Jacob and laban relationship test

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jacob and laban relationship test

After deceiving his brother Esau out of his birthright, Jacob, at the advice of his It is our close relationships with others that God most often uses to show us our. Genesis –35, 43—Jacob works longer for Laban and prospers. (Jacob). Explain the relationship among these six people. Tell the children that the remaining blanks will be filled in during the . You can see another child's test paper. Like a sandwich, in the middle we have the story about Jacob, his wives, children , and his relationship with Laban. What similar thing happened at the beginning.

But when a man is enamored of a woman, he does not want to hear those things. He is going to have her, and nothing else matters. It was only one month after Jacob arrived in Haran that Uncle Laban approached him to see if they could work out a mutually acceptable wage arrangement. The Scripture says that Jacob loved Rachel and offered to serve Laban seven years for her hand in marriage Gen.

He had nothing to offer Laban for his daughter, so his labor was promised in lieu of a dowry. Now we are even more dubious. One month is hardly sufficient time for us to get to know someone well enough to make a lifelong commitment, and it surely is not enough time to learn whether or not we are in love. True love requires thorough knowledge. To profess to love someone we do not know intimately is merely to love our mental image of that person.

But Jacob thought he was in love. When Rachel was near, his heart pounded faster and a wonderful feeling swept over him. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on, and he felt life without her would be worthless. That was enough for him. That is a remarkable statement. Seven years is a long time to wait, and I think Jacob really did grow to love Rachel during those years. The physical attraction was still there, but he could not live in such close contact with her through a seven-year engagement period and not learn a great deal about her, both good and bad.

Too many couples marry in haste and repent at leisure. One great test of true love, therefore, is the ability to wait. Infatuation is usually in a hurry because it is self-centered.

Jacob waited, and his romantic love at first sight grew to become a deep bond of spirit and a total commitment of soul. Uncle Laban was the one who threw the monkey wrench into the machinery. With a heavy veil over her face and long flowing garments covering her body, she got through the ceremony undetected. By talking in whispered tones in the darkened tent, she made it through the night.

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He was probably furious with the whole family for their double-dealing fraud. That was not exactly the happiest way for Leah to start her married life, was it? I suspect that she loved Jacob from the start and longed for him to return her affection. Tricking someone into marriage is dangerous business, but it is still being done today.

Some women try to buy a man with sex, or trap him with a baby, or lure him with family fortune. A man may also trap a woman by promising wealth, or trick a woman by pretending to be something he is not, masking his faults until after the ceremony. It may not take any longer than the honeymoon for his wife to discover that she married a monster she never really knew. The consequences of deception are usually painful and distressing. Big-hearted Laban offered to give Rachel to Jacob as well if he would work for seven more years.

The week refers to the week of wedding festivities. Jacob did not have to wait seven more years for Rachel, only one week. But he had to work seven more years without pay after marrying her.

Isaac and Jacob Bible Quiz

So we have the first of the God-fearing patriarchs entering into a bigamous relationship. God made one woman for one man Gen. Although Jacob was tricked into it, there were alternatives. Some commentators insist that he should have rejected Leah since he did not take her willingly. May I suggest another alternative; Jacob could have accepted his marriage to Leah as the will of God for his life and learned to love her alone.

Maybe Jacob would have been commended for accepting these consequences from the sovereign hand of God had he exercised that degree of faith. And may I remind you that Leah, not Rachel, was the mother of Judah, through whom the Savior would ultimately come Gen. But Jacob was not willing to believe that God was in control of these circumstances.

She had to have everything she wanted or life was not worth living. She was envious, selfish, peevish, fretful, discontented, and demanding. The miracle of conception lies within the power of God. Some couples get angry with God for not giving them children, while others who do have children look forward to the day when the kids will be grown and gone and they can have some peace and quiet.

Homemakers want to be working wives, and working wives want to be full-time homemakers. There are Christians who are dissatisfied with the places where they live, the jobs they have, the money they make, and the houses they live in. Something else always looks better to them. Some wives are discontented with their husbands. Some husbands are discontented with their wives. They criticize them for the way they dress, the way they fix their hair, the way they cook, the way they keep house, or the way they treat the children.

jacob and laban relationship test

They get upset because they sleep too late, eat too much, waste too much time, or spend too much money. No matter how hard some wives try, they can never please their husbands. Some of these things are important and need to be talked out. I am not suggesting that we totally ignore them and suffer in silence. But a spirit of discontent that causes us to fuss, nag, bicker, quarrel, and complain is a great hindrance to happy marital relationships.

God wants us to be content with what we have.

jacob and laban relationship test

She gave her handmaid Bilhah to Jacob so that he could have a son by her, and she did it twice Her jealous malcontent was seen again a short time later. When he brought them home and presented them to his mother, Rachel saw them and decided she wanted some too. She always seemed to want what somebody else had.

The same spirit of discontent shows up again in her life. God finally did give her a son of her own, and now we expect her to be satisfied. Rachel was never completely happy with what she had. But the end is not yet. God told Jacob that it was time to leave Uncle Laban and go back home to Canaan.

He had prospered to such an extent that Laban no longer felt very kindly toward him. I tried to picture myself in that time as each one of the characters.

It is never to too late. I spent a lot of time thinking about Jacob because he is such a different person than we see beginning in Genesis With the help of his mother, he is conniving and deceptive and basically steals everything of value from his brother Esau. I would even venture to say that he was lazy in his younger years. Clearly, he had a spiritual awakening in Bethel and turned his life around.

jacob and laban relationship test

As we watch his relationship with Laban unfold, he has become a spiritual, patient, and hard-working man. In order to marry the woman he loves, he gives 14 years of his life. Now, that is dedication. We all have an opportunity and ability to become what God calls us to become.

We just need to have our spiritual awakening and begin down the path He lays before us. Deception will come back to bite you. At first, I felt bad for Jacob when he was deceived by Laban. He worked seven years, and then was tricked into a not only a second wife but seven more years of work.

But then, I reflected on what Jacob did to Esau. Basically, Esau was stripped of everything that was important to him.

jacob and laban relationship test

After thinking about Esau, my sympathy for Jacob wained, and I feel like he got a taste of his own medicine. The same goes for Laban. He thought that he was so smart by tricking Jacob into so many years of hard work. Nevertheless, he learned his lesson the hard way by losing not only his son-in-law who made him prosperous but also his daughters.