Izaya and namie relationship advice

Durarara Light Novel Stuff — Izaya talks to Namie about his sisters

izaya and namie relationship advice

Namie Durarara, Izaya Orihara, Shizaya, Animation Series, Death Note, Hilarious · DurararaIzaya . Oh, Celty! ♡ (I really adore the whole relationship between Shinra and Celty as it progresses thoughout the and seasons. .. Dating advice. Durarara!!: Photo Izaya Orihara, Durarara, Kawaii Cute, Drawing Tips, "Drrr!!" Izaya x Namie Izaya Orihara, Durarara, Anime Couples, Yuri, Kawaii, Couple. I'm okay with Kida x SakiI really wanted Saki to end up with Izaya, either romanically or in a father-daughter relationship. Izaya x Saki is.

We will always get something like this. But this still begs the two question for me. First, Does Izaya "love" Namie? Though, he did say that he loves Namie the same way he loves his precious humans, we know, his definition of "love" is how a child loves his toys rather a good relationship kind of love.

Izaya to me, seems to enjoy Namie's company, teasing Namie all the time about her brother since he knows that she is absolutely obsessed with Seiji. Most fans said that this is to turn her away from Seiji, but I think this is to fuel her obsession with Seiji.

Izaya might see Namie as someone who is obsessed with a human, not all of humanity like himself, but at least Namie is obsessed with a single human.

Namie, without even noticing it herself is similar to Izaya. They are both obsessed, and Izaya loves this, hence why he likes keeping Namie and respects her. He see's her as someone who is as close as a companion as he can get.

Love, probably not, sorry to say. She did also once called him "the king that she serves". Despite Namie's bossy attitude, she does show some slight fear towards Izaya. Namie also knows quite a lot about Izaya's personal life. She knows that Izaya is incredibly annoyed at his two sisters and that Izaya is lonely. A handful of tourists look up in fear, but locals know it's just another of the usual fights of Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. It's nothing new as they're seen sprinting and fighting in the dark alleyways of the city.

The locals are already used to this apocalyptic duo, honestly they know Ikebukuro wouldn't be the same without them, so they just shrug and continue walking. As long as they are not in danger of getting hit by a flying vending machine, there is nothing they can do anyway. Unfortunately, the dark-haired man avoids the flying object by simply bending down and running the other way.

Shizuo growls and pulls his hands into fists. Izaya smirks and glances at the man who is now chasing after him. As adrenaline courses through his body, Izaya laughs, knowing exactly what the man dressed as a bartender is going to shout next. He loves making Shizuo crazy by simply breathing. On the other hand, Shizuo swears it could have been a perfect day. But then he saw the bastard passing by him and smiling at the blonde without a single care in the world.

In short, he lost it. Throwing traffic signs, benches, and anything else he could get his hands on at the informant. Shizuo truly hated violence.

izaya and namie relationship advice

After just a few minutes of the chase, Izaya abruptly stops in his tracks. The debt-collector is in a blind rage by now, causing him to run straight into the hard surface of the dead end of the alleyway.

He staggers back with a surprised look on his face. Once Shizuo registers Izaya, he gets tunnel vision.

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That thought alone makes Izaya laugh blissfully. Just this morning, the informant was thinking how to make his day entertaining, when suddenly an image of an angry Shizuo found its way into his mind. Which is how they ended up here, fighting and chasing one another. You should be more careful. Wouldn't want my favourite monster to get hurt, after all," Izaya tells Shizuo while grinning playfully and pulling out his reliable knife. I thought I told you to never show your face in Ikebukuro again.

Now come here so I can smash your head against this wall and go home. I'm not exactly in the mood to have my head smashed against any walls, and certainly not by you," Izaya says with a noncommittal shrug.

Don't flatter yourself, idiot," the blonde spat back at him.

izaya and namie relationship advice

They could continue in their bickering for hours, but Izaya is getting a little bored of this. Sure, a quick run around Ikebukuro with Shizuo chasing after him like a crazy animal is very tempting, but they've been doing that for years. It's always the same.

However, Izaya is not bored of Shizuo himself, but of their unalterable relationship. After all, Shizuo is unpredictable with a short fuse and a tremendous strength, some sort of superhuman, making him the ideal monster. Izaya doesn't want to give him up. So he decides to wind him up even further. What are you going to do about it?

Would you mind being a little more creative? I'm going to kill you with that van and cut you into sushi with that little adorable knife of yours," Shizuo says as he points at the delivery van parked before him with a sneer. But I won't lose against you. Give up, you have nowhere to run. But what if I do.

izaya and namie relationship advice

Would that make you angry, you monster? If I fled again? If you lost again? He then reaches up to grab onto the ledge of the window on the building beside him and gives Shizuo a quick smirk before he continues to climb up the side of the building, laughing the whole way up to the roof. Shizuo doesn't spare a second, of course, and soon he's bounding after Izaya.

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When they get to the top of the building, they don't even notice the beautiful panoramic view of Tokyo and the flickering night lights. But at least I'm not you," Shizuo spits as he steps toward the informant. But are you sure about that? I'm not the one who makes little children scream. The ugly flea sure knows how to get to him.

In Durarara, what is the relationship between Izaya and Namie?

When Shizuo stays quiet, Izaya smiles before continuing. And what's more Shizu-chan, I'm not the one who's scared of myself. The flea is going lower than low. The nuisance of Tokyo! He strides a few steps towards Izaya while gritting his teeth and gripping his last remnants of self-control. I don't care about your words. I don't care about you. No one cares about you. You say you love humans, right? But humans hate you. And it's your own fault.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Nothing can hurt him. But what can I do? Humans are so very very interesting. It's difficult to stop playing with them, you see? And it's difficult to stop playing with you, too. Even though you're not a human," Izaya replies, watching Shizuo barrel toward him. The blonde makes another low guttural sound in his throat and grabs Izaya by his trademark jacket, causing the dark-haired man to sneer.

Why isn't he backing away? Well, Shizuo is not complaining. Maybe the idiot actually has a death wish. The strongest man in Ikebukuro.

izaya and namie relationship advice

Who knows… maybe even the world! But Izaya doesn't show any sign attempting to get away from Shizuo, which for some reason starts to seriously piss him off. Shizuo is going to throw the bastard out of here. Straight out of Japan. He flinches subconsciously as Izaya plummets to the ground. He's not as happy about this as he should be. He should be ecstatic but he flinched… What did that mean? Whatever the flea has decided to believe, Shizuo is still human. He shakes subtly, closing his eyes as he waits for the sound of a body hitting the ground below.

Shizuo opens one eye and peeks over the edge. He sighs with… relief? After Shizuo gains his focus again, he notices that there may not be a body, but there is a very much alive Izaya Orihara.

Jumping like the flea he is on a black surface as though he's on a trampoline, all the while grinning like a crazy idiot. The black material looks like a sheet stretched between the buildings. Only one person is capable of doing that. Celty is his friend so why would she help the sneaky informant escape? Suddenly, someone taps him on the shoulder, causing Shizuo to turn around. He's faced with the black biker typing something on her PDA. But I had to! He looks behind him to see if the informant is still there, but there is no trace of him.

You paid me to protect you. I did it for Shizuo. But Shizu-chan hates me, why wouldn't you want to help him get rid of me? Aren't the two of you besties? I have to go.