Howl and sophie relationship quiz

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howl and sophie relationship quiz

Relationship Status unattached. Howl is a notorious heart-breaker, and he's constantly going off to woo some girl or another, often bringing his guitar with him . The Howl's Moving Castle Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. Tests for the real fan -» Cartoons mangas and anime quizzes -» Other cartoons Why did Howl's 'secret garden' look familiar to Sophie?.

Most of the Miyazaki films are aimed towards children, but some of them manage to be truly terrifying, like with Spirited Away. Princess Mononoke is a brutal, war film that also manages to tell a story about conversation, and the importance of respecting the animal creatures around you.

howl and sophie relationship quiz

When our main hero is infected by a dark and deadly curse, it begins to spread throughout hisWha entire body. Castle In The Sky? Broach Hat Necklace There is usually a mcguffin thrown into Miyazaki films as a sort of final destination type item.

The items are generally not of extreme importance, and usually at the end the audience realizes that the journey was the real treasure. This is also the case in this wonderful, and visually pleasing film. This item is definitely a bit more treasured than some others throughout Ghibli films, but the relationships and the lessons learned along the way to protecting it are what truly stand out at the end. Crying Coughing Screaming Miyazaki has a real knack for creating strange monsters that end up being far more haunting than the terrifying things we encounter in the real world.

There are thematic beats of horror in many of his films, and sometimes just bare-knuckle tension that really keeps the audience on its feet up until the very end.

Luckily, this character rises to the occasion, and he ends up being a hero after all. This film is absolutely magical, and surprisingly beautiful, but downright haunting at the same time. The show plays out like a horror movie in the beginning, with a terrifying sequence showcasing her parents getting turned into pigs in front of her eyes.

Castle in the Sky Spirited Away Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind So this film is not actually technically a Miyazaki film, but it still seems to be counted amongst the others. The film is absolutely gorgeous too as you can see in the screenshot.

Grave of the Fireflies Princess Mononoke Spirited Away This film is probably the most hectic and violent of the Ghibli films, and it has a real terrifying sense of dread and anticipation that lasts practically throughout the entire runtime.

The American dub of this film highlights some particularly noteworthy voices like most Ghibli films including Billy Crudup and Billy Bob Thornton. Princess Mononoke Spirited Away Ponyo This film starts off unlike any other Ghibli Miyazaki film, as it slowly introduces us to the characters, and has their storylines start off in different locations, only to get together later in the movie.

This scene is a particularly wonderful one, as an elderly lady helps out a scarecrow that had a curse placed on it.

howl and sophie relationship quiz

The film really starts to pick up after this point, and visually and narratively, the film begins to get much darker and darker. Samuel Carson Ashitaka Princess Mononoke is a film that perfectly balances the quiet and more traumatic moments throughout its runtime. Soot balls Dusties Jumpers The little creatures that work in the boiler room in Spirited Away are constantly in motion, and are the hardest workers in the whole film.

The poor little creatures are continually blown around because of how lightweight they are, but Chichiro is amazed by them all the same. These little workers are pretty adorable, and they work tirelessly to make sure the boiler room is clean, which is pretty ironic given the nature of what they are. They only appear briefly in the film. Sophie crashes into the castle, and she dreams that Howl is consumed by his demon.

She admits that she loves him in her dream, where he roars that it's too late. Howl arrives the next morning, and moves the castle again. The castle transforms into Sophie's hat shop, along with a new portal, that leads to a beautiful field of flowers. Sophie becomes young again, and she asks Howl if he's leaving her. He doesn't answer, to which she responds, "Please, Howl, I know I can be of help to you.

Even though I'm not pretty, and all I'm good at is cleaning. Howl destroys the engine, and saves Sophie. Sophie turns the Hat Shop into a flower shop, and her mother visits her. Her mother secretly leaves a little spy blob behind, and the Witch throws it in Calcifer's mouth. He weakens, and is unable to defend the castle when the country is thrust into war. Sophie runs outside, fully young as she has unknowingly broke her own curse, and watches as Howl saves the shop from a falling bomb.

How well do you REALLY know "Howl's Moving Castle"?

He emerges from the wreckage unscathed, and the two embrace. Howl heals Calcifer, and Sophie begs him not to go out into the war again. He responds, "Sorry, I've had enough of running away, Sophie.

howl and sophie relationship quiz

Now I've got something to protect. The castle curmbles, and Sophie places him back in the ruined grate.

howl and sophie relationship quiz

Despite Sophie's curse being lifted, her hair remains silver, much unlike the book, where Sophie's hair turns red. She gives Calcifer her hair, and he grows strong enough to move the castle to find Howl and tell him that they are safe.

