Hiccup and merida meet greet

hiccup and merida meet greet

See more. Princess Merida from Disney/Pixar's "Brave" at her meet-and-greet I'm not sure where this whole Hiccup and Merida ship came from, but. What if Hiccup had decided to compete for Merida's hand in The aforementioned king patted Stoick on the back with vigour as he laughed a greeting. He remembered when he met Stoick all those years ago when Valka . Upon meeting, Merida and Hiccup befriend each other fast and both help to . Gobber greets me as I put on a leather apron and started to put.

Good Viking demeanour wouldn't do that. I see more dragons sweep back and forth, dodging axes and blasting the Vikings who throw them. A burly warrior gets tossed in an explosion, knocking me to the ground. The Viking looks at me and shouts, "Arggghhhh! Sorry, I should have told you this earlier. Lately, dragons haven't been our only… Pests. If you haven't figured that out already. I must say, they're putting up an amazing fight against the Vikings… Uh, just don't tell anyone that I said that, I don't want to be disowned, and you have absolutely no idea how much my father and my entire village want to do that already!

I mean who do you know that would take a medium length teenaged boy with scraggily dark auburn hair and murky green eyes, shorter than basically every kind of your usual Viking, but is also far from muscular and is weak compared to the other Viking teens in his class and age group if he told you he was a Viking? That's what I thought. I come out of my thought-world just in time to not get my arm lobbed off.

Time to meet the neighbours… First off, you have Hoark the Haggard Then you have Burnthair the Broad And, lastly, Phlegma the Fierce I pass a lone Viking, picking at his ear. He yanked me from the path of a strafing dragon and holds aloft to the crowd.

He glowers at me. What are you doing out?! He sets me back down and turns to the sky, searching; searching for dragons. That's Stoick the Vast. He is the Chief of the tribe. They say that when he was a baby he popped a dragon's head clean off of its shoulders. Do I believe it? As I think this, Stoick grabs a wooden cart and hurls it, knocking the strafing dragon out of the sky.

Yes, yes I do. An explosion forces Vikings to duck.

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But Stoick stands firm, brushing flaming debris off of his shoulder. Oh and Hoark saw a Monstrous Nightmare.

He pauses, and then asks a question. I take a look at a scene… Massive flaming braziers are raised on poles, lighting up the night sky But below, I cross an open plaza and duck into an open building with a tall chimney.

Also known as Gobber's Blacksmith Stall. Nice of you to join the party.

hiccup and merida meet greet

I thought you'd been carried off. I'm way too muscular for their taste. Theywouldn't know what to do with allthis.

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The meathead with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. I've been his apprentice ever since I was little. We'll counter-attack with the catapults. Armed men rush past, flanking others who carry sheep to safety. Stoick follows up the rear as, overhead; a dragon strafes the rooftops with Napalm-like fire. Lots and lotsof new houses. A near-by Viking shouts his command.

From it, they fill buckets of water to douse the flames. One among them is a cute, energetic Viking girl. I can't help but lean out of the stall to watch her. Oh, the other four are Fishlegs, Snotlout. The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Even when I just think her name, it sounds dreamy.

She sent a nod of thanks in Hunter's direction, watching briefly as the dragon hunkered down, taking off again with one powerful stroke of its wings as they shot straight towards an alien hovercraft, Hunter's sword held aloft in his hand.

She turned to find Eric Selvig watching her and quickly returned her mind to the mission at hand. As Clint reached back to find his quiver empty he realized how grateful he was to have Sky there, watching as she shot down the alien about to attack him.

He glanced behind him to acknowledge her help only to notice the dragon and its rider flying toward them, followed by a large fleet of Chitauri hovercrafts. The dragon was fast though and had a good head start, flying alongside the building toward them. Sky sent a meaningful glance his way and he responded with a mischievous smile, the two of them running toward the edge of the building and leaping together onto the dragon's back. The dragon angled downwards as they landed, its rider sending a smile toward Sky.

She scowled good naturedly, sending a scathing glance his way as, perched on the back of a flying dragon, she let loose arrow after arrow — all of them hitting their targets. The rider paused — momentarily distracted as he spotted whatever target on the ground he was looking for. Clint too quickly hopped off, feeling slightly out of place between the two friends, and the dragon took off again, leaving the group behind.

