India and pakistan relationship essay

india and pakistan relationship essay

Authors.] Introduction. The India-Pakistan relationship is crucial to world peace and yet this bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan makes the most sense The Indian Paradox: Essays on Indian Politics. New. Pakistan Acknowledges Indian Role in Afghanistan. Indian analysts, however, remain divided on the sincerity and reasons for Islamabad's sudden flip-flop. Indo-Pakistani relations are grounded in the political, geographic, cultural, and economic links between the Republic of India. Get Essay for UPSC and Civil.

The Indian troops managed to seize parts of Kashmir which included Jammu, Srinagar and the Kashmir valley itself, but the strong and intense fighting, flagged with the onset of winter, made much of the state impassable.

india and pakistan relationship essay

Sardar Patel had argued against both, describing Kashmir as a bilateral dispute and its accession as justified by international law. Innorth-western Kashmir was fully integrated into Pakistan, becoming Azad Kashmir Pakistan-administered Kashmirwhile the other portion was acceded to Indian control, and the state of Jammu and Kashmir Indian-administered Kashmir was created.

Will the relationship between India and Pakistan will ever improve

InChina occupied Aksai Chin, the northeastern region bordering Ladakh. Pakistan maintains Kashmiris' rights to self-determination through a plebiscite in accordance with an earlier Indian statement and a UN resolution.

india and pakistan relationship essay

Pakistan also points to India's failure of not understanding its own political logic and applying it to Kashmir, by taking their opinion on the case of the accession of Junagadh as an example that the Hindu majority state should have gone to India even though it had a Muslim rulerthat Kashmir should also rightfully and legally have become a part of Pakistan since majoirity of the people were Muslim, even though they had a Hindu ruler.

Pakistan also states that at the very least, the promised plebiscite should be allowed to decide the fate of the Kashmiri people. India on the other hand asserts that the Maharaja's decision, which was the norm for every other princely state at the time of independence, and subsequent elections, for over 40 years, on Kashmir has made it an integral part of India.

This opinion has often become controversial, as Pakistan asserts that the decision of the ruler of Junagadh also adhered to Pakistan. Due to all such political differences, this dispute has also been the subject of wars between the two countries in andand a limited conflict in Pakistan is locked in other territorial disputes with India such as the Siachen Glacier and Kori Creek.

Pakistan is also currently having dialogue with India regarding the Baglihar Dam being built over the River Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan, since independence, was geo-politically divided into two major regions, West Pakistan and East Pakistan. East Pakistan was occupied mostly by Bengali people. In Decemberfollowing a political crisis in East Pakistan, the situation soon spiralled out of control in East Pakistan and India intervened in favour of the rebelling Bengali populace.

The conflict, a brief but bloody war, resulted in an independence of East Pakistan. Kashmir has been the bedrock issue between both the nations and has been an unresolved boundary dispute. Terrorism, particularly targeting India which is bred on Pakistani soil is yet another major issue which has mired the relationship.

Despite many positive initiatives taken, the India-Pakistan relationship in recent times has reached an all time low with some sore issues sticking out. Here we are analysing the core issues in the India-Pakistan relationship.

india and pakistan relationship essay

Present Context and the Issues in India-Pakistan Relationship With the regime change in India, there was a perception that a hard line and staunch policy towards Pakistan would be followed. There were initiatives taken by the government, for example, inviting the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the swearing in ceremony of the new PM of India, an unscheduled visit to Lahore by the Indian PM to the residence of the PM of Pakistan, which showed some signs of a positive development.

India-Pakistan Relations - Terrorism, Kashmir, and Recent Issues

There has been a complete stoppage of talks at all levels in between the nations. Speculations, however, run that back channel talks exist.

With rising discontent and a volatile situation once again in Kashmir from mid, India has accused Pakistan of adding fuel to the unrest and glorifying terrorists by declaring them, martyrs. Terrorist attacks on security forces since have increased and the attack on the Uri Army base camp in Septemberwhere 19 Indian soldiers were killed, was also carried by an organization, which has its roots in Pakistan. The Supreme Court of Pakistan recently disqualified the PM from office, making him the second PM in the history of Pakistan to be disqualified from office.

This backdrop comes at a time when the already existing India-Pakistan relations are at a low and with the disqualified PM being perceived as someone who has always wanted to improve the relationship with India, it is not a good news for India in a way. In the ouster, surprisingly, the Pakistani Army has remained silent publicly on the issue. Some people perceive the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as being politically motivated, with some saying there was a judicial overreach by the Court.

india and pakistan relationship essay

Also, the court has directed the National Accountability Bureau to further investigate into cases related to Panama papers. However, there are also reports that the developments are a sort of deepening the roots of democracy in Pakistan because the due process of law was followed. The disqualified PM was seen as someone who tried to pursue a better relationship with India.

Thus, his ouster can have implications with the incoming new PM of Pakistan.

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This can be a cause of concern because of the background scenario with the relationship between both countries already fraught and the Pakistan Army indirectly flexing its muscle in the process of the ouster of the PM. The future thus remains uncertain. Terrorism and Kashmir — The never ending issues Cross border terrorism has always been an issue. Some analysts go to the extent of saying that both nations are always in a perpetual state of war.

Despite the fact the after the Kargil conflict, there was a Ceasefire Agreement signed inthere have been regular cross border ceasefire violations from the Pakistan side of the border with the trend being as such that since onwards, there has been a rise in the violations with the exception of It has killed and injured security forces as well as civilians on both the sides.

With the regime change in India, there has been a different approach to the violations.

india and pakistan relationship essay

With the hardline policy of the new government, there has been massive retaliation to the unprovoked firing. Thus, out of desperation, there has been a rise in the number of infiltrations of terrorists from across the Line of Control LOCwhich has been routine for quite a while now.

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With the void in between the Kashmiri people and the establishment increasing after the devastating floods ofthere was rising discontent again in the valley.

The trigger to the events was the killing of the militant commander of the terrorist organization Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Burhan Wani, which led to widespread protests in the valley and the situation has been highly volatile ever since with almost daily scenes of protests and stone pelting in the valley. Pakistan has taken advantage of the situation and has fuelled the protests by providing the elements fighting against the Indian establishment and Forces in the state with all sorts of possible support.

The PM of Pakistan, in fact, went a step ahead and during the United Nations General Assembly meeting ofdeclared Wani as a martyr and the struggle of the people of Kashmir as an Intifada.