Helena christensen and chris isaak relationship

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helena christensen and chris isaak relationship

(CNN) -- For quixotic crooner Chris Isaak, music is a hunk of burning, stinging, hymns of bitter liaisons, shattered relationships and crushed emotions. Helena Christensen scampering with Isaak on a deserted beach. Helena Christensen (born 25 December ) is a Danish model and photographer. She is a In , she starred in the music video for Chris Isaak's song "Wicked Game". She was in a relationship with actor Norman Reedus for five years; together they have a son, Mingus Lucien Reedus (born 13 October ). Singer Chris Isaak is coming to Montclair's Wellmont Theater on Aug. featuring Isaak rolling around on the beach with model Helena Christensen, relationship with the late director/producer Jonathan Demme, (Isaak had.

What was the song "Wicked Game" about?

helena christensen and chris isaak relationship

Did the on-camera chemistry with supermodel Helena Christensen happen off-camera, too? Chris Isaak answers all those questions and more.

It's about four in the morning, and somebody calling and saying I'm coming over to your house and I thought right after I said okay, I thought I should have never allowed this person to come over to my house. I know what's going to happen.

Helena Christensen and Chris Isaak in “Wicked Game” ()

And I wrote the song between the time I got off the phone and the person came over to visit. It was just about what happens when you have a strong attraction to people that aren't necessarily good for you. I think it hit a nerve because I think a lot of us have a strong attraction to people that aren't necessarily good for us.

helena christensen and chris isaak relationship

What was the inpsiration for the "Wicked Game" video? I was always very interested in the video process. Actually, Warner Brothers had wanted to hire me to direct videos for other artists because I always came in with a lot of ideas. And I came into this one, and they said okay, well, what's our idea, our concept on it? The concept on this video is very simple: It's not like there's a lot of tricks and storyline in this.

But I felt really comfortable that Herb [Ritts] could take something simple like that and make it beautiful. The on-camera chemistry with supermodel Helena Christensen seemed very convincing to people who saw the "Wicked Game" video Helena is beautiful… she was, of course, beautiful when we saw her.

helena christensen and chris isaak relationship

But I thought she was really fantastic. She's a great actress. She pretended to like me. I mean, we didn't know each other, and I always feel like I have to explain to people: She gave it to him as a year-old on their first date and said: My paternal grandmother, Helen, had a very heavy German accent. She was a little woman who lived to her early 90s. She'd take me into her kitchen, open the cookie jar and offer a home-made persimmon cookie.

She'd look me in the eye, like I was a six-year-old, and say, "Go on, I know you love these. She ran an antique store. I was fascinated by all the old things as a kid, but I knew not to touch them. She was very protective of her belongings. I became friends with a girl in school when I was around We were taken out of class and tutored separately because we were academically ahead of the others.

I remember going to her house and realising she was even more broke than us.

Chris Isaak Wicked Game With Helena Christensen And The True Story

They drank out of jars while we had mismatched glassware. She had a tough fighting spirit and a desire to learn. She became a doctor.

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I had a crush on singer Connie Francis when I was I listened to her in my room with the lights off — it felt like she was singing to me and meant it. She had such emotion in her voice. I didn't experience my first kiss until I got a girlfriend, Carole, at I went to co-ed schools but was very shy and didn't really feel comfortable making the first move or telling someone I liked them.

Chris Isaak: The longest relationship I've been in is with my band

I am more confident on stage than I am off it. Carole was smart and calm and I found that attractive. I ended up seeing her many years later inwhen she was sick. It was an odd moment. To help cheer her up, I had a florist in Hawaii make her a new lei every day to give her something to look forward to. It gave those visiting her something to talk about other than being sick.

She died young and left a six-year-old son behind. The longest relationship I've been in is with my band. My personal relationships have never lasted because my work was always number one.

helena christensen and chris isaak relationship

It's not that I never thought about marriage and kids, but I was either busy writing and recording music, acting, or on the road. Kids are like sail boats: A lot of guys think that being in a rock'n'roll band means I get to meet lots of girls and date them. I never joined a band to meet girls, I could have met them away from this.

I am totally focused on my career.