Thor glanced up as the dragon he had seen earlier approached, landing just as Steve got hit with a bolt from a Chitauri weapon. He threw his hammer viciously at an attacking alien and watched as Clint and a young warrior with bright red hair leapt from the creature's back. Another young girl with short brown hair joined them, exchanging glances with the red haired warrior, but Thor turned, offering his hand to Steve, and did not see the rest of the greeting.

As Steve got to his feet the brunette approached them, her red haired friend passing some arrows to Barton as the two of them began to defend their teammates. Thor allowed himself a brief respite as the brunette reached them, watching in astonishment as she touched Steve's wound gently, a golden light radiating from her hand. The Captain's wounds vanished, healing before his eyes, and they both turned to the girl, eyes wide in astonishment.

There was no time for questions though, and they both shook off their wonder, Steve nodding in thanks to the girl as the four warriors formed a circle around the healer. As they continued to fight Thor heard the voice of the Black Widow as she claimed to be able to close the portal, followed shortly by Stark's reply as he informed them of the impending missile.

The five of them gazed upward, watching as the Man of Iron narrowly missed his own tower in his struggle to redirect the missile. Then Stark was gone and Thor knew the rest of the Avengers were watching just as eagerly as he was, distracted from the battle by their friend's heroic deed. The dragon and its rider circled just below the portal, waiting for Stark to reappear, and on the ground they were joined by another young warrior who flew under his own power, carrying naught but a wooden staff.

Shortly after Tony vanished from sight the Chitauri collapsed around them, falling motionless into the streets. Without the battle to distract them the group huddled together, looking anxiously toward the sky, but Stark still had not reappeared and the portal was still open — leaving the possibility of another invading force.

Reluctantly Steve did what had to be done, giving the order to close the portal. Still, the group did not give up hope completely, continuing to watch the sky, and just as the portal disappeared completely the dragon still circling beneath it surged upward, turning at an angle to catch the falling hero in its claws.

The rider dove downward immediately, landing not far from the group and Thor reached them first, turning over the billionaire and ripping off his mask as the Hulk came crashing to the ground near them. Stark did not appear to be breathing but before the brunette could approach him the Hulk roared loudly, startling everyone in the vicinity.

Tony's head jerked upward as he began gasping and the Hulk roared loudly again, this time in triumph. Thor peered down at his friend in concern as he looked around wildly. Please tell me no one kissed me. Thor too took his opportunity to get a good look at the warriors who had assisted them in the battle.

There were four of them, standing side by side, and Thor couldn't help but compare them to his own team. The Avengers were battered, bruised, dirty, and exhausted, gathered around Tony as they tried to catch their breath, Clint and Steve to his left and the Hulk across from him.

They looked as though they had been through a war, for indeed they had. The four teens, however, did not. They were not covered in grime, they were not trying to catch their breath, their bruises had faded thanks to the brunette's healing touch, and the little amount of blood that covered them was clearly not theirs. The dragon rider had sheathed his sword, joking around with the white haired warrior with the staff. Something about the warrior seemed to remind him of something but he couldn't recall what and he let it slide, moving his gaze to the two young women beside the two young men.

They were laughing and joking around, clearly enjoying their victory, and from what he could hear the brunette was excitedly recalling a tale of her prowess in battle, apparently having taken up one of the Chitauri's own weapons against them.

They were so different from other warriors he had known yet he couldn't help but think of Sif and the Warriors Three and the camaraderie they had before, during, and after a battle.

He interrupted Stark's own little victory celebration, his thoughts of Asgard reminding him of his brother. Tony made a last remark before struggling to stand and the Hulk, surprisingly gentle, helped him up, grabbing him and leaping upward, making his way toward the tower. Without words the rider offered his hand to the red haired warrior and she took it quickly, leaping onto the dragon's back behind the rider as the white haired warrior grabbed the brunette and took off into the sky.

The dragon lifted upward with a stroke of its mighty wings and Thor grabbed Steve, twirling his hammer to lift them into the air. Natasha was waiting for them at the top of the tower, watching as the odd group approached, two of the teens landing first, no apparent method of flight as they set down gently beside her. The Hulk was next, setting down Stark with a gentleness that surprised her as the dragon landed behind him, Clint hopping off to join her while the girl joined the other teens, Hunter remaining on his dragon's back.

Thor and Steve landed next and the Avengers exchanged glances, readying themselves. Stark removed his helmet completely and Clint held out his last arrow, one that appeared to have been used already. She herself was still holding Loki's scepter.

