Hotch and jj relationship quiz

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hotch and jj relationship quiz

Sep 12, JJ: I'm not a hostage negotiator. Hotch: The SSA Aaron Hotchner Trivia Quiz. Fanpop quiz: JJ: I'm not a hostage negotiator. Hotch. Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer has revealed that the seventh season will explore the relationship between Hotch (Thomas Gibson). Hotch + Prentiss, Criminal Minds Relationships - Criminal Minds Wiki Reid+JJ. OTP 2. Morgan + Garcia, Reid and Prentiss hugging in Minimal.

Will LaMontagne, and is even more surprised when he announces that he doesn't want her on this case, "not with what's going on. Hotch turns to give the two of them some privacy and JJ rushes after him. JJ smiles and reassures him that she won't leave him hanging. He asks her if she thinks it is the right thing to do when it could cause panic if other people learn about it.

She is concerned and asks Hotch if everything is ok, he seems lost in his thoughts and tells her everything is fine. He thanks her for pushing the team to make the trip, which they wouldn't have done otherwise.

hotch and jj relationship quiz

JJ wants to tell him the reason why but Hotch tells her "You don't have to" she tells him anyway that her sister gave her her necklace before commiting suicide. She says to Hotch who just lost his wife: JJ struggles to get access to the EBS and, although Hotch is usually the one who deals with this part of the team's expertise, JJ is forced to become the chief negotiator when he can't make it to the broadcast center.

Hotch reassures her and immediately calls her when the little girl is free.

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Hotch backs her up, explaining that JJ is under no obligation to tell him about these job offers. Alone with JJ, Hotch asks once again if she's not interested in this promotion. JJ replies, "I belong here. He tells her that JJ is a vital member of the team. Strauss tells him that she knows it's emotional for him and Hotch insists that it's not emotional.

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When the missing girl is found Hotch watches JJ giving a hug to the family from a distance. Hotch quietly comes up behind her and she asks him when she's expected to leave.

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There's nothing he can do — she's been ordered to report at the end of the week. And in a later episode, Lo Fi, JJ tells him something that she has never told anyone else And then she comforts him, telling him that it eventually gets better and that he can remember and not hurt, in reference to his losing Haley. We know that JJ played soccer and got to school on her athletic scholarship because of it At the end of the episode in Season 6, Episode 22, Out of the Light, we find out that Hotch coaches Jack's soccer team!

The writers, here, are practically setting us up for an episode where she helps out one day when Rossi can't be his assistant coach They just know each other, you know? JJ and Hotch have obviously known each other the longest out of everyone on the team, and they seem to have a really strong friendship.

The JJ/Hotch Pairingand Why It Just Makes Sense - Hotch & JJ - Fanpop

The writers for this show have almost gone out of their way at times to show how close the two of them are. See previous references to other episodes to see what I mean.

hotch and jj relationship quiz

Well, we'll see how things go, and maybe nothing will happen, but you never know, right? The looks that they share all the time!

The JJ/Hotch Pairing...and Why It Just Makes Sense

The eye contact between them is almost overkill! A lot of their communication, unlike with the rest of the team, is nonverbal.

hotch and jj relationship quiz

JJ is the only logical choice for Hotch. Okay, I know this doesn't sound like much of a reason, but hear me out! Listen, Hotch's only other relationship was with Haley and from what we have learned from the show, they knew each other since high school Cue the music and step in Jennifer Jareau!

They've known each other for how long now? I can see the wheels in your head are turning.