Joffrey and margaery relationship problems

joffrey and margaery relationship problems

"Toss Joffrey, Margaery, and Loras in a pot, and you've got the makings for . to marry Robert (initially) to be Queen, so I have no issue with that. .. However, and this is important, the relationship between Cersei and Jaime. 3 picked out — Joffrey's little brother, Tommen. Margaery is genuinely having problems recalibrating, because this is not what And for her to be even eligible for this third marriage, she has to position herself as a virgin. The romantic relationships on "Game of Thrones" range from steamy and bet on the wrong horse, and moves on to offer her advice to Daenerys Targaryen. Joffrey and Margaery's marriage doesn't last long, as Margaery's.

True, Westeros seemed cursed under demented Joffrey's rule, but that realm's curse was our pleasure: George RR Martin 's genius was to put an evil inbred jerk in charge and explore the dramatically engaging possibilities.

Joffrey was like one of Shakespeare's wanton boys, but with more opportunities for cruelty. They pulled the wings off flies; he preferred human suffering. Remember that scene when he showed his then betrothed Sansa Stark her dad's head on a spike and then promised to give her the head of her brother Robb Stark in due course?

That remark made Joffrey mad but, typically, he didn't stoop to revenge on her himself: He was that kind of guy. And then, who could forget the moment Tyrion sent him two prostitutes as a belated name day present with the demented hope that dealing with his sexual frustration might make the sadistic twerp less vicious?

On that occasion, Joffrey forced one prostitute to beat the other up while he watched, raising the question: Nothing became Joffrey more than the manner of his quitting the world. Before the poison went to work, he spent his last half hour of airtime in The Lion and the Rose hubristically waving a new sword of Valerian steel before impotently bringing it down to slice through the wedding feast way to ruin the party, jerk.

He then giggled over a tableau of his rise to power acted out by dwarfs, one that told the risible lie that he — rather than his Machiavellian genius of a granddad Lord Tywin Lannister — had won the Battle of the Five Kings to put Joffrey on the Iron Throne.

joffrey and margaery relationship problems

In an extended scene of ritual humiliation, he insisted his uncle Tyrion fulfil demeaning duties as cup bearer to the king. Who wouldn't want to poison Joffrey's chalice after such an afternoon? It's not only farewell to Joffrey, though - it's farewell to Jack Gleeson. The year-old Irish actor who took on this tyrant for 23 episodes now turns his back not just on the Iron Throne but celebrity in all its gimcrack splendour, telling the media sensibly: Ironic when Joffrey was so nonplussed at finding out his wife was into that sort of thing.

Inevitably, the king's death leaves the big question: As with such other great imponderables — Who shot JR? Who plugged Monty Burns? To my mind, the man currently held for the crime, Tyrion Lannister, is too savvy to be caught at the scene with his motive all too apparent. He's also an extreme case, because he's not very charming and doesn't cover it up at all.

In that way he's a completely over-the-top sadistic sociopath. Is that partly because he's in a position where he doesn't have to cover it up?

The fact that he's at the top of the chain, where he can't be accountable for his behavior at all, makes him extremely dangerous. People on the sociopathic spectrum already struggle with being accountable, and for him, there's no check on his behavior.

joffrey and margaery relationship problems

A person with antisocial personality disorder wants what they want, no matter the cost, and often doesn't read the cost properly. So it must have come as an enormous shock to him when he was murdered.

joffrey and margaery relationship problems

Had Joffrey lived to adulthood, he would have been a diagnosable sociopath. Instead, he was murdered — much to his surprise. Joffrey is very much a product of his parents, who have the most dangerous combination of disorders in a couple: Borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. Borderlines and narcissists are attracted to each other, because the borderline wants to merge, have an identity, be safe and supported. And the narcissist needs someone to essentially worship them and provide them with validation.

joffrey and margaery relationship problems

How do Cersei and Jaime embody that dynamic? Cersei demonstrates borderline traits: She over-identifes with her children, especially Joffrey, and is complicit in helping him stay in power, because it helps her stay important. But you can see it most clearly in her relationship with Jaime.

And of course, their sexual relationship. Borderlines gravitate toward risky behavior, anything that releases endorphins.

Risky sex, gambling, drugs: And for Cersei — she's beautiful, she has power, she can be with anyone she wants, but it doesn't give her the satisfaction of this inappropriate sexual relationship with her brother.

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That's how her brain calculates that. And how does Jamie fit into this? He comes from a family of narcissists. Tywin Lannister is actually the worst of them; out of all the Lannisters, Jaime is really the least ill. He has some empathy. But he also has narcissistic traits, and Cersei is very attracted to that. It seems like she actually has the upper hand in their relationship, at least lately. And this is the dance that the narcissistic and borderline do, it's the dance of power and control.

You can see this with Jaime: It doesn't matter that it wasn't in his control. And as their story progresses, as he's away from Cersei, he starts to make better choices. You described Lysa Arryn as the most mentally ill person in Westeros. Lysa has been isolated. So she's already coming from a trauma perspective, and now that she's an adult, it plays out in her relationship with her son, which is incredibly enmeshed.

Robert Arryn isn't exactly a healthy, normal kid, either. It's actually entirely possible that his medical issues are Munchhausen by proxy, which is when a parent consciously or subconsciously delights in the sickness of their child, and needs to keep the child sick. What else marks Lysa as troubled? Her relationship with Baelish. It feels very push-pull, which might be indicative of Borderline Personality Disorder. And lot of people who have BPD have traumatic history, so there's a large fear of abandonment, real or imagined.

joffrey and margaery relationship problems

Is that why her relationships tend to be so combative? Accusing people of being untrustworthy and out to get her seems to be a bit thing for Lysa.

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There might be a tinge of paranoia in there, too, since personality disorders are often co-occurrent. But yes, people with BPD protect themselves by not being willing to take responsibility for things, which manifests itself in the form of blaming behaviors.

If you look at Littlefinger, we know he's not remotely personally interested in Lysa, but he likes the attention. And he needs her.

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Narcissists use people for functions, which he does. But feeling like you don't matter, feeling like you need relationships -- primarily with men — to define your identity: They have a similarity there. And how about Robert? Obviosuly he had a very unusual and traumatic childhood, which affected his development.

Game of Thrones' top tyrant: King Joffrey Baratheon

Because of the issues with his mother, he doesn't have a clear individual identity. The formation of his identity has been greatly disrupted. You mentioned that all the Lannister men are narcissists.