found Someone, John Lloyd spoke of their special connection, which he said began during the filming of their first movie, A Very Special Loveand went on during the filming of its sequel, You Changed My Life He remarked, "Hindi, we had this little story about timing Laging timing is not our friend really, 'no?

Yeah, timing is an issue.

Who is Bea Alonzo's Boyfriend? Lovelife about Bea Alonzo | MIJ Miner8

But sometime between andJohn Lloyd gifted Sarah with a ring. From out of the blue, John Lloyd teased Sarah about why she returned his ring. He also asked her, "E, nasa akin pa rin, puwede ko na bang i-dispose? Sarah is now with boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli, in a relationship that has been going strong for four years, despite the coolness of Sarah's parents toward Matteo. When they became a couple, John Lloyd and Ruffa agreed to keep a tight lid on this, mainly for "career" reasons.

But their secret romance turned sour when Ruffa discovered for herself what John Lloyd had admitted to her at the beginning of their relationship. The beauty-queen-turned-actress elaborated, "Alam mo yung pagiging babaero niya, siguro second na lang yun, e.

But, eventually, it got to her. Ruffa said John Lloyd wanted her back, but that he was afraid it would cost him his showbiz career. According to Ruffa, she made it clear to John Lloyd that he should man up before reaching out to her again. That was the last straw, Ruffa said, that forced her to tell John Lloyd never to call her again. Ruffa has now been in a two-year relationship with French-Israeli businessman Jordan Mouyal.

john lloyd and bea alonzo relationship

This was about four months after PEP. In a separate interview, Shaina said she was happy when John Lloyd acknowledged their relationship on national television.

john lloyd and bea alonzo relationship

Describing how their romance started, she said, "Kasi, masarap naman talaga siyang kasama, e. Shaina and John Lloyd's happier times were equally magnets to showbiz prattle, such as their luxurious European tour in the summer of Around that time, another high-profile celebrity couple, Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay, had called it quits. On May 4,Shaina issued an official statement, confirming that she and John Lloyd had indeed broken up. To this day, Shaina has refused to give details about what caused the breakdown of their relationship.

InShaina was romantically linked to co-Star Magic artist Piolo Pascual, but the two have refrained from putting a label to their growing closeness.

Shaina added that she has remained single and "free" to date anyone she wants. John Lloyd and Angelica Panganiban became a couple on July 8,a day they would celebrate for the next three and a half years.

Who is Bea Alonzo’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Bea Alonzo

The chronology of their romance dashed talk that they became involved when John Lloyd was still with Shaina Magdayao and Angelica was still with Derek Ramsay, her boyfriend of six years. Characteristically, John Lloyd did not confirm his romance with Angelica until several months later.

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The confirmation happened in October during his guest appearance on The Buzz. He finally came out and said, "Opo, kami po Wala naman kaming tinatago, wala naman kaming dapat pagtaguan or paglihiman. Angelica recounted her private conversation with John Prats, her best friend and Shaina's ex-boyfriend. Best friend ko [John], tapos dyowa niya [si Shaina] dati. The following year, on January 12,she and John Lloyd broke up.

Ogie pointed to John Lloyd's perennial leading lady Bea Alonzo as the alleged third party in the split. But Ogie also cited an unidentified source who said that John Lloyd was not romantically involved with Bea at all. Like Shaina, Angelica has kept to herself the reasons why she and John Lloyd broke up.

But in separate interviews, both John Lloyd and Angelica have consistently said that they are just "best friends. Both Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd are proud of their success as a love team. They've been at this for the past 15 years without the pressure of appearing to be real-life sweethearts.

According to John Lloyd, their online chemistry has worked precisely because of their platonic relationship. Just the same, John Lloyd and Bea were rumored to be in romance after the two broke up with their respective partners in This yearBea and Gerald starred in a movie and somehow rekindled their bonding moments. There were also rumors that they were seen together hanging out even after their movie production and showing.

Jake Cuenca Bea also dated another actor from her same generation named Jake Cuenca. It was in when Bea revealed to the media that they were indeed seeing each other more often and considered themselves as dating.

John Lloyd Cruz Breaks Silence On Alleged Relationship With Bea Alonzo

She said they have enjoyed their dating stage but was not really very serious and she was not rushing things at that time. Their dating never really became official as romantic relationship since Bea was too busy with her schedule and work during that time. Her Ideal Type of Man On the ideal man and marriage, Bea Alonzo looks like she wants someone who can commit to her for a serious relationship and someone who will be ready to marry her someday.

She likes gentleman, caring, knows how to prioritize things, funny, and will be very supportive to her. However, unfortunately, she is currently single and still enjoying her time with family and career although she also admitted that she wanted to be ready by the time she commits to a serious relationship that could lead to marriage. She is now open for another dating with whoever guy will be loyal, dedicated, and sincere to her and she wishes that marriage will come at the perfect time.

Ideal Dating Situation Most of the guys the Bea Alonzo dated were also actors and has worked with her in films and television. She seems to be a very simple person with less wants in life but she always wants to travel and go on vacation after stressful shootings and other projects.

She treats her fans with love and is a very humble person.

john lloyd and bea alonzo relationship

Even off the screen, she is very kind to everyone. She lives a simple life yet she looks elegant. Although she enjoys being very famous, she can still enjoy her private life and once she is at work shooting a film or tv show, she turns into a serious actress who performs her role accordingly.