Ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

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ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

See more ideas about Ji suk jin, Yoo jae suk and Drama korea. Contrary to their relationship on-screen, Lee Kwang Soo and his 'Running Man' co-star Kim Jong Kook are close friends in real life. . So basically chapter of a math quiz. I feel like it has something to do with Yoo Jae-suk (not blaming him .. and Seok Jin-ssi's character is just as important as Ji Hyo's or Jae Suk's. Running Man's Ji Suk Jin talked about his close friendship with fellow cast member Yoo Jae Suk. On MBC FM4U's “Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon,” Ji.

First the male member get a chance to choose envelopes there are six blue envelopes lying on the table. Next are the ladies turn to pick, there are six pink color envelope waiting for the ladies to choose.

Lee Kwang Soo told the other member to keep an eye of their partner. And he did really keep an eye of Joy. Lee Kwang Soo likely taken a very serious attention at this race. The members then regrouped. On this occasion Lee Kwang Soo gave an encouraging speech 'let's go citizens we can do it'. Maybe it also some kind of secret code that told the other that he is a citizen not a thief.

But at that time joy defended Lee Kwang Soo by saying that there are both citizen. But Joy Tell Kwang Soo not to worry. And the PD told to all the couple to change the clothes.

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The first stage, Chance card mission begin. The member must complete three syllable word. This chance ticket can be use on the Barefoot Tango mission. Lee Kwang Soo and Joy amazingly succeded the three question. Kim Jong Kook also make a suspicious lose ending. Meanwhile Yang Se Chan and Irene manage to clear the question. The other member protested because the question for Yang Se Chan and Irene are too easy. Both of them managed to reach this final stage.

And get ready to start the quiz. Joy heard it and get scared and she fell in a funny way. Lee Kwang Soo tried to catch the bug.

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But they didn't revealed the picture of the bug, maybe it just a small one. And Haha kicked him, maybe in Lee Kwang Soo mind say ' if its not because of you Haha i would not do this '. The first stage chance ticket mission ended with Lee Kwang Soo and Joy victorious. Yang Se Chan and Irene could not get all the answer right. So Lee Kwang Soo and Joy get the chance ticket. It is a powerful tickets that can save your day in the next mission.

Yoo Jae Suk Straightens It Out With Ji Suk Jin Over Who Is More Senior

The second mission is barefooted tango. Just like its name you have to dance with barefoot but only the female member that did not wearing shoes. Their partner wearing a pair of shoes. And the rule are the female member foot must not hit the ground, so they must step on their partner shoes to reach the desk. Yes the have to dance first, the sound of 'havana' music resonates to the entire field.

Their spirit to compete each other are really strong. Then the bell rang a sign they had to move to the table to take the rose with his mouth.

Joy was the first to succeed in taking the rose with her mouth and then the couple immediately moved to the next table. But at that time the joy was considered cheated for inserting a rose into a vase using his hand. Because the rose should be inserted using the mouth. Joy, too, with a face that was covered in flour felt desperate and said that he did not know.

That's really cute Joy.

ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

It is mean that the both couple win and manage to clear the game. They are no match for the youngster Seol In Ha. The game finally begin, the strong Commander easily defeated the weak Ji Suk Jin. He seem did not take any power to bring In Ha to the desk and became victorious.

And he try to get her, her hat. Next Haha couple vs Yang Se Chan couple.

ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

Accompanied by "Red Flavor" music from Red Velvet. Irene eventually of course play along with Yang Se Chan movement.

ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

Haha and Kan Han Na surprisingly can dance very good, and Kang Han Na make several funny move that entertain the spectator. They will confront Lee Kwang Soo and Joy in semifinal who using their chance tickets. The winner couple will meet at the final game. What interesting is it seem that Joy did not want to take the flower with her mouth, so Lee Kwang Soo take the job and sacrifice himself, with flour covered all over his face Kwang Soo defeated Yang Se Chan and Irene.

The other member help Kwang Soo cleaned his face with water gun. The final clash between two couple finally begin.

ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

The final game started with the energetic dance from both couple. Lee Kwang Soo dance like he is being trance. It really amusing The bell finally rang, They both look like have the same strength and speed.

Seol In Ah get distracted. Lee Kwang Soo take the chance to put the flower inside Vase. Lee Kwang Soo and Joy became the winner, and have the right to change partner and they both choose to stick together.

The winner will revealed their identity secretly by PD inside a room, but the loser or last at the bottom rank will be publicly revealed their identity to all the member. Ji Suk Jin has showing his card at the time of selection and he is a citizen, which mean Song Ji Hyo is one of the thief. The second stage begin. It is eating time.

Located inside a large room. Running Man member started the game. Lee Kwang Soo defended himself tell that rumor is not true, he is a a citizen. Yoo Jae Seok said to Kwang Soo "amazing.

The PD announced that The second stage will be started soon. In this stage the male member will eat Jjajangmyeon while the ladies will eat Tangsuyuk dish. It is time based race the male member will eat first assisted by their blindfolded couple from behind. Their female couple must feed them from behind with both of their eyes closed.

The time from they started until they finished eating will be counted. Because of the limited space, they cannot eat together all at once, so they divide into 2. Yoo Jae Suk looks very hungry, i bet he can wait to eat that Jjajangmyeon.

The game started, Jeon So Min and Irene feed very well their partner. Yang Se Chan finished the meal last. Lee Kwang Soo finished third, his cheating method did not work against eating specialist like Haha.

ji suk jin and yoo jae relationship quiz

In the studio, Gary admits that he got jealous here, as we watch her whisper into his ear the nickname she has for him. Ji-hyo wonders if they should go see a movie yet, and Gary says all couples go out to watch a horror movie.

He lets go a minute later, then tries to break the awkward silence with more humor. Gary insists upon being the gentleman to open up her car door again at their next destination. Hahaha, please let this be a running joke.

He compliments her again, and says spring has come because of her. Aww, that is sweet. What I like about this entire situation is that they both do address how awkward it feels to be alone together, but they still make an effort to be courteous to one another.

That helps to break the ice a little, and Gary launches into some skinship as soon as the movie starts. He fails in trying to place his head on her shoulder and an arm around her shoulder, then resorts to trying to place his head on her lap. Instead, she suggests they shared the blanket. He takes that opportunity to place an arm around her shoulder, and she immediately shuts that down.

They take a van to their next location: In an interview, Ji-hyo hopes that the audience is understanding to whatever the results are.

A specialist is brought in to interpret the medical imagery, explaining that both Gary and Ji-hyo were shown photos of one another. When Gary saw pictures of Ji-hyo… his brain activity was stable, as if he saw someone he knew very well. Ha, Peaceful Gary makes a return. As for Ji-hyo… her brain did indicate some activity in that specified region. It can occur between new couples or those who have a longstanding relationship, much like Gary and Ji-hyo.

That spurs more discussion about how they responded to other photos. Is Ji Suk-jin really that susceptible to words? Haha and Jong-kook had been in on it too, reading over the fake business proposal to offer popped rice cakes in Dubai. Haha had honed in on the detail he knew Suk-jin would focus on: When Suk-jin had joined them later, Haha and Jong-kook worked on a lengthy explanation to draw Suk-jin in—the prince there loved Suk-jin and proposed a potentially profitable business selling Korean street snacks.

The mat hyung shared that he came up with an Arabic name: The terms were written in Arabic, and what Suk-jin actually signed off are terms to this show, like not being late to call time, doing everything the crew tasks him to do, not to ever get mad, etc.

Haha shares how serious Suk-jin got afterwards, believing that their days of suffering were now over. She looks young for her age, and her face ratio is well-proportioned. Suk-jin asks to test that theory, then wriggles her nose to make it look like a pig snout. The next question asks if Gary really resembles a squid. His face is placed side by side with a dried squid, a visual that slays the room.

So it seems the joke is there to stay for now. So if they had to split hairs, Haha would have the more favorable appearance. Does Jae-suk truly resemble Yoda?