Which "Howl's Moving Castle" Character Are You?

Meanwhile, the Witch of the Waste realizes that Calcifer holds Howl's heart, and she plucks him from the hearth. She begins to burn, and Sophie throws a bucket of water on her. Calcifer goes out, causing the castle to fall apart. Sophie falls over a cliff, along with Heen. The ring that Howl gave her glows blue, and leads to the portal from the castle.

She opens it up, and enters the black void that only Howl has been in. She ends up in the past, and witnesses Howl as a child. Stars are falling from the sky, and she runs out to stop him from making a pact with Calcifer.

However, Howl swallows the star before Sophie can reach him, and Calcifer is born, with Howl's small heart beating within. Sophie calls out to him, telling him to find her in the future.

She is then thrust back through the door, where Howl is waiting for her. He is unresponsive, but he brings her to the remains of the castle. Sophie just before she puts Howl's heart back and frees Calcifer She pleads with the Witch to give her Calcifer, and when she does, Sophie pushes him into Howl's chest. Calcifer flies out, once more a star, and flies away.

The remains of the castle break apart once Calcifer leaves, and they shot down a hill towards a cliff, but are saved by Turnip Head, who loses his pole in the process.

Sophie kisses Turnip Head, who turns into the missing prince. At that moment, Howl awakes, complaining about a weight on his chest. Sophie then replies, "A heart's a heavy burden. Sophie, now full of confidence, tackles him and agrees.

You should go home anyway and tell your king to stop this dumb war. After the prince leaves, Calcifer returns, deciding to stay with the curse-free Sophie and Howl. The movie ends with the castle flying through the sky. Markl and Heen are seen playing in a small garden with the Witch and Calcifer watching over them. Sophie is last seen with Howl on a balcony, and the two share a kiss as the castle slowly floats away.

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When she is around eight months pregnant, Howl happens to be working on a divination spell for the King of Ingary when he discovers that a djinn plans to steal the Castle for itself. Howl sends Michael and the new apprentice away, but Sophie refuses to leave with them.

She and Howl are arguing about that when the djinn comes, and Howl turns Sophie into a cat, and all of a sudden Sophie finds herself alone in the mountains north of Kingsbury. Sophie gives birth to Morgan while she's still a cat approximately a week after the castle is stolen so he is born a kitten.

While the soldier takes a liking to Sophie as a cat and names her Midnight, Abdullah hates her and is scared of her strange powers. Once Abdullah reaches Ingary in his quest to find Flower-in-the-Night, he learns who Sophie really is. Sophie finds Morgan, who has been looked after by the princesses. With the help of the other princesses, Abdullah, Sophie, Flower-in-the-Night, and the moody Genie, they manage to trick the robbers with the powers of the genie, Sophie's talking powers and Morgan's crying, and take back the castle.

Sophie and Morgan are both reunited with Howl who was the Genie and Calcifer who was the magic carpet. So while they asked for Sophie instead, Howl chose to come along as well in the disguise of an adorable young boy named "Twinkle", claiming to be Sophie's nephew.

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Sophie's Curse Some people argue that the power of love was what broke the curse however that theory does not explain why Sophie's age changes frequently throughout the movie. One theory is that the curse is heavily affected by Sophie's own confidence and emotions.

In the beginning, she sounds like a year-old grandmother as her mother put it and she acts as if she gave up on her own life. But as she finds some purpose cleaning the castle, she becomes slightly younger. When she pointed out Howl's good qualities to Sulliman, she was assertive and forward with her own thoughts.

This caused her to go back to her own age. Later when she is introduced to Howl's secret flower field she is full of joy and youth but when doubt began to cloud her mind and she denied herself from being pretty, she went back to being an old woman.

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There are other cases where what she did affected her age in the movie. When she slept however, she was back to her normal self. At the end of the movie, Sophie was ready to be assertive and move forward with her life instead of giving up which was probably what broke the curse. Another theory says that the curse was weakened and started frequently changing Sophie's age until it could only change Sophie's hair color when the Witch of the Waste lost all of her powers.

And stating that when she was seen the first time sleeping, Howl must have known of her curse and wanted to see her true youth, and that the second time was only a dream.