Together they headed into the tower, the four teens and their dragon remaining behind. They knew, without being told, that this wasn't their fight. The Hulk and Stark stayed inside, Stark to get out of his suit and the Hulk because he was probably about to shrink down in size. Upon returning to where they had last left the teens Natasha was surprised to find them lounging on the ground, sitting in a circle as they laughed and joked around.

The dragon was lying in the corner, eyes closed and catching a quick rest, though he perked up as they approached, opening his eyes and staring at them accusingly. Hunter was leaning against him, his sword across his lap as he cleaned it. To the dragon riders left, perched on the ledge of the tower, rested the white haired teen, sitting cross legged with his staff across his lap as he leaned forward and laughed.

The two girls were on the ground to his left, facing Hunter, the brunette closer to the wall. To further Natasha's surprise it appeared that the brunette was braiding the red head's hair, attempting to tame the monstrosity as the archer related whatever tale it was that made the others laugh. The red head herself had her bow in her lap, fiddling with the string as her quiver lay on the ground beside her.

As the Avengers approached the laughter died down, all four teens turning to meet their somewhat accusing and bewildered stares. Hunter raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. I had to think of some way to get your attention. None of the teens startled as they barely looked up, both Hunter and the archer remaining focused on their weapons. The Avengers glanced at each other, and then at Loki - who was smirking at their indecision. Natasha wondered if the teen knew the dilemma that she had given them.

If they sat down and relaxed on the job and Loki managed to escape then all their effort would have been for nothing - not to mention the trouble they would get in. On the other hand, if they didn't sit down, Loki would automatically assume that they felt they couldn't handle him and wanted to remain standing in order to keep an eye on him. Not to mention, sitting down went against protocol, one simply didn't relax until the mission was over and the objective was complete.

The way the teens exchanged glances suggested that they knew exactly what was going through the adults' minds and the boy on the ledge scowled. A bolt of ice flew through the air, hitting Loki in the face, and the teen gave a satisfied smirk as the god stumbled backward in shock. He had it coming. As Natasha warred with the pros and cons, and her fellow Avengers did as well, the red head also snorted. The four teens chuckled and Natasha shrugged to herself.

What the hell, she had never much been one for protocol anyways. She moved forward, sitting down gracefully beside Hunter, cross legged on the gravel.

She wrinkled her nose at him before leaning down to give him another peck on the lips. I'll be home a little later tonight," Merida said as she got up and made for the door.

hiccup and merida meet greet

Hiccup chuckled and leaned back in his seat. With nothing else to do he began working on the designs to the Scauldron once more. He worked in silence until his cell phone rang.

He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID. He smiled when he saw who it was. I'll be right there," Hiccup said quickly before hanging up. He smiled wide as he grabbed up his suit jacket and threw it on. The good thing about being the boss was you made your own hours. With excitement rushing through him Hiccup left the building to head home. Eager to meet up with his colleague and friend. The handle to Hiccup's front door jiggled before the door was opened.

And in stepped Merida. The young woman yawned, tired from a long day of making executive decisions and ensuring everything ran smoothly within she and her lover's shared company. While she loved her boyfriend Hiccup had a tendency to get distracted when he got into a personal project.

He also loved to share the intricate details with her. While she was always willing to listen she'd be lying if she said she understood all the ideas Hiccup threw at her at once. But she just didn't have the heart to tell him she just didn't understand. So she always nodded along and smiled at his eyes lit up with wonder and an eagerness to bring his ideas into reality.

She loved his mind and what he could do with it. As she stepped inside Hiccup's home and made her way upstairs she listened for any signs of him. When she made it to the master bedroom she found it empty save for a lazing black wolfdog and white hellhound on the bed.

She hummed and furrowed her brows before deciding to check the secret base. She went back downstairs and to the hidden platform that would take her into the base. She stood on the hidden platform before pulling out her communicator and pressing on it. The platform gave a lurch before descending, taking her into the hidden base beneath the house where the team did their hero business.

When she got inside she was greeted by Eve.

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The white robot gave her a salute greeting. Eve nodded in confirmation. Eve nodded once more before turning and hovering down the halls. She followed Eve deeper into the base, taking another small platform down another level until Eve brought her into a cavern filled with water. Eve led her to the edge of a concrete platform and pointed to the water where Merida saw the Scauldron sitting there. Eve accessed the base's controls before extending a walkway for Merida.

She continued to lead the way, automatically opening a side hatch on the Scauldron and taking her inside the ship. Eve led her to the engine room before pointing at the door, signaling Hiccup was inside.