James and jessie relationship problems

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james and jessie relationship problems

Jessie James Decker opened up about her relationship with her husband, Eric Decker, in her new book 'Just Jessie' — here's seven things we. the four-volume run saw Ash and Pikachu get into all kinds of trouble, but its last issues saw Jessie and James make their relationship official. Jessie James Decker opened up about her relationship with her “That's one of my best pieces of advice to women — if you can, get a dog.

Jessie James Decker Opens Up About the Beginning Stages of Her Relationship With Eric Decker

Just like Brock did. He never fell in love with any guy on the show. And yeah he's afraid of women because he was traumatized by Jessebell when he was a child. They make him seem more feminine because Jesse is supposed to be like the leader of Team Rocket.

It has nothing to do with him being gay. Neither does the crossdressing or the rose.

james and jessie relationship problems

I did like the rose though It was his trademark. This thread really had nothing to do with the question of is James straight or not. I don't believe he's gay though. But I have seen some affection between him and Jesse Escpecially around the time of the St. They would make an interesting couple Jeikobu May 9th,9: Interesting views, but as for the cross dressing part, in the instances where he has done so, many of the times he had the option to dress like a man, not a woman.

There's a Jouto episode where he's dressed like a bride rather than a groom, for example. And the one that often stands out for me is the "Fashion Flash" ep in the first season where Musashi's and Kojiro's outfits should be switched.

I have more examples, but I think you get my point. Chairman Kaga May 9th,9: In the Johto episode that you mentioned, although I don't remember it right offhand, I think that in many cases James attempts to match Jessie's outfit was she wearing a bridal outfit also? Since Jessie is the dominant member of the TR duo, she can probably get James to do whatever or dress however she wants him to But, might I add, this is James at his creepiest: I never saw this because I think it was cut for the dub, but I've seen a pic of it.

In one ep, Musashi and Kojiro are on a beach, and Kojiro is wearing fake breasts and is in a bikini. I'm actually not going to search for more pics of creepy James right now Jeikobu May 9th, I would like to think he was straight, but I just don't think that makes sense with the evidence we have.

Phoenix Boy May 10th,9: I cant tell Jeikobu May 10th, Thankfully Kojiro's dressed as Satoshi, not Immite. Porygon May 10th, Now, I haven't seen all that many episodes, so I can't post too much evidence: James' hair is purple.

Isn't that the official gay colour?

'Pokemon': Remember When James Got Jessie Pregnant?

And I'm not sure, but they might have gotten rid of the rose because it made him a bit like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon fame. Phoenix Boy May 10th, I acutally think the color suits him Gardy May 10th,1: Berkut Nightwolf May 10th,3: I'd say watch a few more episodes, and then judge it from that.

james and jessie relationship problems

It's not totally the cross-dressing. Believe me, there's a whole lot more signs pointing towards this. But I have one thing that I'd like to address here: Frankly, even I don't know what I'm saying half the time. TeamRocket May 11th, I think he just lacks some of the qualities that are related with "manly men" I've actually been scared at times that people wonder about me simply because I don't have a girlfriend Jeikobu May 11th,4: Why would you think that? Kojiro just acts gay alot. It's hard to explain without you seeing the specific things, but besides cross dressing, he sometimes acts femine.

I remember the Fashion Flash ep in the first season where he's prancing all around like a ballerina not that doing ballet makes you gay, it's just the way it came off when Kojiro did itor when he acting like "Oh, help me I'm scared" in the Pokemon Shipwreck ep and Musashi is the one being level headed.

Chairman Kaga May 11th,5: P But I don't think not having a girlfriend makes somebody gay If he is considered to be not straight, then why he doesn't show an attraction to another male? Jeikobu May 12th,6: I believe James said something to the extent that no one had ever suspected they were a couple or that they weren't a couple or something to that extent The final nail in Rocketshipping's coffin. Kitty May 15th,8: I think that while they arent a couple yet, they will end up that way.

I mean, they hang out together ALL the time. I've been hanging out with a particularly fine-looking female specimen for a while now and I have yet to feel anything remotely romantic towards her.

Jeremy May 15th,9: Porygon May 17th,9: This may imply that it is not necessarily Jesse's opinion. Once again, she found she wasn't happy. James tried various different jobs, like being a construction worker, but he couldn't do anything right. He wasn't happy either.

They were both baffled that they kept meeting each other. Time and time again, they couldn't avoid each other. It was almost like faith was inevitably setting them up.

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So, they both accepted to work together and test the waters. They were competitive at first when it came to the training exercises, but discovered they were having a lot of fun being together. When they were sent on an actual mission, that's when they really opened up to each other about how they were internally struggling. They found each other.

james and jessie relationship problems

They saw that they were both hurting inside, and found happiness in each other. Something started to spark.

james and jessie relationship problems

After successfully completing that mission and feeling closer than ever, they were sent on another to steal the infamous Red Snorlax. Unfortunately, James fell through a trap door, where Jessie holds onto him. The alarm sounds, and he tries to let go, telling her to get away, but she refuses and stays with him. They have a heart to heart conversation about the promises they made on their previous mission, and Jessie finds the strength to pull him up, where he lands on top of her, and they stare into each other's eyes, maybe even getting lost in them.

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When she finds out about this in a brilliantly written scene where Rumika grew up to look exactly like her, she seems uncertain. Maybe even a little jealous. It's good symbolism about him picking personality over looks, since Jessie and Rumika are totally different, while the whole joke is that they could be twins.

I would like to point out that in this WHOLE episode we were expecting a promise of some sort—mainly between James and Rumika, but instead, at the end, we got ourselves a promise between Jessie and James. DeviantArt kingofgets It is known that Miyamoto, Jessie's mother, was in fairly high standing within Team Rocket, with many speculating that she was the Admin herself. However, she disappeared on a mission to find the legendary Mew. With her mother considered deceased, Jessie was placed in a poor foster home.

james and jessie relationship problems

However, in her youthful innocence, she wasn't aware of her own poverty; she thought eating snow was fun, but it was actually due to a lack of real food. Jessie is known for her self-centered and superficial attitude. She also has a bit of a temper when it comes to her image, being hypersensitive about her looks.

It's difficult to imagine this kind of character as a naive little girl, but perhaps it's that very upbringing that shaped her personality. Pinterest Most of us would be happy as the only child in a family of millionaires, living a lavish lifestyle full of high class events and people.

But James isn't most of us. Faced with his parents' insanely high expectations, he showed little interest in their plans for him. He was engaged to a girl named Jessebelle, who was overly controlling and rude, and he grew to hate her over the years.

Finally, he decided to run away from home, even leaving behind his Growlithe named Growlie. His upper-class upbringing frequently manifests in his speech and mannerisms. His abuse at the hands of Jessebelle instilled in him a submissive disposition, as seen in his interactions with Jessie.